SW009: KousK- The Bend

The ninth release on Sensing Waves came out earlier this month to celebrate the winter solstice. The song is titled The Bend by KousK out of the BassBus collective in Calgary, AB. It is a light, playful, and sensitive piece perfect for the winter season. KousK has been playing classical piano since the age of five, and channeled her recent studies into this composition. As the song progresses, there is a steady build of decorative soundscapes and orchestration. The gentle and uplifting song rounds out the year as we look forward to 2015.

You can purchase the song below or on iTunes. Thank you for your support!

Andy Stott- Faith In Strangers

The new Andy Stott album is incredible. Been listening to it on repeat lately. The soundscapes and production value are absolutely stellar. Easily one of my favourite albums of the year. Much respect.

Shamik- Dig Deep

I have a new song titled Dig Deep which I made as a result of the current racial injustices in America right now. Download it for free below.


Voids- Knowing (Lewis James remix)

Super haunting tune.

Diamond District - March on Washington

Been posting lots of Oddisee on here over the years, and want to also spread the word about his group Diamond District. Check out their amazing new album below, and the videos for A Part Of It All & The First Step. Uplifting and thought provoking hip hop with excellent lyricism. Much respect.

Heroshe: SLANG

Been really enjoying all of Heroshe's releases this year and here is an infectious cinematic tune called Slang.

Nick Degree & Faiith: LOVE

Nice tune from my Edmonton pals Nick Degree & Faiith called Love. Out now on Night Vision.

Borealis- Not Of This Reality (Synkro remix)

Beautiful remix from Synkro. Out now via Origami Sound.



SW008: Shamik- Hemispheres (feat Shane Kellahan)

The eighth release on Sensing Waves comes from yours truly. Shane Kellahan is a mate of mine from Australia and he played sitar on the tune. We met in Australia in 2009 and performed together at Peats Ridge Festival in Glenworth Valley. We always wanted to collaborate together, and when I started producing I decided to record him. In 2012 (the last time I was in Sydney), I got him to put down a couple long takes and started working on a new beat. After a long time of learning more and giving the song space..I ended up stripping it back, changing the BPM, and ultimately fully revamping it this year. It ended up being a trippy + sub heavy beat with Shane's sitar setting the mood. The song is inspired by the long journey between our cities.

Purchase it below or on  iTunes.