fall update

Hey everyone. Hope you've been well. I've been living in Vancouver for 2 years now, and things are rolling smoothly into fall:)

Here are my upcoming tour dates from now til the end of the year:

10/02- Calgary, AB: opening for Girl Talk, alongside Cadence Weapon @ Mount Royal University
10/16- Ottawa, ON: @ Brixtons Pub
10/20- Montreal, QC: @ The Belmont
11/07- Vancouver, BC: w/ Ajay Kapur @ Vancouver Celebrates Diwali Festival
11/26- Calgary, AB: opening for Bassnectar @ Symons Valley Ranch
11/27- Edmonton, AB: opening for Bassnectar @ Edmonton Events Centre
12/17- Delhi, India: BASSFoundation @ Morisson Cafe
12/25- Mumbai, India: w/ Ajay Kapur @ Blue Frog
12/31- Glenworth Valley, Australia: w/ Foreigndub @ Peats Ridge Festival

I'm super excited for all the upcoming shows...haven't been out East since we did the Method Man & Redman tour in 2008! India & Australia will round out the year. My second album has been receiving some blog love lately...many thanks to everyone who purchased it, played tunes out, or wrote about it online...check out some reviews here.

In other news, my friends Knight Riderz released their new 'Screwed Up' EP on Made In Glitch! I was lucky to be on the tune 'Light it Up' and am proud of the crew for hitting #1 on Additech!!

If you'd like to purchase the EP head here.

Check them out on Soundcloud here.

Here's a clip from Edmonton Folkfest last month where I performed alongside two amazing Inuit throat singers, Tanya Tagaq & Celina Kalluk:

Last December I celebrated my birthday throwin down in Auckland, NZ with Kolab! They just sent me their new video...Much respect! Check it:

Peep a short film about the legendary Bant Singh called Word Sound & Power. It was really inspiring to watch this:

Everything seems to be happening in two's lately or the number 2 is popping up in my life like crazy. Performed in Aus for the second time in Dec/Jan...visited LA twice this year, performed in Seattle, San Francisco, and Philadelphia for the second time this summer...played an afternoon beach set at Shambhala this year (and did so my first Shambhala in 2006)...playing Blue Frog in Mumbai on Christmas (and did so on Christmas 2007)...doing a show in Melbourne on Jan 8 next year, and played in Melbourne on Jan 8 this year...these are all examples in the musical part of my life...but the number 2 is echoing around in many other aspects too. So I'm paying attention to it, finding beauty in coincidences, and taking second opportunities to examine what's around me. Perhaps a second chance....I've caught myself a few times saying that after everything that's happened in my career, I feel like I'm only getting started...so perhaps this is the second chapter of my life.

Much love to you all...thank you for supporting music! I'm dreaming even bigger now, and encouraging you all to do the same. Believe in yourself!!! Leaving you with some pics I took in LA.



Bend You

Brooklyn heavyweights Sub Swara are putting out their second album "Triggers" in November.

To hear and download a free mp3 of 'Bend You' the first single, go here.

Check the article about Sub Swara in Fader here.

Below is a video showing you how they created the album cover along with their upcoming tour dates! I'm so proud of the crew, and happy to say that I lent my vocal beats to the tune 'Schemes' ...but I guess you'll have to wait to hear it;) Recording in Dave Sharma's studio was a lot of fun...Dhruva just sent me the album and I'm freaking out at how amazing it is...stay tuned.


Catch Sub Swara in your city--->

25-Sept-2010 Albany - Dublin Underground
21-Oct-2010 Seattle - Trinity
22-Oct-2010 Portland w/ Eskmo and Lorn - Rotture
29-Oct-2010 Santa Cruz - Freakers Ball
30-Oct-2010 Houston - Silver Star Ranch
31-Oct-2010 Austin - ND @ 501 Studios
4-Nov-2010 Nevada City - Cooper's Ale House w/ Bass Science
5-Nov-2010 Reno - Wurk w/ Bass Science
6-Nov-2010 South Tahoe - with Blackalicious and Bass Science- Showroom at Montbleu Casino
8-Nov-2010 New York @ Deep Space
9-Nov-2010 Triggers Release Date
12-Nov-2010 Denver - Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
18-Nov-2010 Knoxville, TN - 90 Proof
19-Nov-2010 Nashville, TN - 12th and Porter
20-Nov-2010 Baton Rouge - The House
3-Dec-2010 New York - with Dead Prez - Hip Hop Cultural Center
11-Dec-2010 Telluride, CO - The Llama
15-Dec-2010 Los Angeles @ Low End Theory


sunday rain

i lost an acquaintance of mine in bangkok to a heart attack earlier this week...so the reflecting has been non-stop as i plan the next step...

dear life thank you for being challenging.

curve ball after curve ball.

it's been raining a lot in van lately...lots goin on. out east next month...india and australia to round out the year. stared at a million flights in the last couple days...listened to a lot of music...and spent some quality time with my thoughts. is it possible to feel like i'm turning over a new leaf every day lately? what's next? some days making music comes naturally...other times i stare at blank pages in my book struggling to put something down...some days i wish i had more time to do what i want...and then i remember that for how little i sleep and how much i work--> i manage to get a lot done. breathe in, breathe out. haven't slept consistently in forever...not sure who is even reading this right now...if you're an artist--> keep at it. don't quit. the world needs you. i need you. to everyone else...thank you. stay strong. love.


Been listening to DJG's mix non-stop lately...this San Fran producer extraordinaire is killin it. Saw him crush at Bass Coast last year and at Open Studios in Van this past June...check out this mix....track listing is below.


Mix for Sonic Router by DJG

01. DJG – Is This Blue To You? – dubplate
02. J:Kenzo – Counteraction – Argon
03. Daega Sound System – Land In Motion – dubplate
04. Asusu – No Kya – dubplate
05. Jus Wan – Coma Wall – dubplate
06. Asusu – Weight – dubplate
07. A Made Up Sound – Closer – A Made Up Sound
08. Scuba – Minerals – Hotflush
09. Headhunter & Gatekeeper – Jellyfish – Transistor
10. Mayem & Distal – Frozen Barnacles – dubplate
11. Dhyan Moller – Lost In 3s (DJG remix) – Blipswitch Digital
12. DJG – Avoid The Noid – Pushing Red
13. DJG – Avoid The Noid (HEADHUNTER remix) – Pushing Red
14. DJG – Augmental – dubplate
15. DJG & Headhunter – Spacecake – Wheel&Deal
16. DJG – Duality – Pushing Red
17. DJG – Escape Pod – Transistor
18. Scuba – You Got Me – Hotflush
19. Addison Groove – Footcrab – Swamp 81
20. Djunya – Full Circle – Brapdem
21. DJG – Pressure – Wheel&Deal
22. Headhunter – Ghannti – dubplate
23. DJG - Time Is The Fire – Transistor
24. DJG - Roots – dubplate
25. Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip - Punch Drunk
26. DJG - Lichen – dubplate


black film

My new obsession...Black Film. The above 'Sonar' tune has been on repeat all week...and in my head as well. Check out his self-titled album from 2008..and his page too-->



been missin

There's so much good music coming out of New Zealand...Shapeshifter is one of my favs...this vid makes me want to go back there!




discovered little dragon in vietnam last year...this was the first song i heard by them...then i saw them do their first canadian date ever in vancouver last fall. it was unreal. stumbled on this live clip and was floored instantly.

check them out-->



vancouver artists via video

Hey everyone! We all know there's cool music coming out of Vancouver! Did you know some of these peeps have great videos?! Here are some clips for you to check out. Click on the artists' names to get linked to their pages. Enjoy-->

Delhi 2 Dublin.

Lomax &
Michael Red.


Emotionz &

Neighbour &