8prn: OVER IT EP

New EP from Vancouver's 8prn. Much respect.

-- “Late 2012, with the whole new age trap thing going on, I kinda wanted to dabble in it a bit, so I went for a heavier sound, 130-140 tempo and all that. Artists like Bames, Falcons, Lunice, and Sango were references for that feel. The distorted analog bass/synth sound comes from my love for garage punk stuff like Ty Segall and Dead Meadow. I also got into some old Triple 6–pre Three-Six Mafia, like Koopsta Knicca, DJ Paul, and Juicy J… So, that old southern triplet hi-hat and deep sub rubbed off on me.”

“Like any music, there are things I’ve heard, while out and about, that I like and that I find way too cheesy and over used; certain vocal processing and pitching, drum machine samples and song structures. I feel like I’ve taken the things that I don’t like, and morphed them into a sound that I enjoy; not quite a mockery or parody of shitty club music, but definitely a cheeky rip into it.”

“I made ‘runnin’ a week before opening for UZ , in December, so that I could have a track of my own that could be considered a ‘club track’, haha. So when I started making ‘over it’, I was going for the same feel. Then I realized that I didn’t want to make ‘certified club tracks’, so I added the guitar, vocals, odd percussion, and a chill bassline to wash out the trappyness of the piece. Like many people, I was over it." -- [Patrick Holland a.k.a. 8prn]