Kevin Carroll - TEDxRVA

Earlier this year I produced music for author/ speaker Kevin Carroll's presentation at TEDxRVA in Richmond, Virginia. The video is up now on the TEDxTalks Youtube channel, so you can watch and listen! You might remember we were one of 17 finalists who competed in New York for a chance to present at TED2012 (Reggie Watts won aka no contest). KC is one of the nicest and most playful dudes I know, and I'm sure there's more collaborations to come!

Ellie Herring: ALWAYS JUST OK

Feelin this tune from Ellie Herring.


Shamik Live at Astral Harvest 2013

Here's my set from last weekend at Astral Harvest! Big thanks to everyone who came out! It was a pleasure having Laura West from Vibe Tribe belly dance at the beginning too :) This year was the best one yet, and I'm happy this recording turned out good enough to post! Thanks PK Sound for making this set sound large! Much love!

Shamik Live at 2013 Astral Harvest by Shamik on Mixcloud

Track list:

Kline & Shamik- Space & Science

Shamik- Enmore Rain

Numbersix feat Emily Spiller- Blue Coast (Shamik remix)

Blu Mar Ten- Blue Skies (Unquote remix)

Kline feat Shamik- Go Through

Erykah Badu- On & On (Ambalance remix)

Synkro- Acceptance

Lomovolokno- Pixelprincess

Bad Influence- F.U.B.A.R. (Mat The Alien remix)

Ital Tek- Hyper Real

Pleuto- Jacob (MrGeography VIP)

Killer Mike feat Scar- Untitled

Shamik- Rejuvenated

Kline & Shamik- Diamond

Thing- Mars Dub

Thing- Run Dem

Theory- Wild West Ting

Mr. Rogers- Our Time (Mad Zach remix)

Sharps- Magna Carta

Kahn, Baobinga & Rider Shafique- Original

Woodhead feat Shamik- City Dub (Dirtnapper remix)

Alix Perez feat D.Ablo- Playing Games

Dizz1- Relentless

Ward 21- President of Hoochie Land (Danny Scrilla remix)

Danny Scrilla- Magellanic Clouds

The Risks- Too Many Y Chromosomes

Harmonic 313- Dutty Bounce