Linkin Park- Rolling in the Deep

Just when you thought Adele's hit couldn't be remixed or covered anymore...

Linkin Park's version is uplifting in its own right. Respect.

Linkin Park: iTunes Festival: London 2011 - EP



Black Star- Fix Up


I am SO pumped for this! Read more about the new Black Star single (produced by Madlib) and their upcoming Aretha Franklin mixtape here.



The Katalyst, Episode 10

It's been a little while since Kevin Carroll dropped a Katalyst episode...here's # 10...Chocolate City! I'm his one man house band, and we shot these in Portland.

I love this one cause we actually were in NYC together earlier this year to present at TED Global Spectrum auditions.

Watch previous Katalyst episodes here.
Much love!


Vincent Parker- Respecanize

Vincent Parker just dropped his new album Respecanize today...and he's giving it away for free. His ability to take dark synths and blend them over futuristic hip hop and electronic beats is remarkable. This album will leave you nodding your head and wanting to dance simultaneously. At times the melodies are hypnotic. So go ahead and grab this album..and get lost in it.

Much respect.


Woodhead + Shamik: CITY DUB [EVD008]

I'm pleased to share that City Dub, my collaboration with Woodhead has been released today on East Van Digital. We recorded the song in May and it was a very unique experience. The project was remixed by Vancouver's Self Evident + Gameboy, and Dirtnapper who put some 8-bit flavor and drum and bass rollin respectively. EVD label boss Joseph Martin contacted Schenk outta Gauteng, South Africa for a twisted house version. Lakeshore Drive outta Vernon, BC rounded out the release with a sneaky reggae remix that reminds me of some of Manu Chao's beats.

Head over to the East Van Digital website here to read more on the release, and scroll down for a preview along with lyrics.

* * * CITY DUB Beatport purchase link * * *

What the peeps are sayin:

Basement Freaks
(Dirtnapper Remix) “Great vibes”

DJ Outlier (Funk Hunters)
“Big ups to Shamik and Woodhead. Awesome Van City collab. Lakeshore Drive remix is spot on…chilled out, sounds super clean, totally sets the vibe.”

“Love the Dirtnapper remix the best. Bring more DnB!!”

Moto Masa
“More quality shiz from East Van! …Especially liking the Schenk remix”

Mat The Alien
(Self Evident & Gameboy Remix) “really good” 10/10

“I like the dubby cumbia vibes on the Self Evident & Gameboy remix, and the instrumentation in the Lakeshore Drive mix. The jump-up Dirtnapper mix is great fun too. Nice flows from Shamik.”

The Librarian
“Really enjoying this release with 5 diverse takes on City Dub. Shamik’s lyrics are thought provoking and unique.”

NEW RELEASE - EVD008 - Woodhead feat. Shamik - City Dub + Remixes by East Van Digital

Who's us
Vancouver movers
And shakers
Beat makers producers
Do not confuse us with fakers
Money won't break us
Bruise us or use us
But you must
Infuse us
Into your futures
Spitting out bass and treble
Audible hacked mucous
Winning the race it's settled
Multiple track intruders
Pouncing like we're pumas conquering the clueless
Bouncing cause we're groovers offering the trueness

There's a superfluous
Amount of progressive consumers
It's a little too much
Look at our current ruler
Guess what this city blew up
With some of the baddest and rudest
And coolest artistic contributors
Who's us
Vancouver's smoothest
We're seekers and doers
Became ruthless teachers from students
Do you trust
When we're disciplining
And hitting your speakers
Like troopers with bazookas
Musical straight shooters




Tegan & Sara in India

Last year Tegan & Sara embarked to India for the first time...doing gigs in New Delhi & Mumbai. My brother, Vivek Shraya, joined them as their opening act. They just released a film/ mini-doc showcasing their adventures and experiences in India. Throughout the film are commentaries with their mom, friends, band, and my bro...

Much respect.


Daega Sound- Let It All Go EP- forthcoming on Echodub

Pretty stoked for this upcoming release from our West Coast family, Daega Sound. These guys have been blowing minds (including mine) for years...Here's a little taste of the EP-->

Daega Sound - Let It All Go EP EDUB017 preview by Echodub

--Classic, deep and weighty bass pressure straight from Vancouver, Canada.

Joshua and Ben, AKA Daega Sound are pushing their strong take on dubstep with a solid, minimal chest-rattling slab of sound. Their crisp, sub-led, space-filled sound takes elements of IDM and techno, but ultimately lands firmly in what conniseurs might term "classic dubstep" territory. Never a bad thing.

Daega Sound's work is incredibly well polished, emotive and shimmering with detail, while still having the grit and bassweight to prove that they can command a dancefloor, as well as fill your headphones.

Ultimately, their beautiful "Let It All Go EP" is a perfect example of why we shouldn't be letting it all go.


Vivek Shraya - 1:1

Today marks the release of Vivek Shraya's sixth record, '1:1.' It is his deepest work to date and I'm so very proud of him...

1:1 EP TEASER from Vivek Shraya on Vimeo.

The darkness hasn’t fully passed. And that’s ok for now. I will write a song about it, all of it. Every pull, every ache, I will work it out through lyric and melody until there is light again. Music might save me.





this is unreal.

-A chance encounter and shared moment with one of natures greatest and most fleeting phenomena.-

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.


Ishu- A World In Progress

I had the pleasure of meeting Ishu at Peats Ridge Festival in Australia last December. We all shared the stage together and he threw down a killer afternoon set. He has put up his A World In Progress album for free download until Monday, so make sure you grab it.

I was happy to hear that he created it during his travels...and it reminded me of all the stories that helped create my own Nomadic Injections album. Sure enough, his album accompanied me on my tours this year and it represented the hip hop sounds of Australia. There's a stack of talented Australian vocalists featured...

Have a listen...the download link is below. Much respect.

--ISHU’s release “A World in Progress” was born from his recent travels through Europe and Asia. Collecting samples and field recordings along the way; ISHU found inspiration in every country he visited, immersing himself in local culture and sketching beats in bunkbeds all over the world. ISHU enlisted the talents of some of Australia’s finest vocalists for the album, including Mantra, Hau (Koolism), Lotek (UK), Class-A, Elf Tranzporter, Dyl Thomas (Polo Club), Pataphysics and more. “A World in Progress” showcases ISHU’s distinct sound of culture-mashing boom-bap and downtempo soundscapes, with hints of influences like Hermitude, Madlib, Oh No, Bonobo and Embee (Looptroop).--