After a few years of collaborating on several releases together, Grasp The Erro and I have a new project under the In Absentia alias (see below for our past releases). This is the first time we are producing together, and we recently put out a free self-titled 4 song EP. We gave away a song per week for a month, and now the EP is available below for you to grab.

In Absentia is an exploration of bass, musicality, and the deeper side of the possibilities within electronic music. We were in separate places for much of the writing process, and the project is imbued with the feelings that space and absence create.


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Our past releases:

In The Now (released on Bombeatz)
Future Passed (my album produced by Grasp The Erro)
You (from Westward Rising vol II)
Stars (from Westward Rising)
1000 Strong (from Grasp The Erro's free EP)
Widen/ Narrow (released on Atomic Zoo)