Soundboy Zindabad

Check out this dangerous all reggae vibe dubstep/ DnB mix from New Delhi's BASSFoundation crew. Serious heat coming from this trio of Big Daddy Klein, Praxis & Delhi Sultanate! I was blessed with the opportunity to play their monthly in December in India. It was a proper bass fueled event...and one of the most memorable dates on my tour:) Enjoy the tunes & spread the word cause it's a free download! Much respect...New Delhi massive STAND UP!

BASSFoundation Mix 4.0 - Soundboy Zindabad! by BASSFoundation



NEW TUNE! Listen to WIDEN produced by Grasp The Erro & vocals by yours truly here-->

Grasp The Erro & Shamik - Widen by shamik


Not categorized
By what's been aired or televised
Society's reality is ultimately just a tale of lies
Some do it for the prize
Some chew it for the size
Simplicity and integrity's
My thing so don't over-analyze
But you might fantasize
Fall asleep, then BAM surprise
Stay awake, I'll set you straight
Your potential will be maximized
Volume knob up to the sky
Gonna drop some one more time
Back on the map is our city
Who's with me?
Yo let's raise it high.

Aight round two still climbing
Glad we found you while rising
Unconfined from between the lines
We're steady redefining
New shapes we be designing
Who's fates are intertwining?
Could be yours or mine and
Anyone striving
Stars are realigning
The task to widen the narrow minded
While I grasp the arrow and liven up the vibe and
Writing rhyming inspiring
Driving past the horizon
Finding insight while grinding
Timing is right for flying...


big bud

I had the pleasure of performing alongside UK's Big Bus in Australia for Peats Ridge Festival. He played an amazing set with deep drum and bass grooves. He's just made a soundcloud account to promote his upcoming album coming out in June on Soundtrax Records. Stay tuned for it, and enjoy these tracks!! Respect.

Latest tracks by big bUd



An 11 minute short film about Jamie Woon and his 'Mirrorwriting' album, produced for Channel 4's '4Play' series.


special . . .

this song owns me right now...another reason to adore scuba.


holi / full moon

Happy Holi. Tonight we are supposed to see the biggest full moon in 18 years...read more about it here. I thought this clip would be appropriate for today...


h y e t a l = m a g i c

Hyetal - Diamond Islands by Black Acre Records


mirror/ ego

So I'm pretty much obsessed with a handful of artists who blow me away with everything they do. These three gents are on that list...check out Mirror and Ego...the latest collaborations by Thom Yorke/ Burial/ Fourtet! ! ! Need I say more.

You will melt.





Respect to Know-U outta Sydney. This tune has been on repeat today.



Taken from the 'Duckdown' Youtube channel:

--Pharoahe Monch premieres his first visual from W.A.R. (We Are Rengades) out March 22nd. A 10-minute short film, Pharoahe Monch evokes raw emotions as he brings viewers on a journey of a police raid gone dramatically wrong.

"Clap (one day)" is directed by Terence Nance. Original score by Lion's Share Music Group. Starring Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Wire), Kim Howard & Josiah Small. Fans who buy Pharoahe Monch's W.A.R. album from iTunes will receive the short-film with purchase.--


03.01.11. clips. . .

HEY! March is here...lots of music brewing..and lots of news coming. In the mean time, here's some stuff I'm diggin/ tunes that were on repeat last month. Enjoy:)

Lotus Flower by Radiohead

New York is Killing Me by Gil Scot-Heron & Jamie XX

The Wilhelm Scream by James Blake

Lost by King Midas Sound

Lady Luck by Jamie Woon (live in Cambodia)