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Grasp The Erro & Shamik - Widen by shamik


Not categorized
By what's been aired or televised
Society's reality is ultimately just a tale of lies
Some do it for the prize
Some chew it for the size
Simplicity and integrity's
My thing so don't over-analyze
But you might fantasize
Fall asleep, then BAM surprise
Stay awake, I'll set you straight
Your potential will be maximized
Volume knob up to the sky
Gonna drop some one more time
Back on the map is our city
Who's with me?
Yo let's raise it high.

Aight round two still climbing
Glad we found you while rising
Unconfined from between the lines
We're steady redefining
New shapes we be designing
Who's fates are intertwining?
Could be yours or mine and
Anyone striving
Stars are realigning
The task to widen the narrow minded
While I grasp the arrow and liven up the vibe and
Writing rhyming inspiring
Driving past the horizon
Finding insight while grinding
Timing is right for flying...