Vivek Shraya feat Shamik: WATER RUNS DRY

My brother, Vivek Shraya, has been working on a Babyface cover album to pay tribute to one of the best R&B songwriters and producers of the 90's.

Below is the third single which I beatboxed on, and it's Water Runs Dry originally done by Boyz II Men.

--Babyface was one of the first artists I was exposed to who could do everything. He is a writer, a producer and a performer. But what I was most compelled by were Babyface’s songs—songs he wrote and/or produced. His songs are dense with melody and sincerity. Void of contemporary irony and over-production, they are all heart, even sonically, right from the beginning, right from the first bars of “Breathe Again” or “Take a Bow.” There is truly no song like a Babyface song.--

Read more on the project here.