Anomie- Forward Backward

I had the pleasure of catching Sofie Loizou aka Anomie at Peats Ridge Festival in Glenworth Valley, Australia in 2009 and 2010. Her crew and now label, Sub Continental Dub, hosted the Dub Shack stage...and then I was hosted by the Foreigndub crew on the following night on the same stage. Sofie's sets were tasteful, party rocking, and filled with diverse genre and tempo changes. I have been a fan of her production ever since. She just dropped a 5-track EP under the moniker Anomie and it's her documentation of the revolution.

--Forward >>><<< Backward will see Anomie bring a more bass-heavy, dancefloor-ready approach to the otherwise saturated Australian dubstep scene, bringing a volatile blend of electronica that shuns overblown noise and superficiality in favor of polished beats and political awareness.

From the 1st vocal samples that haunt the EP’s opening track Yesterday's promise of tomorrow, you’ll hear Anomie’s reluctance to believe the lies or swallow the propaganda, slogans or advertising we’re bombarded with everyday. It’s this approach, fusing thoughtfulness with abrasiveness, which defines Forward >>><<< Backward. Steering it into some of the more abrasive places bass music dares to travel, while holding things together in the fashion of a mistress with an instinctual connection to her machines.

I saw Big Society burn on Al Jazeera contrasts horn samples and percussive breaks with a rising cavalcade of electronic noise. Odussomai on the other hand sees Anomie connect with the true spirit of dubstep, something remembered only by a small remaining group of pioneers.

Anomie taps into both the outer creative limits of what’s possible with bass music, as well as the explosive movement that’s happening across the world right now, to take the power back. The international bass scene is advised to keep its eyes peeled!--

* * * Purchase on Boomkat * * *

Preview on Soundcloud:


Nouveau Palais- Avant Gang EP (free download)

Here it is...great music and good remixes from some real talented artists. Head over to the Red Bull page for more info on the release.

Shlohmo- The Way U Do



Santigold interview

I just saw Santigold live for the second time on the weekend (saw her at Coachella in 2008 as well). It was a very entertaining show...her new album has been on repeat! Here's a great interview with her touching on intuition, imagination, and following dreams.

Nouveau Palais- Avant Gang EP teaser

I really enjoyed watching this. These dudes are on their own tip. Excited for the release. Nouveau Palais is Prison Garde + Ango + Lunice...

Much respect.


Skyence- Stuck In Time EP

New 4 track EP from Skyence...Unreal tunes.

-- The "Stuck In Time" EP features four original Skyence tunes and for the title track the Hamburg located producer joined forces with the lovely Tanvi Rao of Sulk Station from Bangalore/India. Her beautiful voice takes this electronic ballad to a whole new level of melancholia and deepness.

Backed with an arpeggiated journey to space (Scars), a wonky clapper called "Not Me" and the drained in sub "Talk", this EP provides insight into the various facets of the Skyence universe.

Grab it from Bandcamp. --


Bass Coast promo mix

Here's a new promo mix for Bass Coast courtesy of 10Pin Records boss Lorne B. It features a great track selection with tunes from a lot of this year's artists. Go have a listen or download the mix here. Much respect.

Get Togetha - Mr.Geography - Unreleased

Polar Bear - Christian Martin - Dirtybird

Hood Rich - Justin Martin - Dirtybird

Purple Lights - Neighbour - Homebreakin Records

Get Out - Kerri Chandler (Neighbour + Elan Acid Mix) - unreleased

The Year 3000 - Braille - Rush Hour

Loving The Vibe (5kinAndBone5 Rmx) - Smalltown Dj's - T&A Music

Hardchop - Garde + Eames

D.I.Y. - Max Ulis - 10PIN Records

New Stylee - HxdB + Self Evident - Palms Out

SXLND - Machinedrum - LuckyMe

Rain (Jack Sparrow Rmx) - XXXY -

Mezcal Hologram - Comma - Frite Nite

Drama Lost - The Librarian - East Van Digital

Bug in a Rug - Daega Sound - Echochord

Shoal - Jack Sparrow - Tectonic

095 - Piranha Piranha - Unreleased

No Think - Sepalcure - Hot Flush

April O'Neil - Graintable

Cubist Sex - Monolithium - Unreleased

Ages - Taal Mala - Unreleased

Stir - Michael Red - Low Indigo

Eastsiders - Max Ulis & Self Evident - 10PIN Records

Ohso - Evy Jane - King Deluxe

What U Wanted 2 Feel - Machinedrum - The Index

X-Rhythm - Danny Corn - Forthcoming 10PIN Records

So Lonely - Dbridge - Exit Records

Memory Park - Dbridge - Exit Records

Hell Me - Humans - Hybridity

Dominoes - Calamalka - 10PIN Records

Incantations - Sanctums - Independent


Astral Harvest feature

I'm featured this week on the Astral Harvest website right now:)

This will be my fifth straight year performing, and it's nice to see how the festival has evolved! Check out this year's line-up:


What I Love About Being Queer

Check out the trailer for my brother's new short film. He interviewed 34 people and asked them one big question. The Toronto premiere is June 9th at Cinecycle.



J Dilla- Rebirth of Detroit trailer

Danny Brown- Jay Dee's Revenge

THIS! New J Dilla album is gonna be INSANE.

"Jay Dee's Revenge" beat produced by J DILLA

Featuring Danny Brown & Scratches by DJ Dez

Directed By: Rowe Shot Me

J DILLA - Rebirth of Detroit Release Date: 6-12-12



Ain't That Peculiar

Here's a lovely remix of Marvin Gaye's jam courtesy of Oddisee. His new album is due out June 12.

The Electric + EtRecs: SYNERGY EP

Here's some nice new music courtesy of DJ Vadim and an onslaught of amazing artists from the UK and Poland. Read more below...



--Life is Moving, and so is the debut album from The Electric.

Last summer, Polish production crew, EtRecs, won the remix competition with their beautiful remix and video of The Electric's track, 'Simple As Easy,' and thus, Synergy was born.

Combining forces, The Electric and EtRecs worked across the Internet to combine their forces and create this new experience. The Electric, composed of DJ Vadim, Pugs Atomz, Sabira Jade and Graziella Affinita, and EtRecs composed of Brus, Golden Faces, Soulpete - they stand opposite each other to create this album and give it to you absolutely free.

Nine remixes, three bonus track and a special guests: Art Of Beatbox, Rashid Hadee, Wordsworth (of legendary eMC squad, who creates with Masta Ace, Punchline and Stricklin) and Yarah Bravo - all of them will guarantee a great adventure through the world of sounds.

The album name is not by accident: when people work and construct together they can create something bigger, something that they would not make alone.

Listening to this album remember the following words:

Music is everything to us and we welcome you to share in what we love. We are overjoyed that the universe has brought you to these remixes and we hope you enjoy each and every one as much as we did making them. Come on a journey with us through our music. Music is the cure for all evil. Life is Moving. We can stop for a second and be free from our troubles. When the world threatens to make you run, we encourage you to dream. You're never too old, too sick, too weak to dream. Life is always beautiful and we all are dreamers. Thank you to our dreams for enabling us to fulfil this project and achieve more. Thank you for listening to this album - it was created especially for you because without you there is no us...--



My pal NcLovin outta Edmonton has posted a bunch of tunes in the last month. Classifying his music is tricky cause it's all over the map...but he calls it 'Neo Moombah Juke Future Dancehall Gutter Grime type ish.' Go have a listen, grab some free downloads, and get down to some large remixes. Also, check out their XOXO moombahton weekly if you're ever in the 780.


Bass Coast Project 2012 line-up

Here's the line-up for Bass Coast 2012! This will be my fourth year in a row performing at one of my favourite festivals in Canada. It has really blossomed into something quite magical...no one can deny that special vibe that has come to life in Squamish Valley these past 3 years. For anyone looking to check out a new festival on the coast...come to Bass Coast. It will be the smartest thing you do all summer. Much love.

East Van Digital boss, Joseph Martin was nice enough to make a soundcloud set of all the EVD peeps who are performing at Bass Coast. Have a listen below...


Crimson- 11

Crimson outta Calgary just put up a free 11-track album of his work from 2009-2011. We have very similar taste in music and a mutual love for everything Burial related. I have posted a lot of his stuff here and highly recommend you grab this release. Track 8, Manhattan has had me hypnotized for days now. His production is so clever and deep..and often times when a track is almost over it's hard to believe it's still the same song...A true journey into sound. I always talk about how I love music to get lost in and this is the epitome of it right here. It's ideal for chillin, listening in headphones, and driving...Much respect.

* * * Download -11- here * * *

The XX- Open Eyes

The thought of another xx album makes me pretty excited...Apparently Open Eyes is a rough version of a tune going on their forthcoming second album. I have listened to their debut release countless times, and I saw them twice live in Vancouver. Pretty amped to see what their new material will sound like. Enjoy the music and scroll below to check a new live version of Night Time.


MCA lives on...

Adam Yauch passed away today but his spirit and message will live on forever. It's not very often you can think of a star who has done so many positive things in over 3 decades. The Beastie Boys made me comfortable with myself. I grew up in an awkward way and had a very warped tasted in music. I know their work in the 80's and early 90's are favourites for a lot of my peers...they were so punk rock for hip hop culture. It was the Hello Nasty album that changed my life because it came out when I was in high school. It really gave me the confidence to just walk around and be myself. I actually had a friend tell me one of my verses sounded like MCA when I first started recording, and I was beyond flattered. I have never been a fan of the sound of my own voice but the Beasties who all have different but distinct voices made me realize I could just rock it and continue to be versatile. MCA was also a humanitarian and video director, and the group were just inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This is a sad day for hip hop music, but I know I will smile anytime I hear one of his verses or rhymes.


Sub Swara- The Rudiment Mixtape

The new Sub Swara mixtape just dropped with over 15 new tunes and remixes. There are collabs with Escort, MNDR, iLL.Gates, Stuart Bogie (Iron & Wine), Jeremy Thal (The National, Neutral Milk Hotel), Luke O'Malley (Mary J. Blige, Antibalas), and Freddie Mills. Sub Swara has always been one step ahead with their genre bending electronica mixed with a globally diverse sound...and the duo's wizardry on percussion is always what stands out. Have a listen and grab 4 of the tunes for free below. Brooklyn stand up.

You Don't Know by Sub Swara

Smoke Riddim by Sub Swara

VisionVision (Sub Swara Remix) by Sub Swara

Barrage by Sub Swara

Aesop Rock- Zero Dark Thirty



Jake Robertz- Something Inside

New EP from Jake Robertz outta Edmonton. There's some major fire on this release out on Emergency.Broadcast.System. The title tune is up for free download as well...it pounds and might hurt your neck from noddin ya head. The rest of the tunes have big 808's, clever vocal cuts, and there's a collab with Toronto's Warrior Music. Purchase the release on Additech here, and have a listen below.

--Something Inside is the debut release from Jake Robertz (formerly of Knight Riderz) under his new solo moniker. Jake's sound can be best described as a north west glitch infusion of hip hop & dragon Crunk. With Jakes new personified sound he is ready to make waves in the bass music community. If something inside is any indication of what's to come there is no doubt Jake Robertz will very quickly become a household name.--

Babe Rainbow- Pay Your Bills

I found this nice 4 track set of instrumentals by Babe Rainbow...The title track is my fav...there's some really nice vibes and vocal samples throughout. The tunes are all up for free download. Much respect.