Amazing EP up for free download courtesy of Cesar Sampson & Stefan Moerth outta Austria. Some lovely tunes here:)

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New video from Oka...



Killa Kela just posted this link about a beatboxing program for blind kids in the Bronx. Check out this clip to see more about it...the vid features Kenny Muhammad, Taylor McFerrin & Adam Matta. Much respect!


nothing like this

More Dilla...


Happy birthday J Dilla! Check out this 3 part documentary about the beat wizard who still haunts and moves us with his music-->


mind racing like a rabbit

Hey everyone. Happy Chinese New Year. I've been back in Vancouver for a couple weeks now, so I've finally had time to process the 6 weeks I spent on tour in Asia and Australia. Before I continue, I'd like to say...people...please pay attention to the news. I was shocked this week by how few people knew what's been happening in Egypt and before that in Tunisia. We studied revolutions in textbooks in school growing up..and here we are able to see one on a live stream over the internet...and the country involved had their internet cut off. I'm not gonna get into it, but feel free to not ignore what's happening around us.

With all of that, news of cyclones, snow storms, and all kinds of other things..I've been pretty distracted this week. The insomnia continues...

Here's some footage from Peats Ridge Festival in Glenworth Valley, Australia on Dec 30-->

Here's a lil clip of Rayjah45 (This Version/ Sweet Az Soundsystem) and I at the Beach Rd Hotel in Sydney on Jan 2-->

I gotta say...Jan 8 & 9 in Melbourne was some out of control business playing back to back shows alongside Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, DamFunk, Opiuo, Harmonic 313, Kito, Killa Kela and a tonne more. I was the guy on stage, back stage and in the back watching going 'Really? Is this my life?!' Good times...and many laughs were shared...

Big thank you's go out to Funk Fever, Jekai Soulspeak, The Beats Saigon, Bass Republic, Saigon Rockers, Jase, Doshy, Dubplate Manila, B-Side, Red-I Soundsystem, D-Styles, Vandal, Nadhira, Octo, Q-Bar, Tech12, BassFoundation, Delhi Sultanate, Ajay Kapur, Mood Indigo Festival, Blue Frog, Foreigndub, Jesse Morris & The 3 Beans, Sweet Az, Fester, Mike Who, DJ Ability, The Nomad, JPS, Nam, The Operatives, Craig & Noni...and everyone else who helped make this tour possible. Pics will come soon.

Here's some other stuff I've been checking out...

Sik choon from FaithSFX (beatboxer extraordinaire) & Cyko Logic-->

Kenny Muhammad doing ridiculous beatboxing in the human chamber-->

Very very cool video from Oren Lavie-->

Martina Topley-Bird doing a nice version of 'Overcome'-->

The video from Spoonbill that just won him the Australian Independent Music Video of the Year-->

James Blake's cover of Feist's 'Limit To Your Love'...great video-->

Nice eerie track and video from The Bug & Hitomi-->

Kryptic Minds!! (these tunes have been on repeat all week)-->

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Leaving you with two appropriately titled videos...