Oddisee- People Hear What They See

This whole album is unreal. Quality beats, vocals, and feelings. Much respect to Oddisee!

"This album is about influence, inspiration, perception & reality. Every song was written in an outside environment, so that I could observe the subjects that would become my subject matter. All too often in Hip Hop, reality is limited to that of the artists own, actual experiences. People Hear What They See is my attempt to liberate the MC from those constraints & allow reality to be penned other than my own. Listening to congressmen & lawyers converse on the steps of the supreme court inspired 'American Greed', Watching a couple argue over the phone in a bar inspired 'Maybes'. By having a visual representation of my subject matter, my hopes are that the listener will see them through the worlds & melodies of my songs."

Dust Settles (Sanctums remix)

More goodness coming out of the 403...lovely Sanctums remix of Isis Graham's Dust Settles tune.


Crimson- Raid

Crimson dropped another free album here.

So much emotion in all these tunes...just listen to Return on repeat and you will understand.


dBridge vs Maschine

dBridge just put out a hip hop album!

Download the whole album via the Exit Records website.


Little Fiery One- Intention 2012

Great mix from Little Fiery One. He was kind enough to put Widen (my collab with Grasp The Erro) in there among other nice tunes. Enjoy...

ioqe - it robs me of my sleep

mira nova - terra vocalis (space age master)

face invada - divided

grasp the erro & shamik - widen

autopilot - temporalysis

mimosa - california rude boy

autopilot - aquatic

bassnectar - underwater + mimosa - days go by

nedry - a42

phutureprimative - cryogenic dreams

comaduster - hollow dreams

phutureprimative - xotica

circuit bent, mr. bill, tom cosm and sun in aquarius - incompusmentus

comaduster - intercosm

trifonic - infiltration (creeper remix)

jon hopkins - insides

moving ninja - shellcode / murky

akido - paper chase / paper chase (synthamesk remix)

Bruise You remixes

I uploaded the Clix and MNG remixes of Bruise You on youtube...


Shamik- Bruise You (MNG remix)

I recorded BRUISE YOU in 2009 with JPS + Johnny Hooves in Melbourne...which ended up on my Nomadic Injections album. MNG outta Edmonton just put up a fresh remix of the tune...have a listen and it's up for free download.

We're performing alongside each other in Edm on July 4 at Eats & Beats as well...


Clairelabs- Deeper Than Deep

Diggin this mix from Clairelabs outta Montreal. Have a listen...

1. The Model - Terminus - Interlude

2. Guillaume Coutu Dumont - Ubiquitous Gaze Stringapella

3. Kate Simko - Mira Vos

4. Martyn - Miniluv

5. Adultnapper - Living Lips - Kate Simko Remix

6. Farben - Swinn Off

7. STL - Infinit

8. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

9. Marc Antona - Gloves Off

10. Nico Stojan - Cherimoya

11. Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise If You Can See (Dave Aju Remix)

12. Le Funk Mob - Motorbass - Get Funked Up Electrophunk Remix

13. Lowtec - Untitled A1

14. Claire - Disposable World


2012 Bass Coast schedule

Bass Coast has announced their schedule today. I'll be playing the Radio Market stage on Saturday evening...have a look at my artist profile



Mandeep Sethi- Ajna Chakra

I just listened to this new mixtape from Mandeep Sethi. Representing worldwide sound is an understatement. He has taken his art all over North America and India and brought it back in this wonderful music. Watch some of his videos here. Slumgods stand up.

Sharps- The Sphinx EP

Big love to Sharps who's new EP dropped on Muti Music this week! His sound explores through glitch and latin infused bass music. I have had Magna Carta and Royal Jelly on repeat for weeks now...The EP also comes with a bonus NcLovin remix of En El Caserio. Preview it below. Much respect.

* * * Purchase The Sphinx EP the on Additech * * *

Magna Carta - "The Sphinx" EP by  Sharps

Royal Jelly - "The Sphinx" EP by  Sharps

--Sharps’ work, “The Sphinx” is his latest in Latin infused bass music, a sound that combines big subs with surgical edits and a tropical heartbeat. “The Sphinx” EP began life as a series of vocal bootlegs created for his DJ sets. For the release of the EP, he decided to do something different.

“I wanted to create music that was purely instrumental, that didn’t rely on the human voice. So I worked the tracks, searching for ways to replace these vocal lines with synthetic textures. In the end I found that by making the synths behave like the human voice, it kept the energy, but moved the music into a more abstract realm.”

Sharps’ tropical bass sound began in 2004, during a trip to London UK when he encountered dubstep and reggaeton for the first time. Realizing that both these sounds needed to find a place in the clubs and festivals at home, he merged them with breaks and glitch-hop, producing his early experiment “el Boss”, and other tunes. Years later, while DJing at Burningman in the company of Puerto Ricans and open-minded revelers, he found that the steady Dem-bow beat, combined with the big bass moved the crowd like nothing else. The experience catalyzed his “Tropical Bass” EP, and now, with the sound further refined and proven on the dance floor, he presents his latest work “The Sphinx”.--


Koreless- Lost In Tokyo

Heard this on a Jamie XX mix awhile back. Stoked that it's comin out soon...


Mala In Cuba

Mala's new project is going to be unreal. Read more about it courtesy of Fact Mag here. Listen below...


Isis Graham- In The Garden

I recently stumbled upon this great release from Isis Graham. I have seen her cross over from electronica, indie, and other genres over the years as a DJ and talented vocalist. This release showcases all of her styles. When I heard My Own Child it reminded me of old Mazzy Star. Have a listen and enjoy the music:)

--This album is a collection of songs written in the first quarter of 2012. These songs were inspired by real events in my life. This year has proved dramatic and trying in terms of life happening and being very real and me coming to terms with all of it. Between the joy and turmoil, I seem to have penciled down everything I was going through in my music. "The Garden" is a song about my grandmother’s garden. I spent a lot of time in her garden growing up learning about plants, flowers, discipline, regiment, cycles of life and making things beautiful. "In the Garden" is a concept about letting these things go, letting her and other people go and letting some of my ideas go when they didn’t turn out.

The push to release a solo album came from working with the band Terrace for a year and realizing that my writing style was drastically different. I needed a platform and a reason to release my music into the world and that was it. The album has a piece of every musical facet of my life thus far; influences from Deejaying and dance music, to indie and folk. I feel this mixture of songs and ideas truly represent where I have come as a musician in the last few years and will hopefully forge a path to where I am going. I hope people can perhaps recognize me and themselves in these songs as they listen and enjoy.--

Boog Brown- U.P.S

Feelin this tune from Boog Brown. Pure fire.


Astral Harvest 2012 - July 5-8

At times it seems like it was just last summer when Astral Harvest became a festival. Then in other moments, it feels like so much has happened in the past few years leading up to the fifth gathering. I remember getting the call in 2008 from Jord, the founder and director, telling me he wanted me to play. I was living in Calgary at the time, and I was pumped. It was about a 7 hour drive from Calgary to Driftpile Valley, but it was well worth it. My first Astral Harvest made me truly feel part of the community. After living in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver, it has been a blessing to always have the support. It's been lovely seeing the growth of the Alberta community and evolution of it's artists. Performers from all over the world have made their way to this gem of a piece of land to showcase their magic. This year will include a wide mixture of electronica acts and acoustic performances, interactive presentations, workshops, conferences, yoga, live art, installations, and fun for the family:) Head over to the Astral website, and below are some of my pics from past years. The pics stirred up great stories as I'm writing this post...check out some more festival images here. Every year when I'm backstage mingling with other performers they always mention how impressed they are with the decorations, and how thankful they are for the staff's kindness. I couldn't agree more! I'm excited to see my friends and family in one month...


David Starfire


jammin with Greenlaw + Neighbour

Vibe Tribe + ill Gates







Calamalka- Bad Scene

Grab a free download from Calamalka. His full length album is out on July 24 on Hybridity Records.

--With dub techniques & hip-hop aesthetics as his foundation, Michael Campitelli navigates numerous modes of funk – hypnotic & cavernous one minute, then rhythmically venomous the next, the neck-snap quotient with Calamalka’s beats is always verging on overload. A lynchpin in the Canadian West Coast bass scene, his All The Way Up EP reveals the splendour of his acclaimed live set. With immaculate sound design, pinpoint engineering & a keen sense of distorted rhythm, Calamalka’s sound is impossible to sleep on.--