Anderson .Paak - Malibu

Listening to the new Anderson .Paak album, and there's so many great sounds, styles, and vocal versatility within each song. It's awesome that he's finally getting the credit he deserves. Much respect.

Get to know him via a recent interview with Hot 97 below.


Wiklow - On The Valley Floor… (SW013)

The thirteenth release on Sensing Waves came out this week. It is titled On The Valley Floor... from Wiklow out of Montreal, QC. His self discovery and reflections take shape through intricate and meditative downtempo music. It is a 25 minute journey honouring feelings formed in introspective spaces. We are pleased to have the label branch out to Eastern Canada for the first time. Purchase on Bandcamp or iTunes.

"This EP is a snapshot of moments passed. It is influences I’ve packed up from another time - a period of young self-discovery while living on the West Coast of Canada. To me the sound is nostalgic, yet forgetful. It’s a longing to return somewhere, all while constantly moving away."


Jolin Ras - Rebirth Cycle

Check out this mesmerizing 23 minute video created by Darcy Turenne to accompany Jolin Ras' Rebirth Cycle EP. Out now on Low Indigo.

"Rebirth Cycle" by Jolin Ras from Darcy Turenne on Vimeo.


Casey Mecija - Psychic Materials

Lovely release from Toronto based Casey Mecija.

--Casey Mecija has been a fixture in Toronto’s music scene for the last decade fronting the orchestral-pop band, Ohbijou.

Psychic Materials, Mecija’s first solo album, is a return to the DIY aesthetic that she long ago began to craft. It is brave in its address of queerness, diaspora, history and love. She offers her listeners assurance that music can give language to emotions not yet named.--


Wiklow - What's Hidden in the Thicket?

The next release on Sensing Waves will be an EP from Wiklow out of Montreal. Here's the lead single, What's Hidden in the Thicket? Wiklow has released on HushLamb and Micromod, and also performed at the widely acclaimed Mutek Festival. It's exciting to be branching out to Eastern Canada with the label! Much respect.


Mala - Boiler Room London

I was up til the wee hours the other night watching this from start to finish. It was such a journey seeing Mala go through so many gems in this set...especially amazing since many of the tunes have come out on his Deep Medi imprint. It goes to show that longevity is everything if you keep believing in what you're doing. Crowd was vibing so hard..definitely one of the best Boiler Room sets I've seen. Much respect.


Bop - Ambient's Not Dead

In 2014 Bop released Punk's Not Dead. He recently released 9 reworks of this project on Med School and titled it Ambient's Not Dead. Enjoy this 33 minute masterpiece.

Slope & Kline - Cascadian EP

One of my fav releases which came out late last year was this EP from Slope & Kline. Super immersive textures within this brilliant project. Out now on Modern Math.

--Inspired by Old Norse works of literature, this 4 track offering comprises a major store of viking mythology over its 17 minutes of airtime. The soundtrack herein tells the story of a band of viking warriors lost at sea after a long and arduous season of raids abroad. Through the hallucinogenic qualities of the fog and the hypnotic trance of their oars beating at the waves, the men begin to wonder if they have crossed the thresh hold of this world and into another.--

Rhoneil - Door (Calmpound remix)

Calmpound's remix of (You Are Your) Door by Slocan valley's Rhoneil is mesmerizing.

Free download.

Craig David & Big Narstie - When The Bassline Drops

Maybe it's the nostalgia feeling..or maybe it's my love for 2-step..either way I love the new Craig David tune.

DJ Shadow - Swerve