still goin

Warning. Rant might be the outcome here.

I keep getting messages from people saying 'check this out, it got over 5 million hits on youtube...'

I realize that we're all using social media to promote ourselves..and there's a fine line on what's promoting, and what's being blatant or bragging about how awesome you are. Honestly, I just want people to hear music..whether it's stuff by my friends, stuff I'm diggin lately, or music I've been working on. Last time I checked, I'm still indie and have done this all myself. If I was trying to be #1 or have a guhtrillion hits on the internet...I would probably not even be writing this blog post.

Music makes me dance. Music makes me want to make music. I probably beatbox for over an hour every day, and talk about it for another hour or more via email or conversations. I've slowly taken myself out of too many encounters and interactions to get everything done in my life...mostly cause I can't move forward with any distractions.

I think I'm getting weirder by the minute. Maybe I'm acquiring more quirks in my life...or maybe this is where becoming one with my art has brought me. All in all, I know I'm excited. After touring in Australia, North America, and Asia 3 times in the last 2 years...my mind moves faster than me, I have the most irregular sleeping and eating patterns, my future becomes more uncertain....but STILL I have zero issue with continuing on as an artist. One of my best friends passed away last month. When we lived together, I remember he wrote a to do list which he posted on the wall of his room. I saw it by accident. It had the usual things like go to the gym, run some errands and so on...but at the bottom in big letters it said 'Believe in yourself.' I remember thinking it was interesting that he posted up his to do list, and that he had to remind himself to believe. However, now I realize sometimes to have a daily reminder from yourself...that's all it takes to chase the dream.

Sometimes I run into people who ask me if I'm still making music...I always answer yes and then laugh to myself while thinking 'Did you really think I was going to stop now?'

Bring on the next chapter. I'm looking forward to sharing new music with you...and moving into the future with high hopes.