Kito & Reija Lee: Starting Line

One of the most infectious songs of the year. Synth heaven.

Well done Kito & Reija Lee!

Shamik: HIGHCAST 65 for High on Beats

Hey everyone, here's my new HIGHCAST mix for High On Beats! It's an honour to be featured by one of my favourite forward thinking blogs. Check the full article, and track list is below! You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to stay connected :) Shouts to the whole HoB crew, Mushpost, and Nick Concklin for the opportunity. 


1) Shamik – Kadavul Vaazhum 2014

2) Kline & Shamik – Space & Science

3) Shamik – Go Slowly

4) Shamik – The Point

5) Jake Robertz & Phantasma- Howl

6) Frederic Robinson- Mixed Signals (Synkro Remix)

7) Shamik – Looking Up

8) Shamik – Amma

9) Memory9 – A Game Of Horns

10) Jnana feat Alliekat- Rooftop Nocturne

11) Shamik feat Quest Seraphim- Reason To Live

12) Jo Def – I Go

13) AsterioN – What You Need

14) Alpines – Oasis (Edmondson 6am version)

15) Melo.Nade – Late Night Mondays

16) Adam Elemental feat Ravdeep Singh – Green Eyes

17) Shamik – Kuyile Kuyile

18) Thing – Soundbwoy Style

19) Numbersix feat Shamik – What’s Blood

20) 6Blocc feat MC Bones – Gunshot A Gwan

21) Thing – Minimal Theme

22) Shamik – Raathiriyil

23) Deft – Emeralds

24) Anomie feat Shamik – Rise Up


Roleo: Free Flight

Solid funk jam from Roleo. Free download courtesy of Paris label Laruche Records.

SW006: Calmpound- Impulses

Sixth release on Sensing Waves comes from Calmpound out of Nelson, BC. He follows up his Wen Im Alone release from May with a peaceful yet focused collection of live compositions. The concept of Impulses circles around the ideas of concentration, patience, and intoxication. Each instrument track is a single take and Calmpound showcases his versatility by singing and playing guitar and keys in subtle fashion. It was performed, recorded, and mixed through a Zoom R-24. You can purchase it below or on iTunes.

Kline & O'shea Adams: Don't You Worry (Self Evident remix)

New video for Don't You Worry (Self Evident remix) by KlineO'Shea Adams. All the Vancouver homies stopped by the sinking ship HQ to be a part of this. Much love and respect to Which Nancy, Michael Red, Low Indigo and everyone else involved.

You can grab the tune and the rest of the rmx.ep.1 for free or by donation via the bandcamp.


Kousk: An Orienting Response EP

Kousk from the Bass Bus collective in Calgary just gave away a 3 track EP for free. The first song is called Organic Hypothesis, and it consists of several layers of beatboxing that I laid down for her. On the EP is also one of my fav songs titled The Lovers. I've played it over and over all year.

The EP is a free download or pay what you like. Much respect.

Shamik- Heart Opener

Gave away a new tune for free last week. It's called Heart Opener and samples an old Goan film song.

Grab it below. Much love.


Heard a lot of reworks and remixes of Natasha Kmeto this year for the Bass Coast remix competition, but this Haida flip of her vocal is quite interesting. Sword samples, Burial-esque mood, and other nice soundscapes. Enjoy.

Kellylee Evans: MY NAME IS

Great new video from Kellylee Evans titled My Name Is. I had the honour of jamming with her and her band to this song at the Vancouver Jazz Festival last year :)

Grab her I Remember When album.

Big love.



Just came across this tune. Great vibes.

Stussy X Soulection compilation

Do yourself a favour a grab this free compilation courtesy of Stussy and Soulection! Sounding so nice right now! Much respect to everyone involved.

--This compilation is inspired by our collaboration with one of the most culturally relevant and timeless brands, Stussy.

We've sifted through dozens of tracks to curate the finest selection of progressive music from around the globe to bring visibility to the future sound. Because there is so much talent out there, it was challenging to pull this compilation together to showcase a progression and cohesive flow but we finally feel we've arrived as something very special.

You will see familiar official Soulection artists on this compilation as well some new talent from forward-thinking and ambitious producers, emcees and vocalists that we're excited about and feel have a bright future.--


Nocando- Lucid Dream

Feelin this tune and video. Looks like LA way in the future...