East Van Digital: EVD Bass 3

EVD just dropped a solid compilation with new heat from ill-esha, The Librarian, Self Evident, and 22:22. Every track is bangin and I feel this is one of the label's strongest release yet. Grab it exclusively from the EVD website here. It will also be available on all other retailers on Jan 30th. Read more about the release below. Much respect!

--Under the name ill-esha, Elysha Zaide has been one of the most notorious West Coast bass producers since the early 2000s, having released albums on Daly City, Gravatas and Muti Music. True to her style, “Dirty Mind” sees ill-esha mixing light and dark, as a pounding glitch-hop beat is glazed over by a contrast of an uplifting club synth melody and Dr. Dre approved lead with her own rhythmic vocal manipulations.

Bass Coast curator Andrea Graham (a.k.a. The Librarian) delivers one of the EP’s most versatile tracks with “Booksy Riddim”, progressing an increasingly paranoid stab to a tripped out guitar peak over a stuttering dancehall beat.

The prolific Ben Ulis has credits on a dozen labels or so, most under the name Self Evident. While often aligned with the dubstep scene, a mode in which he expresses his fascination with crunk and grime, “Lawless” shows more of a subtle hand. A zooming, elusive sub bass permeates the track, over which a spooky lead floats away among tight percussion and thuggish vocal samples, like half-speed footwork.

UK ex-pat Juri Gregurec has the distinction of being the only name to appear on all three EVD Bass compilations, as 22:22, and he earned it. His contribution this time around, “Moments of Clarity” has a sci-fi feel, its cymbal reverberated into the deep as a subtle dubstep bass line snarls, peaking with brisk tambourine and snare percussion, a fragile melody and feedback purr bubbling out of the texture.

Altogether, these four stylistically different tracks loosely linked together by geography and aural similarities outline the stunning diversity and irrefutable prowess of the West Coast bass scene.--