BANG!- Low End Theory

Great short doc on Low End Theory. Get to know the Los Angeles movement that's been going strong for 7 years!!


Thank You

New Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip tune has some great flows!! Vibes up!


Autem: OUT/ SYNO

My pal Autem just released his first EP! Grab these 2 marvellous and crisp house tunes for free via the A.S.L. Singles Club Bandcamp.

--Autem isn't the type of producer you're going to easily find information on. Maybe he's purposely curating a sense of anonymity, or he's just too busy living in beautiful Vancouver, making great tunes with all of his hardware. At any rate, when did people decide to judge if music is good based on the number of followers or arbitrary accolades as such? The only thing that matters is if the music is reaching it's intended purpose; dance music's purpose is to make people…DANCE.--

Black Grass + Rider Shafique: SWEET TO TASTE

This tune still shining 7 years later...



Dope new mix from Sydney's Roleo with sneak peeks of his upcoming EP on Die High. Much respect.

Track list:

01. Lockah - Platinum Blonde

02. Roleo - I Know U Can Hear Me

03. Starkey - New Cities (feat. Kiki Hitomi)

04. Iamnobodi - Maputo Dance

05. Roleo - Cough Medicine

06. Ambassadeurs - Sparks

07. Evil Needle - Qualia

08. Roleo - Drip

09. Chiefs - I Just Been (Drinking, Smoking)

10. Boeboe - Negative ROI

11. Roleo - Back to the Future

12. Eprom - Super FX

13. Roleo - Love/Hate



I've had Synkro's last release, Acceptance on repeat all year. He always delivers with smooth and mellow textures over deep sounds. Preview his follow up Lost Here due out next month on Apollo Records.

Slope Recordings: CODED SUNSET

Here's the first tune from Dan Solo's new project, Slope Recordings. Lovely deep vibes...

Sabota: NEVER BE

Nice new tune from Sabota. Grab it for free below.

Ornament: FACES

Beautiful song and video from Ornament.