Sensing Airwaves vol. 1

Pleased to share the new podcast for Sensing Waves, and I had the pleasure of compiling almost 2 hours of music for the first instalment. It includes 4 releases that came out on SW in the past year, and a bunch of deep music I've been steadily collecting. We're hoping to do a new episode every 4 months to keep sharing beautiful music from Canadian artists and releases from all over the world. Track list is below.

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Listen on Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/sensingwaves/sensing-airwaves-vol-1/

Track list:

1. Nathaniel Young- Deconstructed Medley
2. Tom Day- Elegiac (Essay remix)
3. Segue- Battersea Dub
4. Ebbwebs- Borough Streets
5. White Hinterland- Huron
6. Heroshe- No Lords
7. Throwing Snow- Melum (Heathered Pearls remix)
8. The xx- Reconsider (Jamie xx remix)
9. Deru- The Future Never Comes
10. Gangways- While
11. Souns- Red Light (Golden Lion)
12. Lykke Li- I Know Places (Kambian remix)
13. Calmpound- Impulses
14. Eir Vár- A Silent Storm
15. Chromatics- The Eleventh Hour
16. Heinali- Leaves
17. Bucky- Don’t Let It Be The End
18. Siadic- Hub
19. SpectraSoul- Knuckle Waltz
20. Phaeleh- Eight
21. Tegh- They Were From Somewhere Cold
22. Mazzy Star- Common Burn
23. C.Diab- Sitting On A Plane, Looking At Some Clouds
24. Hammock- This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart


L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae: The Night Took Us In Like Family

I bought this a few weeks ago and it's currently my fav hip hop album. So many great beats, lyrics + choice samples. Much respect.

--Enter those bloody alleys blocked off with yellow tape and chalk outlines. Secret backrooms riddled with sly crooks and blunt smoke. Slink into the underworld, the seedy shadowland owned by Jeremiah Jae and L’Orange on their noir-hop opus, "The Night Took Us In Like Family."

Consider it the alchemy of Madvillain and "The Maltese Falcon": a five-part fable of tangled crimes, narrow escapes, and raining lead. The door busts open with “A Conspicuous Man.” L’Orange’s carefully severed cinematic clips hold the frame steady. The Windy City-raised Jae muscles the narrative forward—the hitman creeping.

Beats bend sinister with imagery aiming for the temples. Jae invokes dark clouds, crowns of thorns and LSD eyes. Bars written in dirt. Samples are disembodied and ethereal. It’s like a grand jury indictment doubling as a Greek chorus. A song title like “Ice Obsidian” says it all. This is frozen lava, black and white celluloid, the spoils won by sinners. Watch your back rap.

Or maybe it’s the hip-hop version of the gangster flicks made before the Hays Code—raw and uncensored, deeply artful without pretension. Pitchfork once described Jae as: “a lot of people talk loud and say nothing; Jeremiah Jae finds strength in the inverse." On "The Night Took Us In Like Family," he inhabits both eulogizer and executioner. He triumphantly looms over the corpses and explains how this all came to be. L’Orange supplies concrete requiems of dusted soul: beats to crack safes, soundtracks to stealth assassinations.

If gangsta rap remains one of the genre’s most well worn tropes, Jae and L’Orange take inspiration from the rarely tapped roots of the tradition. This isn’t riffing on Oliver Stone’s "Scarface" like popular cliché, but rather the original Al Capone exploitation flick from the early 30s. Jae conjures a villain who vaporizes. Run-the-Jewels-raw but still sophisticated. Cuban cigars stuffed with California chronic.

The picture unfolds wide frame. Guest stars include New York poison dart-thrower, Homeboy Sandman and Blackalicious’ Gift of Gab. The chapters flesh out the story: The Conspicuous Man skulks into “God Complex,” “The Damning,” “Revenge and Escape.” Jae and L’ Orange build their world as a catacomb and find a way to escape just as the walls feel like they’re closing in. It fades out as “A Macabre Instrumental” plays. The funeral is closed casket. The memories aren’t easily disposed.--


Soul Pete: RAW

New Soul Pete album just dropped! Amazing instrumental beats!


Monk - Leaving

Feeling this beat album from Monk which just came out on Inner Ocean Records.

SW012: proche - Floral

The twelfth release on Sensing Waves comes from proche out of Fort St. John, BC. He is a seventeen-year-old producer who creates under several aliases, and proche is his outlet for sample based and hip hop beats. We are pleased to work with this rising star who has an inspiring determination for music making. Floral began as a 2am session with an old jazz record and evolved into a deep head nodder. You can purchase the song below or on iTunes.