it's all happening

New video from Babe Rainbow! His new Endless Path EP will be coming out on Warp Records June 20. He is also one of a few VanCity heavyweights representing at this year's Mutek in Montreal...much respect.

Babe Rainbow - It's All Happening from Atomized on Vimeo.


six seven times

Lovin this song right now. Anja Oyen Vister's voice is amazing...


heard this at a coffee shop yesterday...so good...


Coastal Connection

In December of 2009, I met Simon aka Kina of Sweet Az Soundsystem in Sydney, Aus. We were on the same bill to open for New Zealand heavyweights, Pitch Black, at Civic Underground. I was very impressed with Sweet Az's set and ability to produce live dub, hip hop, and reggae music with some of the deepest bass sounds. Rayjah 45 was on the vocals and he crushed it hard. Simon and I instantly made plans to make a tune together. A few days later, he picked me up and we rolled over to his studio on Bondi Beach. After hammering out a couple hours of beatboxing plus some ill cuts by DJ Ability, we created a tune called 'Boom Box.' Later that month, we rang in the new decade performing alongside each other at Peats Ridge Festival in Glenworth Valley, NSW. I am pleased to announce that our tune is on the new Sweet Az Soundsystem 'Coastal Connection' album with an onslaught of Sydney's finest artists!


Here are 3 tunes off the album for you to listen to:)

Bhutee Skank

Bhutee Skank (Original Version) by Sweet Az Soundsystem

Watch Yourself

Watch Yourself by Sweet Az Soundsystem

Boom Box Riddim (also on my Nomadic Injections album!)

Boom Box Riddim w/ Sweet Az Soundsystem & DJ Ability by shamik

Here's a clip of Sweet Az, Rayjah 45, Tom Bone, and I at Peats Ridge 2009!

Much respect to Sweet Az Soundsystem...I look forward to our paths crossing next time I'm in Australia. Shout outs to the Foreigndub crew who made the Pitch Black show happen, cause that's how we all met!




Dancer/Gassin :: MacFleezy aka Marty MacFly

Clothing :: Universal B-Boy Clothing

Director/Emcee :: Mandeep Sethi


dimmsummer presents: SUBcontinentalBASS

High Chai Recordings returns with a fresh bass music epic SUBcontinentalBASS combining future movements with dance floor desirability. dimmSummer gathers 14 inter-galactic adventures striking the perfect balance between western grit and melodic eastern influence in the third “dimmSummer presents” series...scroll down for a preview!


After the ground-breaking success of High Chai Recordings’ “Nu asian soundZ”, dimmSummer envisioned the next album showcasing more diverse sounds of an ever-evolving bass music scene. Bringing together established heavy-weights and rising stars, “SUBcontinentalBASS” delivers exclusive global bass winners ranging from reggae, breaks, dubstep, tropical bass and drumstep.

dimmSummer explains, “I wanted to steer this mothership full-throttle ahead with like-minded producers and bass-Jedis on board. The comp had to find that perfect balance between grit and melody, whether in my earbuds or dropped in a set. Producers from around the planet brought their signature sound, complimenting each other as a whole, while pushing bass music boundaries forward.”

Beatport Download Link

Free Download of Saawariya by Naz

1. Naz :: Saawariya
2. Liquid Stranger :: Fist of Fury
3. FILMI :: Hinduistics (FS Remix)
4. Dubfi Soundsystem feat. Radiohiro and MC ZULU :: Make It Happen
5. Nucleya :: In My Heart
6. Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax :: NYC-2-India -feat. Delhi Sultanate
7. Sabbo :: Come to Me
8. Kush Arora :: Time Runner -feat. Shamik
9. B.R.E.E.D :: Gravid
10. Nuphlo :: Soul Safari
11. Piyush Bhatnagar :: Rhapsody
12. Ketz – Yaadein -feat. Rita Morar
13. dimmSummer :: dreadSpace
14. Alexis K :: Somniloquy


FACT: Between the late Bronze & Iron Ages (1500-1000 BCE) ancient Sanskrit texts “not of human agency” detailed great aerial battles between the Gods using other-worldly vehicles and weapons on the sub-continent of India. These aerial ships were called Vimanas.

VIMANA: “…a chariot of the gods, any mythical self-moving aerial car (sometimes serving as a seat or throne, sometimes self-moving & carrying its occupant through the air; other descriptions make the Vimana more like a house or palace, & one kind is said to be seven stories high.”


Following in the footsteps of High Chai’s signature ground-breaking compilations over the years, dimmSummer recruits ace talent from across the globe to craft exclusive material for this new offering covering dubstep, L.A. bass, tropical, drumstep, & reggae.

Included are bass music superstars that High Chai first broke onto the Beatport charts: FS (#4 Dec. 2010), B.R.E.E.D, Piyush Bhatnagar, Radiohiro, Nuphlo & Goonda, along with a fresh crop of upcoming talent sure to make bassbins rumble.


Mastermind behind 10-year long running and respected e-zine ethnotechno.com and co-founder of global bass ambassador High Chai Recordings, dimmSummer curated, compiled and released the seminal album Revolution Rising: ethnotechno.com vol. 1 that was picked up by music industry juggernaut Universal Music for the Indian territory.

The follow-up dimmSummer presents: Nu asian soundZ charted on Beatport’s Dubstep charts at #10 with HCR’s own B.R.E.E.D remix of Jalebee Cartel’s Mirrors, with all 10 tracks dominating the top 50 in dubstep for January 2010.

Not only a talented music producer, dimmSummer serves as visual producer to many top names in the business including Freq Nasty, FS (of Ming & FS), David Starfire, Anoushka Shankar, genre-bending AvaazNYC nites, and many more.

dimmSummer presents: SUBcontinentalBASS by highchai