New 5 tune EP from Vancouver's Ornament.

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--Harpist/vocalist/producer Meghan Eliza and producer/synthesist/bassist Jonathan Cozier of Vancouver BC, bring you a visceral melodic electronic experience. Their sound was born simply through a similar drive to collaborate based on their mutual tastes in music. Jonathan, originally from Calgary AB, had been active as a bassist and solo DJ/Producer of various forms of electronic music for several years, in his hometown. Meghan, originally from Port Coquitlam BC, had been active locally as a musician of various instruments, a visual artist, dancer and performer for several years. It wasn’t until she discovered her love for the harp, the confidence to sing and a strong interest to learn electronic music production, that she found a way to combine these forms of expression into one channel. Upon meeting Jonathan in May of 2011 at a show they shared a lineup for in Victoria BC, they almost instantly were compelled to collaborate musically. They began making their first track(unreleased) in Meghan’s studio in East Vancouver. Jonathan took it home with him to Calgary to finish it off. He then moved to Vancouver in August of 2011 to continue his musical endeavors with Meghan.

Since then, the two have explored in collaborating with other musicians/producers and on their own projects and have recently in Fall of 2012, made Ornament the center of their musical focus.Drawing from Synth-Pop, Deep-House, UK Bass, IDM, Shoegaze and Folk; the pair has created a unique sound forming a sort of hybrid through their music.

The self titled 5 song EP is the first release from Ornament. (01/2013)--