Sensing Airwaves vol. 3

The third instalment of the podcast for Sensing Waves is live. It features Calmpound as a guest contributor. We both compiled about a half hour of music each and included music from Canadian artists Souns, C.Diab, Proche, Gabriel Saloman, Wiklow, Slope & Kline, Sinerise, Loft Sound, and KousK.

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Track list:


Kordra Kasma - Cloud spires
Kline- Looking Over My shoulder
Souns- Open Tones
C.Diab- Silent Still
Auterist- Sink
James Edmonds - Fl├╝ssige Skulptur
Proche- Second Cut
Kwala- Neither Seen Nor Heard
Gabriel Saloman- Music For Prisons


Wiklow- We Drove In Silence
Slope & Kline- Kintaro
Sinerise- Calling (Submerse remix)
Loft- Deep Rest
Kousk- The Lovers
Shamik- The Point
Daughter- Love (Synkro remix)