Sensing Airwaves vol. 2

The second instalment of the Sensing Airwaves podcast just went live. I compiled an hour of music from almost all Canadian artists. We hope to have a guest contributor for the next episode, so stay tuned for that in the fall. Listen below with track list via the Sensing Waves Soundcloud, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Thanks for your support.

Track list:
1) Wiklow- I Am A Puddle
2) Auterist- Raw
3) Shamik- Outskirts
4) Siadic- Bass Engine
5) proche.- Floral
6) Heroshe- Cash Night
7) Heathered Pearls- Supra
8) Crimson- Aaliah 2012
9) Žhii Tecumseh
10) The Passenger- A Stream Past The Meadow
11) Loft- Spring
12) Gal Gracen- Blue Hearts 1
13) Field Rotation- Shoreline (Adrift, Dreaming)
14) Sanctums- Still Flame
15) Clem Leek- At The Mercy Of The Waves