Kaytranada- Little Spots

Nice summer feels from Kaytranada's new 99.9% album.

Sensing Airwaves vol. 4

The fourth instalment of the podcast I host for Sensing Waves includes original music from Canadian artists Sanctums, Dominic Pierce, Handsome Tiger, Rhoneil, Calmpound, Sikh Knowledge, Francesca Belcourt, Holes, Too Attached, Wiklow, and Souns. It was a lot of fun meshing instrumental music with several emotional vocal tracks. This session also showcases numerous other artists from all over the globe. See below for track list.

Track list:
1. Dam-Funk- Rise
2. Alexander Ocho- Touch
3. Sanctums- All Around Us
4. T3ngu- Swimming In The Sky
5. Dominic Pierce- Envoyer
6. Stray- Since You've Been Gone
7. Sofie Loizou- Aphoria Horizonte
8. Asa Taura- Tekomaf
9. Handsome Tiger- Inshallah
10. Rhoneil- (You Are Your) Door - Calmpound remix
11. Sikh Knowledge- Humble 2
12. Francesca Belcourt- Bloody
13. Holes- Wallfire
14. Too Attached- Sincerely
15. Wiklow- What's Hidden In The Thicket
16. Souns- 11 11 rmx (feat Lee Hutzulak)

Humble The Poet, Yucifer & Sickick: CAN'T GO BACK

This beat and song are fire.

Ivy Lab & Roses Gabor: CAN'T SAY NO

In love with this tune.