SEE-I's album is now out! Arthur + Archie (aka Roots + Zee) Steele are a Washington DC based duo who blend reggae, funk, soul, and world vibes with that feel good sound...perfect for the arrival of summer:) You might remember See-I if you have witnessed the Thievery Corporation live show...or from the other DC unit's tunes like 38/45 and Focus on Sight. I had the honor of meeting See-I in Montreal in October! Talkin about the Peace has been on major repeat! I like how I don't know which decade I'm in when listening to See-I cause they go all over the map via mulitple genres and eras! Large respects!

Purchase SEE-I on iTunes

Preview the album:

See-I Album by See-I


still goin

Warning. Rant might be the outcome here.

I keep getting messages from people saying 'check this out, it got over 5 million hits on youtube...'

I realize that we're all using social media to promote ourselves..and there's a fine line on what's promoting, and what's being blatant or bragging about how awesome you are. Honestly, I just want people to hear music..whether it's stuff by my friends, stuff I'm diggin lately, or music I've been working on. Last time I checked, I'm still indie and have done this all myself. If I was trying to be #1 or have a guhtrillion hits on the internet...I would probably not even be writing this blog post.

Music makes me dance. Music makes me want to make music. I probably beatbox for over an hour every day, and talk about it for another hour or more via email or conversations. I've slowly taken myself out of too many encounters and interactions to get everything done in my life...mostly cause I can't move forward with any distractions.

I think I'm getting weirder by the minute. Maybe I'm acquiring more quirks in my life...or maybe this is where becoming one with my art has brought me. All in all, I know I'm excited. After touring in Australia, North America, and Asia 3 times in the last 2 years...my mind moves faster than me, I have the most irregular sleeping and eating patterns, my future becomes more uncertain....but STILL I have zero issue with continuing on as an artist. One of my best friends passed away last month. When we lived together, I remember he wrote a to do list which he posted on the wall of his room. I saw it by accident. It had the usual things like go to the gym, run some errands and so on...but at the bottom in big letters it said 'Believe in yourself.' I remember thinking it was interesting that he posted up his to do list, and that he had to remind himself to believe. However, now I realize sometimes to have a daily reminder from yourself...that's all it takes to chase the dream.

Sometimes I run into people who ask me if I'm still making music...I always answer yes and then laugh to myself while thinking 'Did you really think I was going to stop now?'

Bring on the next chapter. I'm looking forward to sharing new music with you...and moving into the future with high hopes.





I uploaded my first and second albums to Bandcamp.


Westernsynthetics- No Holiday

I had the honor of sharing the Dub Shack stage with the Sub Continental Dub crew at Peats Ridge Festival in Australia this year and last year! Westernsynthetics has pushed unique and deep sounds out of Sydney via his production, DJ-ing, record label, and crew. Read more on his new EP...

One of the first producers on the Australian dubstep scene, when the term barely existed” - Street Press Australia

No Holiday is released in celebration of Sydney producer Westernsynthetics performing at the 2011 Outlook Festival, the first Australian to be on this Festival bill to date.

No Holiday, the follow up EP to the acclaimed May Day Radio album, was recorded in late 2010 at a beach front cottage in the surreal surroundings of Kiama, Southern New South Wales, Australia. The EP contains two fresh cuts clearly displaying the signatory Westernsynthetics aesthetic.

KMADMG (Kiama Dreaming) is a pulsating techno slammer that tips its hat to the roots of dubstep. It contains the familiar yet unique Westernsynthetics stamp of production, with use of analogue FX and layered soundscapes over a huge kick drum. Extreme low sub bass frequencies here!

Title track No Holiday experiments with drone and melodic atmospheres to propel complex drum patterns and layered snares over the thick bass line. No Holiday dabbles with the old school rave genre while morphing through complex progressions and nuanced melodic phrasing.

***Purchase No Holiday on Beatport


Westernsynthetics - New Fuse (2006) FREE DOWNLOAD by Sub Continental Dub

Westernsynthetics will be the first Australian to perform at Croatia’s Outlook Festival this September 2011. Quoted as “the best four days of bass music in Europe, if not the world” by Resident Advisor, Outlook is the largest dubstep & soundsystem culture festival in Europe. With a mammoth line up from the most cutting edge and vibrant electronic music scenes around today Westernsynthetics will be performing alongside the likes of Jamie XX, Benga, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Kode 9, Foreign Beggars and many more, with an expected audience of 10,000 people.



Juakali- DreadBass Soundsystem

Produced by Nate Mars and Kush Arora, this ten-track album written and sung by Juakali combines strong lyrics, with a sizzling mix of dub and electronic music, anchored by a pulsating bass that will keep heads nodding and bodies swaying.

The first audio I heard from Juakali was on Kush Arora's From Brooklyn to SF album...and then he lent his vocals to 3 tunes on Pinch's prolific Underwater Dancehall album. Jua has pushed his sound in every way possible via his past resident duties at New York City's Dub War monthly, his Foreign Familiar label, and his collaborations with Dub Gabriel, Sub Swara, Memory9 & 12th Planet. After rockin everywhere from London to LA...Tokyo to Johannesburg...and Vancouver to Brooklyn...he has received critical acclaim from XLR8R magazine, BBC Radio One's Mary Ann Hobbs, and the New York Times. I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Juakali at Shambhala 2007 + 2008....and in Mumbai/Goa in India:) Much respect!




DreadBass Soundsystem by juakali


june things

Hey peeps! Here's some vids and tunes for June! Much love + respect!!!

New Sharmaji video for How To Move made by Letty Fox. Music video created in 2011 for the second release on the Davey Jones record label.

Sharmaji - How To Move - Music Video from Letty Fox on Vimeo.

SLUMGODS - India's 1st Hip-Hop COLLECTIVE, combining B-Boys, B-Girls, Emcees, DJ's, Graffiti Writers, Activists, Soul Rebels, and much more...embodiments of emotions and vibrations that cannot be defined in a language foreign to the motherland. Cheers to Mandeep Sethi for sending me this.

New video from See-I outta Washington DC. This one is out on Fort Knox Recordings.

New Emalkay + Lena Cullen video...forthcoming on Dub Police.

Wolf by Mr Woodnote...can't go wrong with sax n beatbox:)

I've recently been introduced to Raul Midón from my pal Kellylee Evans. This video of him on Letterman blew my mind. His mouth horn is stellar.

Prince just announced his late arrival to Montreal's Jazz Festival...My friend Shayne Avec I Grec sent me this video of Prince shredding on the electric guitar. Tom Petty is rad but Prince kinda stole the show here:) Best finale ever...you'll see when you watch it...

Lastly...leaving you with a bunch of tunes I've been digging lately:) Peace.

New Nas!!!

NASTY (Produced by Salaam Remi) -DIRTY by Nasir Jones

Far Nearer by Jamie XX has been on MAJOR repeat!

Jamie xx - Far Nearer (limited vinyl & download out now - http://farnearer.com) by Numbers

Dope remix of The Morning by The Weekend courtesy of ill-Esha!

The Weeknd - The Morning (ill-esha's lovestep jam) by ill-esha

New banger from Malente + Jay Robinson!

Malente & Jay Robinson - Klezzic (Original) (excerpt) by No Brainer Records

Dope Re-rub via Piranha Piranha!

Dark Sky - Promiscuous Gyal(Piranha Piranha Edit)*FREE DL by Dan Solo

Killer live re-crunk of Erykah Badu via the one and only Calamalka!

Eryhkah Badu "Window Seat (Calamalka Live Re-Crunk)" by C▲L▲M▲LK▲

Sik sik bizness from Max Ulis + Self Evident!

Spit Acid ft. Self Evident by Max Ulis

Why Wait? by Of Porcelain aka Ooah of The Glitch Mob!


Nice one called Say by Isis Graham!

Say - Forthcoming on Tycho Records by Isis Graham



We are excited for the response from everyone on Narrow...the other half of the Widen/ Narrow EP with Grasp The Erro forthcoming on Atomic Zoo. Lyrics are below...

Grasp The Erro + Shamik - Narrow (Forthcoming on Atomic Zoo) by shamik

Me and myself are inside
Trapped by walls
In my mind
So I'll meet myself on the line
Stand up tall
Through high tides

Challenges this year feel tougher than the last
Balancing interferes I suffer to get past
I can tell my dreams are achieved
By rocking my mold into something lovely
I, myself, and me...we be three
Mind, body, and soul...good, bad, and the ugly
Foundation was built a gift, I'm facing a tilt a shift
Was waiting to still now drifting spacing my will but if...

Me and myself are inside
Trapped by walls
In my mind
So I'll meet myself on the line
Stand up tall
Through high tides

Illustrious with no off switch and colors bleeding
Dustiest stormy topics of utter feeling
Emotions and senses are coming running wild
Devotion commences from the sun to child
Explosions represent the heartbeat in this chest
An ocean can connect the far east to the west
Went from widening gaps to tightening cracks
Saw the frightening black on enlightening paths

Me and myself are inside
Trapped by walls
In my mind
So I'll meet myself on the line
Stand up tall
Through high tides

I'm paddling deep
My traveling fleet's
Unraveling will not crumble
I'm gambling dreams
While battling me
These rattling knees won't buckle
If I'm trampled by grief and trapped in a bubble
I can handle the heat and attack the struggle
My scrambling feet will adapt and shuffle
So I add all the pieces to crack the puzzle

Me and myself are inside
Trapped by walls
In my mind
So I'll meet myself on the line
Stand up tall
Through high tides



i love vancouver.

QnA with DJ Vespers

I sat down with DJ Vespers for a fun interview! We spoke about how we met, how I got into beatboxing, and about upcoming shows:) We'll be collaborating on Saturday July 9th for Diversity Fesitval on Texada Island.

Check out the DJ Vespers Youtube Channel and his fantastic remix of Boadicea by Enya-->

Enya Bodicea (Vespers glitch remix) by Vespers


ache in my name

New short film from Vivek Shraya

ACHE IN MY NAME (short film) from Vivek Shraya on Vimeo.

I just watched this today and it resonated with me instantly.

Growing up with a name like Shamik was always an interesting scenario. It pretty much got anglicized in kindergarten where the pronunciation of the 'a' was like 'shack' instead of 'shah.' So the only people who actually said my name right was my family. Then both names became my names, and both names felt real. I've seen this happen with many other Indian names like the ones mentioned in the film. It's happened in other cultures too. I remember visiting my dad's village, Dharwad when I was 8 years old. My last name is Bilgi and some of the family friends called my brother and I the 'Beel-gee kids' and others said 'Bee-la-gi' ...and in Canada we grew up with 'Bil-gee.' I was confused but felt like I identified with the Canadian version the most. My Dad always called his village Dharwar and when I arrived all the signs said Dharwad. I later found out that Dharwar was how it was pronounced in our dialect of Kannada (Dravidian tongue spoken in the state of Karnataka). My family still refers to it as Dharwar.

I relate to this short film because I have always been influenced by my Eastern background and Western upbringing. Vivek's take on 'Viv-ache' vs 'Viv-ick' in his short film is a reminder to challenge our ideas of the right/correct pronunciations of our names...and hopefully speak to larger elements of identity via names.