‎10 years since I lost my best friend...

Live in peace Adnan Pervez.

-October 26, 1982- December 13, 2000-


nomad in asia

Greeting from Bangkok. I'm writing this after barely getting any sleep all tour...here goes.

My flight from Van to Beijing was pretty pain free. My neighbor didn't speak a word of English and actually smiled every time I had to use the washroom. This is usually rare for someone with an aisle seat. The only catch--> He would loudly hack and spit into his barf bag every half hour. I was amazed that he kept returning the bag into the pouch of his seat like it was nothing afterwards. I wonder how much phlegm was in there after the 12 hour flight.

Beijing was really cold and windy. The fog/ smog/ pollution all seemed to blend in. I got stopped and searched 3 times in the airport because I had a bunch of my CD's, and cause I'm ever so suspicious looking. I linked up with the Funk Fever crew who were hosting me. They have basically brought and promoted all things funk related to Beijing...via their FF night. You should see their vinyl collection. Went to the Zoo Market. Saw a million versions of the same puffy winter jacket...think 90's poofy winter jackets in Canada but way more shiny and colorful. The washroom in the market didn't have any doors for the toilets, and they were squatters...so there I was going to take a piss and I noticed many dudes taking shits in squatters with no doors. Interesting. The saving grace was I found a dope hat on like the 8th level of this crazy market.

Walked by a dude playing the zhuihu in the subway station and asked if we could jam.

Check out a clip:

Went to the Summer Palace and caught an amazing sunset there...it was very peaceful and quite the spectacular scene. It literally was a palace on water. See below for pics...The 798 Arts Districts was my Beijing highlight because it was city block after block of cool art. I got lost in there...stores, art galleries, installations, all over the place! I hope anyone traveling out there gets a chance to see it. Show in Beijing on the 3rd went really well. Yugong Yishan (the venue) had a great turnout and on the bill were hip hop acts, DJ's, a sik MPC player called Jekai Soulspeak, and the Funk Fever fellaz on the 1's n 2's. Big ups to them! It kinda flew by and before I knew it I was in the Beijing airport, then Hong Kong, and then Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for my next gig on the 4th.

Doshy from Berlin was to headline Bass Republic, which is a monthly that Jase who runs 'The Beats - Saigon' started putting together. A couple years ago people in Ho Chi Minh didn't really have much underground electronica music...until Jase came along and changed that. I did a show there alongside Lexie Lee last May so it was good to be back. Doshy killed it..hard! That cat is gonna do big things. I usually link all the peeps I talk about in my entries, but I don't have enough time..look him up though. Vasco's (the venue) was packed...sweaty and smoky! Good vibes all around. Spent the next few days eating really really good food, drinking Vietnamese coffee and sitting outside in the street. It's always a pleasure hanging out with people who were brought together by music. We all shared our goals and ate everything from durian fruit to Pho. Thank you Jase for having me out!

Oh yeah, how about some observations--> Kenny G is like a god out here...his music is played everywhere. I heard him on the plane, in the washroom, in the airport, multiple restaurants, while getting a foot massage, hotel lobby, and even Starbucks. Also Asian versions of Christmas carols have been on my traveling surround sound playlist too. Heard the Chinese version of Little Drummer Boy the other day. Ps the Christmas decor in malls here would put the North American decor to shame. The Santas on the other hand aren't chubby or jolly enough. I also found it humorous that 'melon-farmer' is the over-dub for 'mother-fucker' on all the movies on planes...hooray for the Asian censorship:) I have been told a couple times that my eyes are really big, or that I look Indian (go figure). I have heard everything from Nickelback to Meatloaf to techno that makes me wanna do Dance Dance Revolution in food spots...so yeah the soundtrack of my trip has been the epitome of random.

Flew out to Kuala Lumpur for a Wednesday night gig at Palate Palette right downtown. My good mates Vandal and Nadhira hosted me again...Vandal has had a huge hand in the hip hop scene via The Movemint in KL, and Nadhira is a rising Malay pop/ RnB star out there! The show was off the hook because there were 3 sik local beatboxers (A Beat C, Coex & Joneil Joseph) who had a killer trio set...and Providence Brown who was playing the flute and beatboxing at the same time. Every time I go back to KL, I'm blown away with all the talent there. Big ups to my boy Yi Kin who played a great set too! Hope someone got video of the beatbox collabos...huge respect to the acappella artists in KL...thanks to everyone who came to the show!

Had one last roti canai & teh halia after the gig and flew to Manila. So the Dubplate crew in Manila have been throwing some serious parties at their venue, B-Side. There was a lot of hype for the show on the 10th cause it was to be headlined by the one and only D-Styles. It was also his first ever gig in the Philippines. D-Styles rolls with the Low End Theory crew and used to be in the Invisible Skratch Piklz...nuff said. Supreme Fist and Fillet warmed things up...Caliph8 destroyed the MPC as per usual...and Red-I Sound/ Jase/ Don P dropped some heaters all night long. D-Styles is out of this world. His deep beats, flawless mixing, and next level scratching were stellar. Still feeling spoiled from witnessing him live. I need more time to actually write about all these gigs cause I'm running on 6 hours of sleep altogether in the last 3 days...know this: I feel lucky to have had all these successful gigs in wonderful cities. Big love to the Dubplate Massive. So you may ask 'Why haven't you slept?!' Often there are early flights and the airports are far away from the city...so if a gig goes til 2 or 3am...and flight is at 8am...gotta be there 2 hours early (minimum)...plus the 1/2 hour to hour drive to the airport....when this happens a few days in a row, that equals zero sleep. At least I have good memories from every night and more sweet music to think about and listen to.

So now I'm in Bangkok for my next show. Getting pumped for India and Aus...and to keep throwin down with awesome crews everywhere. I'll have more details soon. Uploading pics on the internet takes awhile and I haven't sorted through them all yet...here's a few shots from the Summer Palace/ 798 Arts District & favs from Beijing to add color to these words:) Much love everyone. Keep building!