Bass Coast just announced their line-up for this year! Pleased to share I'll be on board for a 5th straight year:)


Pretty Lights & Talib Kweli: AROUND THE BLOCK

Check out this new collaboration from Pretty Lights and Talib Kweli.

Also check out the trailer for his documentary on the making of A Color Map of the Sun:


Check out Greta Mob's new music video...and grab the song for free on their Bandcamp. Much respect.

Kline & Autem: WANDER WITH ME

New magic from Kline + Autem outta the Chapel Sound collective. Big respect.


Mala Essential Mix

New Essential mix from Mala. I love the track selection on here...goes in and out of dub and reggae, the roots of dubstep, and with a few tunes from his recent Mala in Cuba project. Enjoy!

Track list:

mark pritchard - unknown

augustus pablo - east of the river nile

little roy - hurt not the earth

dennis brown - promised land

bob marley - running away

Rhythm & Sound - Friend

aly & robbie - shabby attack

mala & aimbad - noche suenos

ballaké sissoko & toumani diabaté - bafoulabe

mala - body clock delay

mala & sgt. pokes - answer me

quest - dubfoot

mala- lean forward

silkie - neckback

mala - blue notez

coki - intergalactic

loefah - punisher

mala - torn at the roots

coki - serious

coki - coral reef

fat freddy's drop - cays crays (digital mystikz remix)

compa - alpha

pinch - swish (distance remix)

mala - miracles

las - tic

mala - changuito

mala - cuba electronica

loefah - disco rekka

tunnidge - twenty12

kromestar - jedeye

kode9 - 9 samourai

swindle - last minute googie

mala - anti-war dub (VIP)

mala - changes (james blake remix)

Soosh: FOR YOU (Synkro Edit)

So so good...

Forgive yourself for being yourself

My lady Sarapy made a new video on how to stay positive even on those hard days. Check it out and I hope it helps you out! Much love!

Meet Kline

Check out this cool interview with my pal Kline. Stay tuned for our upcoming project!

Meet Kline from Chapel Sound on Vimeo.


Michael Red: lowi 1

Michael Red just released his new 4 track EP which is the debut release for Low Indigo. Have a listen. I am thankful for this release and thoroughly enjoyed listening to it today:) It's a free download or pay what you like via Bandcamp.

Much respect.


Them Jeans: VOWEL PLAY

New video from Them Jeans. Tune is out now on Malente's No Brainer Records.

Ital Tek: Resident Advisor Podcast

Serious heat in this new mix from Ital Tek. Much respect.

Track list:

Ital Tek - Zero - (White)

Om Unit X Sam Binga - Gamma - (Exit)

Ital Tek - Hyper Real - (Civil Music)

ASC - Karma (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) - (White)

Ital Tek - Untitled - (White)

Debruit - Ouest Wind's Seagulls (Mweslee Remix) - (Civil Music)

Ital Tek - Untitled - (White)

Ital Tek - The Flood - (Civil Music)

DQ - Yeh Boo - (White)

Ital Tek - Froze Up - (Civil Music)

Ital Tek - Untitled - (White)

Ital Tek - Gonga - (Planet Mu)

Dawn Day Night - Voodoo Vibes - (Astrophonica)

Ital Tek - Glokk - (Planet Mu)

Ital Tek - Intercruise - (Planet Mu)

Ital Tek - Discontinuum - (Planet Mu)

Ital Tek - Human Version - (Planet Mu)

DJ Earl - Hit Da Bootz - (Planet Mu)

Reso - Coronium (Doshy Remix) - (Civil Music)

Ital Tek - Hyper Real (Deft Remix) - (Civil Music)

Ital Tek - Re Entry - (Civil Music)

Deft - Just Drive - (White)

Nuage - Prints of You (Ital Tek Remix) - (White)

Ital Tek - Nebula Dance - (Planet Mu)

Ital Tek - The Flood (Throwing Snow Remix) - (Civil Music)

Chromatics: CHERRY

Diggin this.