Numbersix feat Emily Spiller: BLUE COAST (Shamik remix)

Hey everyone! Here's my remix of Numbersix's Blue Coast song featuring Emily Spiller. It will be out in August on East Van Digital featuring remixes by Dan Solo, Kir Mokum, Joseph Martin, and Enso. It's an honour to be alongside these great artists on this release! Emily's vocals are so lovely, and I recorded the Vancouver rain and ocean to accompany my version. Much love!


Fat Freddy's Drop: CLEAN THE HOUSE

So so excited for the new FFD album..already pre-ordered the vinyl! Check out their new tune and video from their forthcoming Blackbird album:

Beck- Defriended

New Beck!!!


Siadic - SIADIC LP

New LP from Siadic! I know they've been working hard on this one! Enjoy! Much respect!!


HxdB - Bass Coast 2013 Warmup Mix

Good morning! Here's the Bass Coast 2013 Warmup Mix courtesy of HxdB!! It features a bunch of the artists performing this year, and includes my collaboration with Max Ulis called TEN. Much love! Enjoy!


HxdB & Self Evident - Hot Mustard (Dan Solo Remix)

Max Ulis & Shamik - Ten

Om Unit - Ulysses VIP

Lea Lea - Black or White (Goth Trad Remix)

Calamalka - Gooey

Michael Red - Goons

Machinedrum feat. Melo-X - Let It (Machinedrum Breathing Remix)

Alphabets Heaven feat. Jo D - Elizabeth

Bondax - Baby I Got That (Justin Martin Endless Summer Remix)

Hissy Fit - Buried (HxdB Remix)

Humans - Possession

Jimmy Edgar - This One’s For The Children (Instrumental)

Max Ulis & Self Evident - You Betta

Dark Sky - The Click

Justin Martin - Ruff Stuff

Max Ulis & Ghost Charmer - Light Anotha

U-Tern - Style, Class, Flair (Nautiluss Remix)

Ryan Wells - Dimes

J. Phlip - Bootyberg

HxdB & Self Evident - Get Together

Machinedrum - Van Vogue

Max Ulis & Self Evident - Eastsiders (Taal Mala Remix)

HxdB vs Daega Sound - Spheroid

Alphabets Heaven & Fybe:one - Phonetic

Dark Sky - Double U

Wax Romeo - No Flipping

Taal Mala - In The Club

JETS - Lock Lock Key Key

Grenier - Cursive

Vlsonn - Distribute (Cure Remix)

Philthkids - Back 2 Fantasy