Shamik PSA - After Thoughts by Oddisee

I got super inspired when I heard the Oddisee beat I posted yesterday, so I wrote a verse over it! Lyrics are below. Please note, I mean no disrespect to Oddisee or his label by doing this…I just wanted to say something positive over top of it, and I’m a huge fan.


You might think my words are gift wrapped

Putting a positive spin on a world of riffraff

But we are all equals

Underneath the evil is good

So you shouldn’t criticize me trying to uplift that

My presence today with mix match

Of population caught in the fantasy who’d rather sit back

Effervescence shining with ways to bring the bliss back

In fact the ages shall be courageous I wish that

The city wasn’t being gentrified

Another generation of gentrification leads to the next high rise

When politician’s in the limelight they open their eyes

Shutting the venues and night life to their corporate demise

So ask yourself what are your priorities?

To whine and moan and hide alone behind your computer screens?

Or can we rise over these disguises of leaves?

Cause society’s still falling and crawling and stalling and trying to breathe

Equality’s necessary for race and gender

They’re trying to get married and sexuality is still praying to blend in

Is the media still deceiving or bridging the gap?

Are we reading for any reason or just living to chat?

Are we eating all our feelings with guilt after the fact?

Are we bleeding or healing to get our fill of the glass?

Empty or full it’s time fill up my gas

Then see me pull my weight accelerate and kill every task

Then steal every mask separate hate from the blast

Ground zero built upon with patience and class

Ground below still the one that’s shaping this man

Now we know we’re beyond all the pain in these hands

No more waiting for the sadness to vacate this land

So yo I’m waking up to have this day to command

Saving all this vastness with ways to have grandkids

Educating elevating putting faith in this plan →