M.I.A. - Borders

New M.I.A video. From her forthcoming Matahdatah album.


Sensing Airwaves vol. 3

The third instalment of the podcast for Sensing Waves is live. It features Calmpound as a guest contributor. We both compiled about a half hour of music each and included music from Canadian artists Souns, C.Diab, Proche, Gabriel Saloman, Wiklow, Slope & Kline, Sinerise, Loft Sound, and KousK.

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Listen below on Soundcloud and scroll down for the track list.

Track list:


Kordra Kasma - Cloud spires
Kline- Looking Over My shoulder
Souns- Open Tones
C.Diab- Silent Still
Auterist- Sink
James Edmonds - Fl├╝ssige Skulptur
Proche- Second Cut
Kwala- Neither Seen Nor Heard
Gabriel Saloman- Music For Prisons


Wiklow- We Drove In Silence
Slope & Kline- Kintaro
Sinerise- Calling (Submerse remix)
Loft- Deep Rest
Kousk- The Lovers
Shamik- The Point
Daughter- Love (Synkro remix)

Too Attached - UNHAPPY teaser

Here is Unhappy the second single from Bronze, the EP my brother Vivek Shraya and I released as Too Attached.

Director: Wade Hudson
Wardrobe Consultant: Talya Lee


David Bowie - Blackstar

Intense yet interesting new art rock video from David Bowie.


Shamik - Culture Connection w Dora Kola on Evolution 107.9

I recently did an interview with Dora Kola which aired on the Culture Connection show on Evolution 107.9. Check out this 3 minute clip. Much respect.


Pusha T- Untouchable

New tune from Pusha T, produced by Timbaland. Loving the slap on the drums with minimal production..and of course Pusha T's word play is on point.

Missy Elliott - WTF (Where They From) feat Pharrell Williams

New Missy video!


Too Attached - BRONZE EP

My brother Vivek Shraya and I have worked together a lot throughout our lives and especially in the past few years..and it's with great pleasure that we share this new Bronze EP with you under the moniker Too Attached. It's a nice mix of pop, RnB and vinyl samples with some Indian flavour.

 It started off with a lot of beats which I created in Vancouver, and Vivek recorded all the vocals in Toronto. We are super proud of how it turned out. You can stream it below via our Soundcloud, or download by donation on Bandcamp.

Much love and respect.