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Lullaby for a Lunatic

My pal Leif Nygaard is the lead in independent feature film, Lullaby for a Lunatic, due out in spring 2011. Check out the trailer-->

Here's an excerpt taken from the film's fan page:

Lullaby for a Lunatic is a feature length drama that deals with the topic of love. Through a series of subtle hints and symbols we realize something bizarre is in the making.

Our protagonist, Liam, is laid off work and arrives home early one day to find his wife in bed with her dance teacher, Paulo. Liam begins to spiral out of control. As Liam descends into his subconscious he is greeted by a few of his childhood imaginary friends: A doctor named Poldy and a romantic interest; a girl-woman named Chunga.

As Liam gradually loses the ability to separate his imagination from reality he is increasingly drawn to Chunga. Through the development of this relationship he comes to terms with what his wife did; he even has the opportunity to understand her position by being in a similar situation himself with relationship with Chunga. He eventually must choose whether to live in the ‘real’ world, or the world inside his own mind.

bassnectar in alberta

Hey! So I'm doin 3 dates with Bassnectar this week...Nov 25 & 26 in Calgary at Flames Central...Nov 27 in Edmonton at the EEC! In 2008, I was lucky to do 14 shows with him all over North America...including spots like Rothbury Festival, Shambhala, Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Bowery Ballroom in NYC, El Rey Theatre in LA, and Paradise in Boston! There was everything from bass, sweat, crowd surfing, cult-like fans, air swatting, deafening cheers, and more bass!!

Rothbury 07/04/08.

Amp Live of Zion I will be opening on Nov 25, Fat Pat & Twotimer are doin both Cgy dates as well! Emancipator will be doin the Nov 26/27 dates...and in Edm, Knight Riderz & Cool Beans (Ootz & Jay P!ff) will be part of the mayhem! Much respect to PK Sound, Music First, and Oh Snap for putting these events on...here we go!

Bassnectar heaterz:

The dreamy nectar bizness that you've come to love...

Amp Live's 'Gary is a Robot'

If you haven't heard Amp Live's remix version of Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' album, check this-->

Emancipator = Wow...the first time I heard and saw this I was floored...

Stoked to see all my AB peeps...leavin ya with the first of many Amorphous n Rottun collabos...BOOM!


link link

Read about my new album at MTV DESI

Read about our show with N-Type on Sunday at DUBSTEP SELEKTA


diwali downtown

Ajay Kapur and I had a great time collaborating again with a electronic sitar and beatbox set at Vancouver Celebrates Diwali. There was well over 1000 people packed in the Roundhouse Community Centre...with heat and magic flowing in the air. Here is a clip for our performance. Much love to everyone who came out!



Yes! The new Sub Swara album 'Triggers' is now out! I am proud and honored to announce that my beatboxing was featured on the tune 'Schemes' ...listen below!

Schemes by Sub Swara w/ Shamik by shamik

Get a taste of the rest of the album here-->

To purchase the album head over to subswara.com



this has been in my head for days. amazing tune...



November is here. October was quite the challenge.

Wrote this the other day-->

My strength, optimism, and ability to take as much from encounters and experiences as possible has evolved quite a bit. For this I am thankful. The feeling of 'I don't know' has surfaced over and over recently...but it seems to go hand in hand with what I do know.


In the end I probably won't ever really know. I live for today, I live for tomorrow, and yesterday makes me who I am.