festival fun

Greetings. Summer festivals are finished for me! I haven't fully posted details since Victoria /Vancouver Jazzfest in late June. Here goes...

Soundwave in Ucluelet, BC was rad. Probably some of the nicest land I've ever been lucky to perform on. Sometimes it's surreal to be at an outdoor festival...you know when you're listening to dope music...everyone's dancing...having fun...and wait we're outside on the coast! Massive respect to John from Whitebird in Vic for gettin me on board to play the Liquid Soul Stage. My set was crazy cause there was temporarily no DJ able to play after me...so 30 minutes turned into 45...and even with loops and going from genre to genre--> one must have a chance to breathe...hehe. Somehow I got through it..started actually telling the crowd what was goin on so they realized I was holdin it down for them to keep dancing:) Mr Dave King the Longwalkshortdock (who had killed main stage earlier) ran up to tell me he had our 'Space Zoo' choon that we just collabed on...so he sprinted to his car in under 3 minutes...I think my face had actually turned red at this point (yes this actually happened to this brown guy) and he returned with his iPod...hooked it up..and there we were launching our new tune to a boat-load of people. Best part: I got some of it on video...

It was a dope night of good music from LWSD, Busta, Murge, Mat The Alien, Calibre, Max Ulis, Rhythmicon & Nature Boy...

Here are some pics I got from Tofino that weekend...

I love the island! The weekend after was Bass Coast Project. This was the fest that I was most excited for all year. The Squamish Valley, the glacier run-off, and the vibes last year were stellar. It really was a celebration of all the sik music coming out of the west coast. I feel lucky to live here and be a part of it...and sometimes feel spoiled that my peers are blessing us daily with their art. Like last year, I opened for the Librarian (who is a third of the Bass Coast Girls and a sik DJ)...and did a day time set after Foxy Moron played lovely summer jams! Crystal Precious the strip hoppa jumped on for a couple hot jamz as well. Her voice, over beatbox loops and basslines...what can I say it looked as though there was some afternoon arousal out there. Hehe. Big love to the Bass Coast Girls for putting this on...it proved to be magical yet again! Every single person there can and will vouch for this! Serious! Attention music lovers...go next year...don't think or question...just do it:) So yeah everybody killed it hard and I had the best time...nuff said. Feeling very thankful for that weekend. Proof:

Yes twas a full moon on the last day of Bass Coast and it was quite incredible! The weekend after I rolled to Victoria for VEMF. Performed with Grasp The Erro who played multiple genres and showcased his supreme mixing and scratching skills. Peep:

Thanks to the VEMF crew and Jason at Sunset Room for all their hard work! I also had a good visit with River aka RGbeats...he's an 11-year old beatboxer who I jammed out with last year. When I was giving my beatbox workshop at Earthdance in Vic last year he stepped up and shocked a lot of people with his sounds. We linked up and came up with a short lil vid...you can see for yourself how good he is!!! Watch out for RGbeats:

After performing at Centennial Square at noon on July 31...went to the airport, flew to Kelowna, and drove to Vernon for Komasket Music Festival. I was there in 08 and was stoked to head back. My awesome driver Hugh (who picked me up last time) and I talked about how excited we were to see the Wailers. The Okanagan Valley was pretty hazy from all the forest fires. As were making our way to the fest...we were greeted by a massive cow!

It felt like a good omen...and we continued on. Upon arrival I linked with my brothaz Oka and their lovely families. We were camped right next to each other in our luxurious tipis...

...was also camped beside Beats Without Borders and the rest of the musicians. As soon as I was settled I headed out to check out THE WAILERS!! Way too much fun!! This is what the crowd looked like:

It was a great night with good friends and fantastic reggae music. The theme for the weekend became ONE LOVE because everyone kept saying it after The Wailers played it. We had a fun night of late shenanigans...The next day was sweet too. I performed with Doug Cox for his main stage set and for a jam with Anupam Shobakar...guitar/ sarod/ tabla/ beatbox fusion to the max. It just so happened that a wind storm was happening around us during this eclectic Eastern jam session we were having. Delhi 2 Dublin & Beats Without Borders rocked the place..and my main set was a lot of fun too. It felt like the weekend was flying by. Lucky for us, we were invited to stay on the grounds for an extra night on Mon the 2nd...it was like having a private hangout on the Okanagan Lake. I pulled out my amp and beatboxed while people swam in the lake...we ate a lot of good food...got taken to the Fandango Farm...and then slept under the stars at Komasket. Sheila, our lovely friend who was in charge of artist hospitality, took great care of us:) Thanks Sheila! Also much love to Devaki & Thomas for having me out for a second time! This festival meant the world to me:)

Oka and co...

Sky lookin epic.

The moon resembling an orange slice from the haze...

Had an another animal run-in...this time a deer in Grand Forks en route to Shambhala...

My weekend was about to be pretty epic. I was to do Thurs/ Fri at Shambhala and then Sat/ Sun at Edmonton Folkfest. When I reached, a lot of people said they were stuck in line for a long time. That would explain why everyone was in uber party mode! Sweet Soul Burlesque kicked off the Rock Pit Stage on Thursday afternoon...they killed it! Checked out Tim Wisdom & Daniel from Root Sellers....then threw down with the Funk Hunters! The Rock Pit and Living Room stages were goin strong and it was nice and hot outside. It was hard to be somewhat distracted with the thought that I had to leave right after my Friday set...but I had a great time on Thursday. I walked around and looked at everyone's happy faces. I pretended like it was my first time there for a second...and remembered those inspirational moments I had when it really was my first time. Hard to believe this was my 5th year in a row! Dallas/ Breakfluid rocked the beach and I ran into lots of good peeps!! Among them was Tom aka Puppetmaster, the ill beatboxer from Calgary. We threw down last year in the hip hop showcase along with Emotionz and Kyrian. It was a 4 beatboxer jam of mad sounds and crazy beats. People said that we made history in The Village last year with that collab:) Anyway, Tom and I rolled behind the beach stage and did a one take beatbox sesh--->

From the sounds of it..the beatbox jam continued in the showcase this year so it was nice to hear that! After just seeing Delhi 2 Dublin the weekend before at Komasket...and rockin with them last year...I jumped on a quick battle with Ravi the dhol player..then Kytami jumped in with violin. It was super packed in the pit...and sure enough someone got footy of that too!!

Couldn't have asked for a better energetic crowd:) The time flew by that night. I checked out Big John Bates, Longwalkshortdock...and a few others but alas I was guilty of not checking the schedule well enough (I'm usually really diligent about seeing who's on at what time). It was hard to not be able to see The Village, Fractal Forest, Labryinth, or Pagoda since they were all opening when I was to leave. I tried not to focus on that as I prepared for my 4pm beach set. Vinyl Ritchie was killing it hard...like really HARD...playing everything from Busta Rhymes to The Ramones. True to the legend he was rockin all 45's. I owe him big for having a massive crowd on the beach and then passing the torch to me. This is pretty much the beginning of my set right here:

Thanks to K-Tel for the clip! I heard that my beats and loops were echoing along the river from friends who were scattered on the beach. The dance floor in the Living Room was hype too! Wow it was a surreal moment..and I had a lil flashback of my first Shambhala set which was Sunday evening in 2006..coincidentally on the beach stage! Some pics...

Made my way out of the festival Friday around 5:30pm which was nuts cause the party seemed like it was just starting. From what I hear, it rained a lot, there was a green river fiasco, and the sun wasn't out in full force as much...so I feel blessed that I had quite the experience in my day and half there...and happy with my time slot!!! Big ups to Hoola & Lion S for having me out..mad love to the Funk Hunters & Delhi 2 Dublin for lettin me jump on with them too. I was sad to have missed Beardyman..but very pleased to read on his twitter that Shambhala is the best festival he has ever been to. That's huge to hear from one of the illest! Here's a pic of the sunset as I was driving to Kelowna...

Reached Kelowna in good time. I didn't realize the airport closed at night, so I slept in my rental car in the parking lot. Everyone I knew in Kelowna was at Shambhala and I didn't have to give my car back til 7am so it seemed like the logical thing to do! Flew to Edmonton to play Folkfest with Tanya Tagaq & Celina Kalluk...the Inuit throat singers from Nunavut. If you don't know them...you should! It was definitely two different extremes being at a full on outdoor electronica event to family oriented rootsy/ folk vibe. Nonetheless, I was happy to perform with the girls in front of the hometown crowd!

Tanya and Celina did 2 shows before I reached...then we did 2 workshops and the main performance together. Picture two intense throat singers making the lowest tones, growls, and rhythmic breathing...with high pitch sounds as well...with beatboxing! It was pretty hypnotic for me to be standing with these lovely ladies in the shape of a triangle...being a vocal drummer for them! I can only imagine how the crowd received it! Wishing Tanya & Celina all the best...they're amazing. Much love to Dala & Kate Reid who we shared the stage with as well...they were great!!

Wrapped up the summer tour with The Big Timeout in Cumberland, BC. I was there on Saturday and it was supremely hot! Kim Churchill kicked it off with some cool Aussie flavor! I was on second...fun to do an afternoon set. The lovely Tammra/ Sprout was on the MC duties so it made for a fun day. I spent most of the time back stage cause it was sooooooooo hot. It turned out to be sweet cause I hung out with most of the bands...and all the cool island cats. Shout outs to Humans, Hannah Georgias, Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Beans, Winter Gloves, Vitmainsforyou and Broken Social Scene for rockin the stage on Saturday. Thanks to Vig & Nik for getting me out there for Big Timeout.

Now it's almost September...after attempting to catch up on sleep, life, and sneak in some visits with friends...I'm planning for fall and winter. If I had more time I would have posted more pics of all the sik artists who played all these fests...I decided to focus more on the festivals' surroundings in the pics so you can see how amazing it is to play music outside...hope you all had a good summer. If you missed the post on how to get my new album go here. Thanks a lot for the support everyone! I know it takes a lot of time, energy, and work to get outta the city and come to a festival...without you buying tickets, camping, dancing, and surviving outside (or making it through the year with music on your mind to go to fests!) none of this is possible. To all the people involved with the fests...staff, volunteer, first aid, hospitality....vendors..and everyone behind the scenes...THANK YOU! Much love to all the performers and artists as well! Until next time...



slow drug

ugh this song kills me...no video for it but the audio is enough...

Slow Drug by PJ Harvey from the 'Uh Huh Her' album...

Blue now is the colour
Love the drug I'm needing
Got to keep this feeling

With the headlights burning
We're looking up for something
Answers on the ceiling

Watching out the windows
Watch the way the wind blows
Soon it will be morning

Still the question lingers
I twist it round my fingers
Could you be my calling?

See this winged boy falling
Falling out of something
Hits the drug I'm needing

Arrows that he's turning
Need to keep this feeling
Slow drug in the morning

With the headlights burning
Looking up for something
Something that we're needing

Still the question lingers
I twist it round my fingers
Could you be my calling?


living room moment

Hey! Much respect to K-Tel for getting footage of my crazy half hour on the Living Room Stage at Shambhala. Vinyl Ritchie killed it right before me so everyone was hyped up! Opened my set with some good ol DnB...




Hey hey...more details about my summer festival wrap-up shortly. Just got back to Vancouver yesterday and catching up on a lot of things...in the mean time check out some video footy-->

Jammin with RGbeats, an 11-year old beatboxer!

Cool sesh with Puppetmaster, dope beatboxer from Calgary!

Shambhala, Rock Pit Stage with Delhi 2 Dublin and I havin a mini battle...


Nomadic Injections...new album!

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This album was recorded in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and USA over the last 3 years...featuring production by Subvert, Knight Riderz, Longwalkshortdock, Johnny Hooves & JPS, Siriusly Twisted, Sweet Az Soundsystem, and Goldfish. It also features vocals by Vandal, Erica Dee, Nineca, Ariane Mahryke Lemire, Diplomats International, Kellylee Evans, Vivek Shraya, and Eekwol. It was a journey and experience to create it with many stories along the way...so every song is a nomadic injection from me to you.