Kryptic Minds: Factmag Mix 241

This is for all the heads looking for deep and sexy music...I adore the Kryptic Minds and all the music they're pushing...go yank this mix while you can. It's up for the next couple weeks...

- excerpt taken from factmag.com -

Dankness and fierceness aside, Kryptic Minds’ FACT mix 241 is every bit as nuanced as their own productions, with a strong, confident narrative and a spacious sound design that conspire together give it a near-cinematic quality. Listening to it, you can readily infer the kind of drum n’ bass influences that are central to Brett Bigden and Simon Shreeve’s dubstep vision: the lustrously darkside landscaping of Source Direct, Omni Trio, Photek, early Metalheadz and Reinforced. Urban music in the truest sense: inspired by, and made for, life in the city.

Kryptic Minds are perhaps best known as standard-bearers for halfstep, their 2009 debut album One Of Us (released on Loefah’s Swamp81 label) sparking renewed interest in dubstep’s rhythmic founding principles, precisely at a time when many in the London scene were opening up to the emergent sounds of funky and recombinant UK garage . It’s not that the KMs were, or are, deliberately going against the grain; they just know where their allegiances and affections lie, have little time for fashion, and have established the parameters within which their creativity best thrives.

Since 2009, Swamp81 – originally conceived to push the halfstep sound which Loefah himself spearheaded earlier in the century – has increasingly become an outlet for 808-heavy house, juke and electro-influenced music from Ramadanman, Addison Groove, Boddika et al. Kryptic Minds’ new album, Can’t Sleep, comes courtesy of Black Box, a label home to formidable 12″s from RSD, DJ Madd, Hatcha, N-Type and Cyrus. It finds them adhering steadfastly to that rhythmic tradition, but refining it down yet further to its minimalist, raz0r-sharp essence, and at the same time developing the textural and harmonic side of what they do, with a couple of ventures into out-and-out song-form.

FACT mix 241 shows you exactly where they’re at, comprised as it is almost entirely of their own productions. No less than six tracks from the new LP feature, includling Youngsta collaboration ‘Arcane’, plus seven previously unreleased dubs. The producers’ producers, Kryptic Minds are really very special, and deserving of the highest respect. Plug into their immersive, transporting FACT mix and you’ll see why.

Download Link: Fact Mix 241- Kryptic Minds

Kryptic Minds – Untitled Dub
Kryptic Minds – Untitled Dub
Kryptic Minds – Untitled Dub
Kryptic Minds – Time Flies
DJ Madd – Dub Marine – Kryptic Minds Remix
DJ Madd – Pitch Black – Forthcoming – Osiris Music uk
Matt U – Empty Inside – Forthcoming – Osiris Music uk
Kryptic Minds – Can’t Sleep
Kryptic Minds – The Fifth
Kryptic Minds – No More No Less
DJ Madd – New Reality – Forthcoming Osiris Music uk
Freeze & LX ONE – Foreseen – Osiris Music uk
Kryptic Minds – Untitled Dub
Kryptic Minds – The Things They Left behind
Kryptic Minds – Untitled Dub
Kryptic Minds – Just After Sunset
Kryptic Minds & Youngsta – Arcane
Kryptic Minds – Untitled Dub
Matt U – Unforgiven – Forthcoming – Osiris Music uk
Kryptic Minds – Untitled Dub
Kryptic Minds – Wasteland – Osiris Music uk


Katalyst: Episode 8

Here it is! Episode 8 of Kevin Carroll's web series! We filmed all of these in Portland, OR and I'm his one-man house band! He is a one in a million cat who travels the globe with a wonderful message!

If you'd like to get caught up on previous episodes, head over here.

Feet Don't Fail Me Now!


Exit 031

Here's a couple gems from Synkro & Indigo's forthcoming release on Exit Records. I saw Synkro at The Astoria in Vancouver last February...a couple days after I came back from my Aus tour. I was super jet-lagged but in heaven from his track selection. It was a great night:)

Enjoy the tunes...

Synkro & Indigo - Guidance - EXIT 031 - A by Exit Records UK

Synkro & Indigo - Reflection - EXIT 031 - AA by Exit Records UK



Everything LADI6 touches is gold. Kiwi Love...

Like Water

Bang Bang

Walk Right Up


april muzik

videos i'm diggin right now...

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover) by Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme

Where Ya At by JBrown & The Mic Smith

Mornin by Star Slinger

Blue Orchid (White Stripes cover) by Nikka Costa & Killa Kela

Rocket Science by Babydrum


on the jam

Kito & Reija Lee just dropped their new video for 'On The Jam' which is part of their 4-track 'Sweet Talk' EP on Mad Decent! For more info or to preview the EP go--> here Much respect!

Kito & Reija Lee - On The Jam from Mad Decent on Vimeo.



Lovely mix courtesy of Jamie Tusk

a mix of endless blacklit haze, neon synths, abyssal R&B, disfigured Hip Hop instrumentals, creeping drones, urban drift, cheap lazy house, brutal glowing noise, screwed anthems, vague smoky forms, protean sensuality, explosive emotions, absurdity, surrender...


Download Link


Jana Winderen - Aquaculture

Bj Nilsen - Black Light

†‡† - Eye (featuring How I Quit Crack)

Aaliyah - Try Again (Fuzzy Lumpkins Remix)

▲⃝ ▲⃝ ▲⃝ - CLDLGHTRMX

Solar Bears - Twin Stars

SALEM - Asia (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

Aaliyah - One in a Million (KLAAR remix)


Walsh - Helicopter Does Not Exist


Holy Other - Yr Love

The Weekend - What You Need

Marina and the Diamonds - Obsession (oOoOO remix)

Teengirl Fantasy - Dancing in Slow Motion (Story of Issac Remix)

Vagina Vangi - A Key, A Tongue, Omen

Southmore - Let There b Lite

Beyonce - Halo (Screwed by Meszahline )

Vangelis - Flying Kabuki


binge beats

New EP from Sydney producer, Roleo...preview Binge Beats here. This is coming out on Frequency Lab on April 11th. Much respect!


gospel of opal

The new FaltyDL album is on major repeat right now...check out the vid for Gospel of Opal featuring vocals by the lovely Anneka here-->



Preview the new NastyNasty EP here..it's pure fire! Comin out on Robox Neotech very soon!

Latest tracks by Robox Neotech

Act A Fool


So stoked for ACT A FOOL! Click here to read my interview with See Magazine this week as hype for the show:) It feels great to be a part of this in my hometown. What a stacked line-up...