the sequel

Last year at the first Bass Coast Project, it felt like the beginning of something truly marvelous. Everything from the fairy tale setting in Squamish Valley to the West Coast talent, made for a stellar weekend. I am pleased to be a part of this festival by performing for a second straight year. If you are interested in coming...you should!

Pics from last year:



whirlwind breaths

It's 12:23am. My new album went to print on Monday. It feels exciting and odd that my part is done and now I just have to wait til they're ready. I think it will feel the most satisfying when I get them and listen to the album from start to finish! It's 17 tracks with lyrics in 3 languages (English, French and Indonesian), and it was recorded in 5 different countries. Check the last post to hear some of the new songs. Vancouver had a great sunny week with consistently hot weather. I actually went to the beach every day since I got back last Monday. After almost 2 years of being here (minus going to Asia/ Aus twice) I finally feel like I live here. I walked the sea wall and beatboxed for almost 2 whole hours on Saturday night...felt thankful for this city, sunsets, and the people I'm surrounded by.

I last left off when I was in Seattle...

Had a blast at the Pike Place Market...cool shops and a lot of good food!

View of the city...

Mista Chatman and I at our gig at Baltic Room!

Clip with Chatman at Jam Jam...

It was quite the mission cause afterwards I flew to Philadelphia. I was to perform during Kevin Carroll's presentation at the National Athletic Trainer's Association meeting at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre. If you haven't seen us in action, check this out:

Got to Philly and went straight to sound check. The room we were to perform/ present in sat 8000 people...

What can I say? Kevin and I both had great response for our performances. I am proud to have him as one of my mentors. Everything went well. I had an inspiring hangout with Kevin while watching highlights from the World Cup..and what was the longest tennis match in Wimbledon history (10+ hours). I managed to check out some of the city too.

The Liberty Bell!

The Magic Gardens

Cool spots all over South Street...

Penn's Landing

This is love:)

Yeah it was an amazing day in Philly. I went on a long peaceful walk. When I reached Penn's landing for the sunset, I could hear the Phish concert from across the water. I walked back to my hotel to pack my bag and fly from Eastern USA back to Western Canada. I was to play the Victoria Jazz Festival with Kellylee Evans...opening for GEORGE BENSON!! After flying all day through Minneapolis, then Vancouver...I reached Victoria. We played back to back shows at the Royal Theatre and Victoria Events Centre.

The Royal Theatre

Clip from Victoria Jazzfest with Kellylee Evans (vocals), Dave Thomson (guitar), Matthew Lima (bass), and Charles Cooley (drums).

We had sooooooo much fun. The crowd was warm at both venues and I remembered how much I love playing on the island. Hustled onto the ferry for Vancouver the next morning. We actually hung out with George Benson and his band as we ate the ferry breakfast. The Vancouver Jazz Festival was unreal! We played at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre which is one of the best venues in this city. We actually opened with "Lost" which was the song Kellylee Evans and I filmed in New York together...

The best part of JazzFest in Van was gettin to sit front row for George Benson's set!!! WOW! He rocked it. His voice was a weapon..he was absolutely AMAZING! I couldn't believe we spent a couple days casually hangin out with his band and there they were rockin so hard...and hearing so many classics...like a jazz/ funk/ pop musical soundtrack from our lives!!! There aren't enough exclamation marks to share how sweet those two days were! After the show Kellylee and I ran into GB himself back stage. He told us so many stories. Some pics...

On the ferry with the band!

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Kellylee Evans and the gang at the end of their set!

George Benson and I coincidentally were rockin the black and white pinstripes...so it was only fitting that we took this pic:-)

So after all of this fun...I went to Edmonton (my hometown) to share more wonderful experiences. I joined the Oh Snap crew at Brixx to play at their Wednesday weekly called Eats & Beats.

Then Knight Riderz and I threw down together upstairs for the Edmonton Jazz Festival opening for the one and only Kid Koala!!

He hit us with a 3 turntable session going from record to record...mixing instrumentals, acappellas, even audio samples (one humorous one about koala bears too)....he had one part called the 'drunk trumpet' where he was scratching trumpet sounds to make the horn sound drunk.

It was a much needed couple days with my good friends. The city has grown so much and it's been quite the journey for a lot of my musician peers. Keep it going y'all!! I was actually in town for Canada Day and managed to get some good sunset shots...

As I'm typing this, I'm smiling at how much of an adventure I had last month! Kicked off July by heading to Driftpile Valley, AB for the 3rd annual Astral Harvest Festival put on by Techno Hippy Crew.

The THC cats have worked hard for the past 3 years to put on this magical festival in Northern Alberta. My highlights there were Longwalkshortdock (he slaughtered that fest), Heyoka...and of course my collab set with Space Age. We had some sik chemistry as he was mixing in to the loops I was making on my loop pedal! Neighbour and I had a pretty fun keyboard vs beatbox jam right before my main set as well...good times all around! I'm super proud of my peeps for another successful year...and stoked that I've been a part of all three! Yay crew! It's also been lovely seeing my friends having kids! All the little future artists who were running around the fest had me smiling all weekend. It's astounding how many little kids and babies love beatboxing. There must be something about the frequency I hit with certain vocal sounds. Astral pictahs...

If you read this far. Thanks! You're awesome. To be honest I have a lot of days where I feel like something is missing...or moments after big fun tours where I'm longing for something more. Then I wonder why it feels so anticlimactic. I think that's a part of being human..and I'm a hungry human indeed. It's not greed or anything....it's the yearning to leave a mark on people and the world through my music...and wanting to do it every day. These days I want to rock the mic, make good tunes, make people dance, and slowly make a difference. So yeah if I feel sad it's cause there are a lot of frustrating situations, challenging obstacles and no guarantees in this industry. If you are like "well after reading this, what could you possibly be complaining about?" ...I'm not complaining...I'm just explaining that staying strong, being self-sufficient, and going for it all (literally balls to the wall all the time) takes a lot discipline, faith in myself, and faith from you. Damn it must be getting late, but I hope this all makes sense. I appreciate all the support...and I really hope you like the new album. Gonna leave you with some pics I took here in Vancouver. I love this city so much. Thank you WORLD.

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new album sneak peek

Hey...it's been a lil while since I was on here. I'll be posting more details/ pics/ video clips from the rest of my US adventures...and from my most recent shows. In the mean time, know this...my second album is going to print right now! So it will be ready for your eardrums very soon. In the mean time...here's a preview for ya...

Bruise You w/ Johnny Hooves & JPS by shamik

Focus by Subvert w/ Shamik by shamik

The Mind and the Soul by Siriusly Twisted w/ Shamik by shamik

Space Zoo w/ Longwalkshortdock by shamik

Boom Box Riddim w/ Sweet Az Soundsystem & DJ Ability by shamik