Shamik & Vivek Shraya: EQUAL EYES

I put EQUAL EYES (my collab with my brother Vivek / title track from my 1st album) up for free download on Soundcloud. We recorded it in 2006 in Toronto.


Ambalance- DISCARD EP

New free EP from Ambalance outta Toronto. I've played their last EP, COKEWAVE countless times (Lawn Gong was on repeat for months) and am thrilled to hear these new tunes.


Much love to my pal Red-I outta Manila...nice deep tune here.


Westernsynthetics- Outlook Festival 2012 Mix

Listening to this mix right now.


Outlook Festival 2012 Mix

--Recorded Friday 270712

In a kitchen in Neuk├Âlln, Berlin.

Using, outboard guitar pedals/fx, Ableton Live & the fat controller (custom MIDI controller modified by WS). This mix is a combination of full tracks, loops, field recordings and random noise.--


White Rainbow - Boring Guitar Music - Part 5 (indi)

Shigeto - Huron River Drive (Ghostly International)

Ametsub - Utmost Point (Nothing66)

Labradford - Eero (Kranky)

White Rainbow - Boring Guitar Music - Part 2 (indi)

Westernsynthetics - Letter to Rosa [oh! Rosa!] (Sofie Loizou remix) (Sub Continental Dub free d/l)

Elos - Werdz (Alpha Pup) ELOS: Werdz by ALPHA PUP

Cup Cave - Airlining (Ramp)

Grenier - Vendetta (Tectonic)

Daedelus & Om Unit - Vous Etes Stereo (All City Dublin)

White Rainbow - Boring Guitar Music - Part 4 (Indi)

Westernsynthetics - Kids on Valium (unreleased)

Westernsynthetics - Pianodrumming (unreleased)

Massacooramaan - Dead Long Time (Fade To Mind)

Eluvium - 2-09 Untitled 2 - For Orchestra (Talk Amongst The Trees)

Anomie - Protest in Morocco (Sub Continental Dub)

Scattered Order - Track Title Unknown (unreleased)

Westernsynthetics - The Offensive (unreleased)

Westernsynthetics - Drunk in Eylauer (unreleased)

Westernsynthetics - Kids With Nothing To Do (unreleased)

Westernsynthetics - Piano Solo no10 (with Rain) (unreleased)

Westernsynthetics - Corrigated (unreleased)


Author- In The Sky

Real goodness here. Grab the tune for free in the comment sections on Soundcloud.

Snow Ghosts- Lost At Sea EP

I woke up to Where The Wild Horses off this EP and fell in love with it...have a listen...


Future Passed now on Bandcamp

Free download.


Dark Sunrise

Om Unit + Tamara Blessa: DARK SUNRISE

Clams Casino- Leaf

This this this.

Shamik- Full Circle

Produced by Grasp The Erro.

Download Future Passed.


Eventually it all comes full circle

Internal hurdles

Tears sweat and blood curdle

Fear threatens us on purpose

Sphere spins plus searches

Eternal lurking

Working nocturnal

Til sunlight hit's the journal

Turning inside out

Til outside in's external

Learning this guy's doubts

Might have been burning

Out of handle

Both sides of the candle concerning

Too much worrying

The brain of an accordion

Playing my worries in vain

Like bedtime stories

Let mine scurry away

I sent my flurries

So my head's fine surely

I'm ten times swirling

I spend time circling

Will I get mine firmly

Or end time early?

And then skies murky

Surface out of the blue

Circus made out of me and you

Vermin running loose

Herding under your bruise

Curtain's pertinent if it's see through

Certainly observe the wizard

Of perfect blizzards

Beneath you

Image of my image is distorted

In a minute the message will be reported

Duly noted

Viewers will skim it and edit it

He said she said sediments

Til I've re-read my sentiments

The way I never wrote it

Life ain't sugar coated

Maybe this new regiment is bloated

No one's ending it it's growing

Deadly seven in many directions going

Heading to the press for selective medicine

Knowing what you're ingesting is irrelevant

So in short all the meddling is unsettling

Used to give out medals for being heroic

Now they rock metal and gold just to get noticed

Bogus but not hopeless

Since we need more hope less phonies

More focus onus is on us only

Morals make a sound if a tree falls in a forest

Explorers are allowed to see all now like they're tourists

I wrote this

Opus with the modus

Operandi to envigor the poorest

Standby and picture the chorus

Abstract reality

Last chance for verses and cavalry

In words verbs and turned mentality

Halfway around then the three six zero

Man's safe and sound when he meets his ego

Forgive and forget to get you better motives

To remember the best cause the rest you've yet to outlive

Forgetting regrets and living to forgive

Cause regretting what's left makes you forget how to live



Hiatus Kaiyote: NAKAMARRA

Dope soul outta Melbourne...

Filmed by Danni Oglive

Produced by Danni Oglive + Si Jay Gould

--It took us 9 days of travelling through the desert and ghost townships of South Australia, Victoria and Northern Terriories and in the end we had travelled 5,000 kilometers to Alice Springs from Melbourne in a hire car and back. We walked through red and yellow deserts, swam in freezing waterholes, slept in abandoned mine shafts, wrote off our hire van after hitting a kangaroo, camped under thousands of stars, salvaged eagle feathers, saw emus, dingos, ate camel burgers, made music and bonded all while making our very first film clip. The concept was for us to journey as a band where the song was first inspired and written by Nai Palm.

In Nai's words "Nakamarra was written about Hannah, I wrote about her because she is one of the strongest people I know. And she is the type of person that you can not see for a long time but they will always remain like your family. She was working out in the desert with Aboriginal artists with mental disabilities. We got tattoos on our arms together which is present in the lyrcs "rise togther with our hearts apon our sleeves for all too see". I also wore the tacky auqua dress in the clip because she is obsessed with the colour. It's about making life long bonds with the family you get to choose" We had an incredible journey out there.--


Shamik- Time Travel

Produced by Grasp The Erro.

Download Future Passed.


Racing the clock

Spacing my dots

Retracing drops

Raining on my plot

Facing the timeline

Embracing the continuum

Shaping my mind's time

Breaking through millenniums

Timely timeless time travel

Time sees time gets I unravel

I breathe my breath is channeled

I reach my death dismantled

Prepare all we want

That day is coming

Fear is what we flaunt

In a way we're all running

Daylight savings

Deadlines wasting

Day might be fading

Instead time's pacing

Moonlight boasting

Seasons transforming

Assume night's approaching

Seizing what is storming

Thundering brain clouds

Sauntering fate's route

Pondering pain now

Wandering way out

My insight shall disband all my thoughts

By midnight I'll be the hand on the clock

One with the one

Like a second second

Spun round the sun

And the tension lessened

I'll climb back to climb that climax

I'll find facts align tracks why ask

For another minute to finish?

If time shall diminish

I'll push and pull the limit

Cause I'm fully in it


Bass Generation

Big tune.

Major Look + Ragga Twins: Bass Generation (Jubei Rmx)

Shamik- Rejuvenated

Produced by Grasp The Erro.

Download Future Passed.


Make it just to make it

Even if the airwaves won't take it

Save it compile it

The media's defiled contaminated

Write it like it recite

Excitement's been instigated

Rewriting life with right insight

Left right full strides rejuvenated

While you're unveiling and defining

They're complaining and they're whining

You're on trail like your assignment

You won't fail cause you design it

It's your place to shine

So no they can't take your high

You can conquer space and time

While they sit and wait in line

What's the point of competing

If you don't feel that you're succeeding

Critics are impeding

So stay strong and keep achieving

They'll try to hate you

And take it further deflate you

Jealous cause you're zealous

Can't contain you don't do as they do

So do it just to do it regardless of outcome

Through and through only got yourself to outrun

Don't slow your flow

Go ahead and explode

Let your soul be exposed

Cause you control how you glow

Maybe you believe in fate

Maybe you perceive that you can learn from your mistakes

Either way it's your purpose that's at stake

Dream of doing something great

Beam your light through your unique character traits

Cause it's you who makes what you make

Make it just to make it

Even if the airwaves won't take it

Save it compile it

The media's defiled contaminated

Write it like it recite

Excitement's been instigated

Rewriting life with right insight

Left right full strides rejuvenated

We are living in an era where everything is visible

Available so dare to be an individual

Reflections in the mirror get clearer

When you see through deception as it appears

So don't let interfere

Two faces two sides on the coin

Who faces the lies of decoys

And their never ending ploys

It's you who has to make the choice

It's you who fights to make the noise

Inner enemies destroyed

Gossip is scattered

Over celebrity status

No need to copy them actors

Because integrity matters

Popularity comes and goes

Sincerity lasts forever

Cherish the ones you know

Cause clarity keeps you clever

Possibilities are endless

Your positive abilities can end stress

Extend best wishes to the masses and then test

Yourself in mental trenches

On top of your game relentless

Make it just to make it

Even if the airwaves won't take it

Save it compile it

The media's defiled contaminated

Write it like it recite

Excitement's been instigated

Rewriting life with right insight

Left right full strides rejuvenated


MicroBongo Sound System Live EP

Free 6 tune EP from Victoria's MicroBongo Sound System recorded live Club 9one9 in March of this year. Much respect.

Shamik- Live at 2012 Bass Coast Project

It was a great time performing all the new tunes and showing what I've been up to all year...truly one of the best sets I've ever had...


The xx- Chained

It keeps getting better and better...so pumped for the new album!


2012 Bass Coast podcast- Mixed by Woodhead

Bass Coast podcast by Woodhead...featuring several artists from this year's line-up. Track 2 is Momentum from my new Future Passed EP:) Listen to the mix here.

Bombay Dreams

Great tune...and look how good VanCity looks:) Much respect.


Calamalka- All The Way Up

I had the pleasure of performing alongside Calamalka at New Forms Festival 2009, and the first Bass Coast Project. I've also witnessed him crush dancefloors in a hard way. All The Way Up follows his Gooey EP, and is his first full length in 8 years. Have a listen below and grab the album on iTunes here. Much respect.

* * * Calamalka interview with CBC * * *

* * * hybriditymusic.com * * *

--With dub techniques & hip-hop aesthetics as his foundation, Michael Campitelli navigates numerous modes of funk – hypnotic & cavernous one minute, then rhythmically venomous the next, the neck-snap quotient with Calamalka’s beats is always verging on overload. A lynchpin in the Canadian West Coast bass scene, his "All The Way Up" reveals the splendour of his acclaimed live set. With immaculate sound design, pinpoint engineering & a keen sense of distorted rhythm, Calamalka’s sound is impossible to sleep on.--

Shamik- Day One

Produced by Grasp The Erro.

Download Future Passed.


We pretend

There's no need to repent

Lost in every sequence

Looking like robots as we blend

So why bother to see sense?

Please then

Don't lose your soul to machines and

Don't consume til your weakened

Lost to your screens and

Keyboards til next season

What happened to the decency

Of humanity? We're just desensitized

To the nonsense in our eyes

It's all we're breathing

We realize it's chaos in disguise

And no surprise that we are descending

Into our demise society's bleeding

Cannot defend

Decentralized from the trend

But why? Cause it will really go viral the end

And the wolf crying boy did not survive

This life is ceasing

Social subjects

Turned to local puppets

How empty did the global cup get?

Song of my fight

Come along on this night

Hear the wrong in my fright

See the dawn as I write

If today is day one

Looks like they won

Still I gotta stand up and say something

Can't play dumb

Still I wanna handle every day as they come

Take one take two

Repercussions from what they do

Repair nothing there's no reboot

Armageddon was our fate too

Karma lessons came to break you

I'm forgetting how to stay true

My objective was to scrape through

I detect that I must face you

But I am them and they are we

Yours is ours in history

Why pretend that they can't see?

Wars and powers are in symmetry

Consistencies of conspiracies

Can potentially lead to contingencies

We were warned for centuries

Who will mourn the injuries?