FozzyFest 2013

I'm excited to be a part of FozzyFest 2013 in Kananaskis, AB. Check out the line-up!



Kahn's new EP is out on Black Box...check this new vid.

Preview the rest of the release here.


Motion Notion 2013

Pleased to share I'll be performing at Motion Notion in Golden, BC this July. The line-up was just announced and it looks stellar!



Getting excited for the new Tricky album...his newest tune is sounding great! False Idols is out May 28.


New Lauryn...finally! Listen to the lyrics!!



Today Kline and I are pleased to share our OPEN MINDS MIXTAPE! It's been a year in the making! Enjoy! Listen and read more about the project below...

* * * Free download * * *

The Open Minds Mixtape is a representation of imperfection. Stripping back the need and desire for sounds to be placed in a certain place or time. We started out collaborating on one tune together, this eventually developed into us having fun and getting lost in making music. Shamik’s messages and word play inspired the flow and vibe of the mixtape. The title “Open Minds” comes from the idea of being open to anything and allowing yourself to escape the comforts you’re used to. I wanted the sounds and beats to come out raw and organic, letting go of the lust for everything to sound perfect. I feel that putting these tunes into a mixtape was an innate documentation of Open Minds as a project. Hope you enjoy. Bless.

- Kline

Open Minds started out with Kline and I wanting to collaborate on one tune. The whole experience continued on after he sent me a few other beats. We had similar ideas to get out of our comfort zones and let each song unfold like a story. Kline really understands his surroundings and we started to click as ideas came out freely. After a lot of hang outs and thought sharing, we came up with these 8 songs. Avenues was the beginning of it all. At this point, the mixtape reminds me of the changing of the seasons. Some of the beats inspired verses right away, and others I listened to on repeat for months. I wrote about everything from waking up from a coma to letting go of fear to comparing people to volcanos...the key was to not hold back at all. It's been almost a year since we started working together, and I'm so happy with what we came up with. I feel blessed that the songs ended up naturally flowing as a mixtape, and I hope you feel it. Love.

- Shamik