Bass Coast Festival Lineup 2014

Bass Coast just announced their lineup! I'll be doing a beatbox set on Sunday Aug 3! Much love to the whole crew for their hard work!


Astral Harvest 2014 promo video

Check out the new Astral Harvest clip with last year's highlights. This will be my 7th straight year performing, and I'm really looking forward to it!


Little Dragon: LET GO

Can't get enough of this Little Dragon tune. Picked it up on vinyl on the Klapp Klapp single on Record Store Day this past weekend. Tune has some serious Sade vibes. Enjoy.

FOLK LOK Trailer

New film from Mandeep Sethi out of San Francisco looks great.

--This intergenerational, cross-cultural piece will examine and detail the human expressions of Folk Culture and Hip-Hop through film and music. Follow Mandeep on his journey through Punjab as he meets Folk Legends and join him on stage as he brings word sound and power through an exclusive collaboration with Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti Ji + friends.--


Lush tune from Teegarden out of Japan. Had it in my head all day...


SW001: Shamik- The Point

The first release on my new Sensing Waves label comes from yours truly. It's a tune called The Point, and it represents a departure for me. I built the song around field recordings I took in Victoria, BC and am stoked that it's finally out. You can purchase it below or on iTunes. Much love and respect.


Sensing Waves

I'm launching my new ambient, experimental, downtempo label today! Stay tuned for the first release.


Evy Jane: CLOSER

New Evy Jane tune is soundin real nice. From their forthcoming EP on Ninja Tune.
Much respect.

Holy Mother My Mother short film launch

My brother, Vivek Shraya is launching his new short film Holy Mother My Mother in Toronto on May 5. It represents a portrait of motherhood filmed during the 2013 Navaratri festival (the Goddess festival) in India. I had the honour of doing the score for the film, and will be attending the launch at Camera Bar. 1028 Queen St West.

Fb event.


Nas Coachella 2014

Celebrating 20 years since the release of his monumental ILLMATIC album, Nas rocked Coachella this weekend. Super inspiring performance with appearances by Jay-Z and Puff Daddy. This set is all love and a beautiful thing for hip hop. Much respect.


Ellie Herring: Chipped EP

I came across Ellie Herring last year when I heard her hypnotic Always Just Ok tune. Been feeling her music for sure, and she just released her Chipped EP on Racecar this week. Enjoy.

The Creatives - Sandro Petrillo - Beat Drop

Great interview with Sandro Petrillo aka Sergio Levels about how to push forward, stay positive, and be an artist. Much respect.

Onra: An Introduction To Rap Français

Onra just put out a solid French rap mix. Listen below. Here's what he had to say about it:

I grew up to French Rap even though I got into it a little after US Rap and R’n'B, mostly because it was hard to find in my countryside hometown. I’m glad I picked it up around the time where it was at its best though, perfectly synced with the golden era of its original american version, the mid-90′s. I had the idea for this mix while at a party in New York a few years ago, and when the DJ started playing a Biggie song, the whole crowd started to sing along, not a single person didn’t know the lyrics. Of course most of these people heard it a million times already, but it was the fact of “being in NY and playing some “old-school” NY Rap” that made me realize, we don’t have a single song like this in France. We have tons of hits and dope songs, but very few DJ’s are playing them in their sets. It is now totally off-the-radar on any radio or at any parties, and a big part of our national musical history is slowly disappearing. I’m definetely not the most legit french guy to do this kind of mix, but the ones who are, unfortunately don’t have the same window to the world, and this is my chance to share with y’all some of my favorite French Rap songs. My wish is to help this beautiful heritage regain some of its value, as it’s been sadly looked down upon and under-appreciated over the years, and that it serves as a good introduction to this genre for people who might be curious.

J’ai grandi en écoutant du Rap Français après seulement avoir été introduit au Rap US et au R’n'B, car il était difficile de m’en procurer dans ma petite ville de province. Au milieu des années 90, le rap français était, selon moi, à son meilleur et cela coïncidait également avec l’âge d’or de la version originelle américaine. J’ai eu l’idée de faire ce mix il y a quelques années, lors d’une soirée à New York. Au moment où le DJ a joué un titre de Biggie, toute la salle a repris en coeur les paroles de ce tube qu’ils avaient probablement déjà entendu un million de fois certes, mais quand j’ai réfléchi à un équivalent français de hit Rap que tout le monde puisse chanter, je n’en ai pas trouvé. À ce que je sache, peu de DJ’s en jouent dans leurs sets ou lors de soirées, et désormais, ce genre de Rap est aux oubliettes. C’est aussi une part importante de notre patrimoine culturel et musical qui est en train de disparaître. Je ne suis probablement pas le mieux placé pour faire ce genre de mix, ni ne me revendique comme un expert, mais ceux qui le sont n’ont peut-être pas la même vitrine sur le monde que la mienne, alors je profite de cette chance pour partager avec vous quelques uns de mes titres rap français préférés. J’espère que cela contribuera à redorer le blason d’un genre qui a beaucoup perdu de sa notoriété/popularité lors de ces vingt dernières années. J’ai fait ce mix pour les non-français qui seraient curieux d’écouter comment on sonnait à l’époque, mais aussi, pour les jeunes français et francophones, qui n’ont peut-être pas eu la chance d’être introduits à ce genre désormais oublié.

Track list:
01. Lamifa – S’clair?
02. La Cliqua – Tué dans la rue
03. D’Abuz System – Cà se passe
04. Da Maad Fungusth – Les spots bleus
05. Polo – Panne sèche (Make Doe Remix)
06. Diferent Teep – Echec
07. Moda & Dan – Moda & Dan s’ennuient
08. Afro Jazz – La téci
09. NTM – Tout n’est pas si facile
10. X.Men – J’attaque du mix
11. Les-sages poetes de la rue – Bons baisers du poste
12. Jimmy Jay – Savoir
13. Oxmo Puccino Feat. Booba – Pucc’Fiction
14. Fabe – Des durs, des boss, des dombis
15. Menelik – Départ
16. ATK – Apocalypse
17. Lunatic – Le crime paie
18. IAM – C’est donc çà nos vies
19. Dj Logistik – Lache une verse…
20. Mafia Underground – Pas 2 doute
21. La Brigade – Predator
22. Ideal J – Je dois faire du cash
23. Afro Jazz – Afro Jazz
24. Daddy Lord C – Freaky Flow
25. G’Squat – Interlude
26. Lamifa ft. Deborah – Jusqu’au bout de la nuit
27. X-Men – Mon micro est trop chaud
28. Ejm – Psychofunk
29. Democrates D – Le crime
30. Lady Laistee – Respecte mon attitude
31. Koalition – C’est ainsi (Logistik Mix)
32. Les Sages Poètes De La Rue – Amoureux d’une énigme (Logistik Radio Remix)
34. Sléo – Je lance les dés
35. Psykopat – Mensonge
36. MC Solaar – A temps partiel
37. Schkoonk – Après la pluie
38. Alliance Ethnik – Voulez-Vous, Rendez-Vous (Interlude)
39. MC Solaar – L’HMIACC d’HTCK72KPDP
40. Fabe – Çà fait partie de mon passé



Kousk just released her debut EP on Mycelium Music. Have a listen. Much respect.