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Lots of difficult times all over the world right now...

Peace and love.


DJ Rashad + Machinedrum + Nick Hook: Understand

This made my day.

--DJ Rashad was and still is a legend. Not only was he a Footwork and Juke pioneer but also one of the hardest working DJs and producers I've ever met. The dude really never stopped working. He was either globetrotting and spreading the sound of Chicago around the world or in the lab pushing himself to expand his sound further and further. On April 26 2014 the world lost one of the most inspiring and talented artists of our time. His spirit moves through Teklife, the dancers, his friends and everyone he has touched or influenced.

Over the past few years I've been lucky enough to collaborate with Rashad and even be remixed by him. The tracks were never completely finished and seemed impossible to finish after he passed. Eventually I mustered up enough courage to open the sessions and finish them. It is what Rashad would have wanted me to do.

"Movin' Forward" is a collection of those collaborations plus two exclusive unreleased Machinedrum tracks that were heavily inspired by Rashad and the Teklife crew. I called it "Movin' Forward" because I know Rashad wants everyone he touched to keep pushing themselves and follow in his footsteps on the path he had been creating all these years. I'm proud to have known him, shared the stage with him and to have collaborated with him. May his sound and spirit continue to inspire and spread through everyones speakers! Teklife to tha next life!!

Understand is the first track off of 'Movin' Forward', out on Friday April 24th. 100% proceeds will go to his family and estate.


- Travis Stewart--


Modern Math catalog

Alberta/ BC label, Modern Math is giving away their whole catalog for free this month. Grab the music while you can. Much respect.

De La Soul & Nas: GOD IT

Top notch collab!


Jannis - 60s/70s Arabic Vinyl Mix

Very cool mix series put out by Jannis of Jakarta Records.

"I've had the pleasure to travel North Africa quite frequently lately and whenever possible I did some record shopping. This is a selection of some of the finds, music from the 60s and 70s from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Some known some not yet."


Brandy- Turn It Up (Shamik remix)

New remix of an old Brandy tune that I put out a little while ago. It was super fun messing around with the acappella. The original is pretty untouchable since Timbaland produced it, but I decided to go with a slow house 100bpm vibe for it. Enjoy! Free download.

B.R.E.E.D. - Need You

Feelin this.

SW011: Loft- Deep Rest

The eleventh release on Sensing Waves comes from Loft out of Victoria, BC. He has been quietly creating ambient hip hop beats in his attic for the past couple years. This song began with his experimentation with a ukelele and clever sample chops, and transformed into an ambitious melodic rhythm. You can purchase the song below or on iTunes.

Miska- Waypoint

I was blown away when I came across this 45 song beat album from Miska out of Helsinki, Finland. Great sample based production with soulful and jazzy influences. Much respect.


Old Girl - Eternal Idol

Enjoying this synth pop album from Old Girl out of Victoria, BC.

Siadic: Eye of the Storm VII

Very cool A/V performance put on by Siadic. Visuals by Riel McGuire.

Siadic performed this all original 20 minute set at Eye of the Storm VII on January 18, 2015 at The Rio in Vancouver. Download the audio via their Bandcamp.

Potatohead People feat Illa J & Moka Only

Current fave tune.

Jamie xx & Romy: LOUD PLACES

Looking forward to the new Jamie xx album.


Seti X - Third Orbit

New release from the always innovative Seti X. Produced by Wisechild. Much respect.

"SETI X is an abandonment of time, space and relativity. SETI X (Sounds of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is a regiment of future focused conscious thinking; an overstanding that we do not stand alone here on Planet Earth, but rather we are individual reflections of our ancient alien ancestors. The output of SETI X is reflected through a manipulation of color, light, sound, and energy and is guided by the natural forces of the galaxy. The Sounds of Extraterrestrial Intelligence have arrived on Planet Earth."


Pete Rock: One, Two, A Few More

So Pete Rock is putting out Petestrumentals part 2 this summer on Mello Music! Here is the lead single.

“I’m gearing up for the release of “Petestrumentals 2” with Mello Music Group. The first single “One, Two, A Few More” is actually a beat I made in 1995 and just sat on for years for the right moment. Now, I get a chance to release this and more new & unreleased music never heard by my fans with Mello. This instrumental LP will inspire the masses in anything you are doing. Just apply P2 to it and get on the road to success.”