Beats to get lost in...

SW010: Siadic- Hub

The tenth release on Sensing Waves comes from Siadic out of Vancouver, BC. The brother duo’s chemistry and imaginative connection has evolved over the years ever since they began collaborating as kids. Their partnership in sound, expression, and discovery truly shines within this song. A celebratory mood was created with warm subtle basslines, rolling drums, and storytelling melodies. It represents the sense of tranquility one gets from being in a familiar place. You can purchase the song below or on iTunes.



Deru - 1979

This album is incredible.


Chris McClenney - Soulection White Label 014

Great vibes on this EP. If you aren't familiar with the White Label series, get acquainted. Soulection is doing a great job keeping peeps in the know of fantastic up and coming artists. Much respect.


Thing - Last Night



My new Together EP is out today! Here's some background info on the release:

The first time I performed in Australia was in June of 2009. I connected with the Foreigndub crew who ended up hosting me the next 3 times I toured there. The first show I did for them was at the UTS campus in Sydney, and I played alongside Missile who was from Perth. In January of 2010, we re-connected at Southbound Festival in Busselton, Western Australia and I met her partner Fazz. He had moved to Australia from the UK and we did an impromptu jam on stage. His vocal abilities blew my mind. I knew I wanted to collaborate with him, and we finally made it happen with Together, the title track. I sent him the rough beat and he sent me the majority of his vocals in less then a week!

I met Rob DeMasi in December of 2009 also through Foreigndub. We performed together as a collective at Subsonic Festival in Barrington Tops, New South Wales in 2009 and 2012. Rob is known for adding lots of dubby delays and echoes to his vocals, and he performs as a drummer in various bands. After a couple years of hitting the festivals, we chatted about a collab as well. I sent him the original version of Mirage in 2012. It was originally meant to be a drum & bass tune, but I ended up switching the beat up to a halftime tempo. Rob sent me his moody vocals in early 2013, and I spent some time arranging everything.

Lastly, Imran Shahid had me over to his place in Marrickville, and heard both works in progress. He was feeling the two beats even before hearing the vocals and agreed to put down some guitar parts. His contribution really rounded out the emotion on both songs. Over the years Foreigndub has helped the scene in Sydney as a crew, promotion company, label, and they've coordinated talent for stages at festivals in Australia. There is a nice community vibe between the bands and DJ's regardless of what genre of music they make. After 2 years of aspiring to put out an EP with some of my Aussie friends, it's finally here. Big love to everyone involved!

Free download:  shamik.bandcamp.com/album/together


Sineshaper: TURNSTILE EP

Quality dub / DnB from Byron Bay producer, Sineshaper. His Turnstile EP is out now on Aztek Electronic. Much respect.