Shamik - 121212

Hey everyone! Much love from Sydney! So I wanted to give away some music today...and the idea of doing so on my 30th with numerology on my side feels like a good plan:) Beatboxing is something that will always be close to me...whether I'm performing or using my sounds in music. I'm finding my style to be the weird side of hip hop and also the weird side of electronica which is a good place right now. Diving into production this year began with a lot of hurdles, but now I'm super hungry about the process:) I took the noises from my beatbox sample pack as well as fresh sounds for each song. I was lucky to have Cher Olvera from Edmonton pass through Vancouver right when the Footsteps tune needed one more layer. We've known each other since 2005 and it's about time we got to collaborate. Quest Seraphim put down a couple verses on Reason To Live, in one afternoon...and it was another vibe that finally happened after years of mutual respect for each other's music. Airing the Breath and Voices in my Head are almost opposites of each other with their night vs day / dark vs light feelings. I think the EP goes from being complex to simple throughout it, which pretty much sums up my brain and life:) The songs were all about 30-40 percent done before I went to Hawaii with my lovely lady. We had a great trip, and I worked on the EP sporadically while we were in Kauai. Upon my return to Vancouver and the beginning of my Aus planning, it really came together! It's all for you for free, so download away and please share with anyone who you think will be into it! 

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The tour in Australia has been going good so far. Kicked it off at Subsonic Festival in Barrington Tops, NSW. It was crazy hot while I was there. Jammed out with the Foreigndub guys for their Friday night slot..which proved to be one of the best time slots of the night. Here's a pic of Sam The Chemist and I:

Hyping up the crowd:

The sun actually started to come out around 5:45am so after the 17hr flight, 5 hr drive and not enough sleep..my 2pm set on Saturday after being in the sun all day was a tough task! I managed to make it through and had a good time!

It's been great to be back in Sydney. My hosts, Foreigndub, just celebrated their 10 year anniversary out here. They're more than a collective and record label...they have brought so many artists, bands, DJ's and newcomers to Sydney together. I'm thankful to be part of the crew and for a lot of opportunities to work on music while I'm here. Every year when I come back, it all kind of picks up where I left off. My Aussie friends have supported what I've been doing through every step of the evolution process. In Vancouver the crews are very well intertwined, and out here there's a great amount of comradery between the bands and DJ's. It's convenient that mostly everyone lives around Newtown just like how in Van the artists are scattered around Main St + Commercial Drive.

So here's what's up next...

Interview on FBi Radio for Foreigndub Airwayvs Dec 16. For more info...Sydney time 5-7pm, Vancouver time 10pm-12am on Dec 15.

Melbourne Dec 21 at Horse Bazaar. FB event.

Sydney Dec 22 at FBi Social w Kobra Kai. FB event.

Thanks to you all for being here with me on this journey! More news soon. Until next time...peace.