New 5 tune EP from Vancouver's Ornament.

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--Harpist/vocalist/producer Meghan Eliza and producer/synthesist/bassist Jonathan Cozier of Vancouver BC, bring you a visceral melodic electronic experience. Their sound was born simply through a similar drive to collaborate based on their mutual tastes in music. Jonathan, originally from Calgary AB, had been active as a bassist and solo DJ/Producer of various forms of electronic music for several years, in his hometown. Meghan, originally from Port Coquitlam BC, had been active locally as a musician of various instruments, a visual artist, dancer and performer for several years. It wasn’t until she discovered her love for the harp, the confidence to sing and a strong interest to learn electronic music production, that she found a way to combine these forms of expression into one channel. Upon meeting Jonathan in May of 2011 at a show they shared a lineup for in Victoria BC, they almost instantly were compelled to collaborate musically. They began making their first track(unreleased) in Meghan’s studio in East Vancouver. Jonathan took it home with him to Calgary to finish it off. He then moved to Vancouver in August of 2011 to continue his musical endeavors with Meghan.

Since then, the two have explored in collaborating with other musicians/producers and on their own projects and have recently in Fall of 2012, made Ornament the center of their musical focus.Drawing from Synth-Pop, Deep-House, UK Bass, IDM, Shoegaze and Folk; the pair has created a unique sound forming a sort of hybrid through their music.

The self titled 5 song EP is the first release from Ornament. (01/2013)--


New video from Stray. This tune is out now on a 2 track EP on Blu Mar Ten Music.

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Bonobo: CIRRUS

New loveliness from Bonobo. You can download this tune for free and pre-order his new The North Borders album via his website.


Kline feat Shamik: GO THROUGH

Here's a new tune I did with Kline. He's been doing good things in Vancouver on his own and with Chapel Sound. Enjoy and feel free to share!



Imogen Heap- 2012 mapping and glove demo

If there was any doubt that the future is here, watch this demonstration. I've been a fan of Imogen Heap for years, and this is an amazing clip showcasing a new kind of stage show. She explains how she's taken Ableton Live and software to the next level by controlling everything via movements in her gloves. Everything from panning, chorus, and instruments triggered through her maneuvering around the stage...watch and believe!


Jah Jah Disciples

Check out LQ & Dreadknowledge's tune Jah Jah Disciples out on Echo Chamber Sound...featuring RSD on the remix. I performed alongside LQ in Melbourne last month and grabbed the vinyl off him. It's been on repeat since...

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V.I.V.E.K. : Dubspot interview

Great interview with V.I.V.E.K about soundsystem culture, doing it all yourself, and some production tips. Much respect.


Sabota + Charlie Damara: NEXT TIME

Check out Sabota, a new project with Robbie Slade of Humans and Max Ulis. Much respect.

Living Stone- BLACK RIVER

Check out this new 9 tune release from Living Stone out of Montreal. Here's a little message from him on the release:

--Black River is a web of ideas & sonic experiments dating back to 2010. It's just freshly 2013 and one of my musical new years resolutions is: out with the old & in with the new. I'm offering up this collection of music that has sat on the digital shelf for too long.

Please listen, enjoy & spread it around.--

Shamik- 2012 Australia tour footage

Here's a clip of some of my performances at Subsonic Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, and in Sydney/ Melbourne in December 2012. Thanks to Foreigndub for having me out to Australia again, to all the venues/ festivals, artists I shared the stage with, and the rest of my Aussie friends and family. Track ID: Shamik- Airing the Breath. Free download.


Def Wish Cast + Spikey Tee: DAY TRIPPER

I recently met LC Beats when I was in Australia. He is a beatboxer outta Sydney, and also put together this stop motion animation video...Much respect.

Clams Casino- I'm God

So good...


Sofie Loizou- Aphoria Horizonte

I picked up this release on vinyl when I was in Sydney...both tracks are truly amazing. Have a listen and check the Radical Nature Records page to grab the 10 inch. Much love and respect.

--Radical Nature Records is proud to present the second in a series of 10” vinyl releases - Aphoria Horizonte by Sofie Loizou. Following the success of Radical Nature's previous release, a collaboration between Sofie Loizou & bvdub, Sofie packed up her tools of the trade; arriving in Berlin just as the grey skies parted. Embedded in Berlin’s creative scene, she spent the summer and autumn in her well-travelled studio enticing warm, organic sounds and curious samples, drenched in the rich overtones of dusty old synths. “Aphoria Horizonte” is an emotionally sublime duet. Title track, Saturday Night Blues depicts subtle hues emanating from the shadows of a lost weekend. Shuffling beats and deep bass will warm up any darkly lit space. Complimenting this is the title track, Aphoria Horizonte; a psychedelic mantra incorporating broken rhythms and dreamy melodic noise; overwhelming the senses and taking you soaring into another dimension. Presented in beautiful full-colour cover art, created and designed by Bec Paton from Sydney’s Equilibrium design and mastered at Berlin’s infamous Dubplates & Mastering. This release will be sure to pique the interest of electronic music collectors worldwide.--