Sorrow- Shinigami EP

Great 4-track garage EP from Sorrow.

Throwing Snow- Le Coeur

Loving this tune right now...


Shamik- Momentum

Produced by Grasp The Erro.

Download Future Passed.



Moment with the rules I bent them


Everything learn lessons perfection

The ability to see my enemies and then bless them

I kept them

In my head while I was venting


Meeting myself halfway intersection

Within my spectrum

Direction found in introspection


To worry not on my reception


With the one in the crowd messing to the session

I'm addressing

You if you're lost while you're pretending

Consider how to stop obsessing

It's so upsetting


Are bigger than your online presence

I'll stay loyal to my musical essence

So what's your preference?

I'm X-ing

All those that held me back past aggressions


That I wish the world offered some protection

In life we're always investing

But collection is never my intention

Cause knowledge is redemption


Tangled up in angles lighting prisms


Shapes and space sighting many visions


Roller coaster conditions driven


Motor roasting on the mission

No quitting

Submission's not an option


Harden just to soften

No coffin no prison

Only living

Decisions vacant wide open

Traditions aching to be broken

Predicting I fade into the sunset as I glisten

In addition

I follow intuition

A scholar of well wishing

The thought of competition

Would be a contradiction

My vision my cause a collision

With those sticking

To playing it safe

Come taste

Something that is fizzing

Oozing and dripping

My calling itching

Cruising and shifting

Gears if I stall they're thinking

I might fall risking it all

The plot thickens

Moving into position to haul

Through hitting walls of pollution

I'll be consistently blissing


Get Excited And Make Techno

New free 7-track EP from 7 Victoria producers. Grab it...

--GET EXCITED AND MAKE TECHNO was a series of workshops / masterclasses about, wait for it, making techno* (or any kind of electronic music, for that matter). Think of it like a very local, time-stretched version of Red Bull Music Academy. It ran in the summer of 2012 in Victoria, BC.--





Shamik- Calendar

Produced by Grasp The Erro.

Download Future Passed.


The facts distracting the space

Play like a challenger I'll stop when you crack my brain

A map a graph for your days

Slave to the calendar I'm not so my craft remains

Year of the insert whatever word

Fear's the inverse of whatever's worse

Not the better but what hasn't even occurred

Cause you remember matters disturb

The natural flow of your mind's wave

Factual foes get in the mind's way

And then one fine day you see what lines make

On that one fine face where do the lines trace?

From signs of fate or fateful signs

To a place with stapled finds

Collage of pain and love

Massaged in rain and rubbed

With this city's tears of humidity

With this witty cheer and fluidity

Elastic mind winning races

Plastic whines singing praises

Kill watching the reruns

Skills rocking with freedom

Still wanting to be one

Thrills haunting every season

The facts distracting the space

Play like a challenger I'll stop when you crack my brain

A map a graph for your days

Slave to the calendar I'm not so my craft remains

Piece of peace

The vapor chasing the dream

Read the piece

Of paper while facing the steam

You thought it was up in smoke

The blue skied facts

I brought its claws up and spoke

Of the new attack

Renewed my tracks

Footsteps going to fade

In shoe-tied stacks

Look left flowing to stay

With right tendencies

Oceans and rivers my breath

Full flight sending seas

Soaking to simmer in depth

Planet of lies galaxy of truth

Released redeemed reached the peak

Retraced started over

Vanish realize fallacies obtuse

Retrieved indeed pleased at ease

Embraced cold shoulders

No more napping awaken the game

In the clear dashing to the mainframe

Interference hatching to rearrange

The year wrapping with proof of change

Nearing veering crashing through

The white and black enhancing the grey

The facts distracting the space

Play like a challenger I'll stop when you crack my brain

A map a graph for your days

Slave to the calendar I'm not so my craft remains


Gameboy + Self Evident: CAN'T COME IN

Gem of a tune from Gameboy & Self Evident. The vocal sampling and all around vibe of this is stellar. Get hooked-->


Shamik- Future Passed

Free download.

Produced by Grasp The Erro.

This project was a concept that slowly came to be after Grasp and I worked on 6 collaborations last year. We developed a chemistry in the studio that enabled us to really let go via his production and my lyrics. As we motivated each other, we embarked on a lot challenges in our separate personal lives. The tunes In The Now and You from our prior releases touched a lot on not being able to rush progress, and overcoming the fear of death. I lost a very close friend to an early death last year amidst recording, touring, and what proved to be a hectic year. A few hours into January 1, 2012...I wrote the lyrics to Calendar which challenged myself to begin a new path for myself. Over the next 6 months, I wrote about becoming one with time, going to my lowest point to surface again, and conquering all my mental demons. Grasp hammered out his beats, soundscapes, and visions...and we both got really excited on how this was all unfolding. I have been guilty of getting caught up in my own world without seeing how I can improve. I have thought of dreams and held back because I originally thought they were unattainable. Future Passed represents how I took a step out of trying to fit in and a step into fitting in with my own essence. I hope it resonates with you in some way, or you find inspirations to create something new for yourself. It's been a labour of love, and it's only fitting that we give it to you for free. Thank you.


Age Like Wine

Chadio - Age Like Wine feat Mr Archive (Taal Mala remix)

Large sounds coming out of Vancouver!


Doshy- Electrophilic EP

New Doshy EP is out on July 19! Preview it below. I opened for him in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and he crushed it so hard! Much respect...


Shamik- Beatbox Sample Pack and APC40

A little while ago, I recorded a bunch beatbox sounds with my pal Runsheng...and then chopped them all into a beatbox sample pack. It was a fun experience because usually producers use custom sample packs to make their beats...so making a beatbox pack was something new and fun to do. This clip shows how I sequence and build from scratch with multiple kicks, hi-hats, basslines, melodies, and other noises.