LA to SF

Hey everyone! Greetings from Seattle...it's been a crazy few days! Last Wednesday I did an hour speech/ presentation all about beatboxing at the Disney Consumer Products headquarters in Los Angeles. It was a lot of fun, and people from every branch of the company came out to hear my workshop. The Disney building was rad with a tonne of different versions of Mickey Mouse pics...

Even a Mickey chair...

Linked with my homie Cascy Beddow (who you may have seen in Blade 3, Monster Island, or Scooby Doo 2), and we had a good time on Venice Beach...

Went out for Mexican food with friends..and my pals from Sydney were in town too so it was sweet visiting with them. On Thursday, I pretty much had an adventurous day for the books! Hung out in Santa Barbara for the day...and then went to Santa Monica to watch game 7 of the Celtics/ Lakers series. Of course LA won and the city went nuts! I wish I had a pic or video for you...but I had to hustle to my gig in (believe it or not) Inglewood that night! Seriously. The gig was at Chuco's which is where Inglewood and South Central LA connect! I met Aidge of the Aesthetics Crew in Beijing last year so he invited me to perform at a monthly jam. It turned out to be a benefit for Oscar Grant who was wrongfully killed by the LA police. If you aren't familiar with his story...check this video...but it is graphic so watch at your own discretion.

His trial is happening right now in LA, so loads of people from the Bay area were in town to protest. A lot of them, including members of the Black Riders Liberation party, came to the show. So it was a very mixed crowd with intense emotions and energy. Hard to believe I did all of that in 2 days!

On Friday I linked with a dear friend Kate (jewelry maker, yoga instructor, artiste extraordinaire!) in Santa Cruz. We had a fun-filled day at the Mystery Spot vortex where the gravitational pull makes everything go in an absurd direction.

Speaking of going in odd directions...this place made me look like I was in 2 famous scenes:
1)The Smooth Criminal video-

2)The Matrix where Neo dodges bullets from the agents-

Hehehe...then we went to the Natural Bridges State Beach which was amazing!

On Saturday, I made my way to San Francisco. Linked with Kush Arora (dope producer & DreadBass Soundsystem/ Surya Dub member!) to work on a heavy choon. I am pleased to say that I got to perform at Non Stop Bhangra at The Rickshaw Stop.

It's a high energy night with everything from bhangra lessons, live dhol players, awesome selectors, and people who came to partay! It was the first time in forever where I've seen a night packed at 10pm! This was the 58th installment of the event... on the bill was the dance troupe, Dholrhythms...Rav-E a sik dhol player and DJ, and J Boogie & Jimmy Love on the decks droppin crazy awesome bhangra music. Dholrhythms danced to a bhangra version of No No No by Dawn Penn and then I mixed into them with a cover of the same song on the beatbox! I'd say it went well! There was so much love in the room with huge positive vibes, and apparently NSB is the busiest night at the Rickshaw Stop every month. Check out nonstopbhangra.com and if you're around BC this summer, NSB is hittin Salmon Arm's Roots & Blues Fest in August. The next day I linked with my mate, Conrad (who you may have seen helping with sound at the Fractal Forest at Shambhala)...and we went shopping on Haight!

Some pics from SF:

Interesting art installation in the park...

La Boulange on Hayes St = delish:-)

Outside the studio with Kush.


Jammin with Rav-E

Peeps dancing hard!

Conrad and I in front of some sik graf...

Tonight I'm rockin with Mista Chatman & Selecta Element in Seattle for Jam Jam at the Baltic Room.

Here's a little shout out I did from the airport in San Jose...

Stay tuned for more news and shenanigans...


babylon central

I had the pleasure of seeing Thievery Corporation at the Commodore Ballroom in 2005. They absolutely rocked it. I think I have every album, mix tape, and whatever else by them...so yeah I'm a fan:-) In 2008 I performed right after them with Bassnectar at the first every Rothbury Festival in Michigan. Their bass player actually stayed on stage and jammed with me at the beginning of my set. It was probably the biggest crowd I have ever performed for and a huge moment for me. They have always blended the world music vibes with their sound while covering a wide variety of genres. Today I found out Eric Hilton of Thievery Corp made a film....and I'm very excited to see it!


So It's 4:27am...I should be sleeping. Just got a tune back that I worked on in Melbourne last summer (Aussie winter). I had a moment just now...major excitement to share all the music I created and contributed to in the last 3 years. Deadlines and crunch time feelings have taken over this month. Soon it will be all worthwhile.




boom box riddim

Boom Box Riddim by Sweet Az Soundsystem & Shamik w/ DJ Ability by shamik

Yeah! Peep the choon I did with Sweet Az Soundsystem & DJ Ability outta NZ but based in Sydney! Sweet AZ SS took all kinds of sounds I made and dubbed them out with multi-layered awesomeness..and Ability added ill cuts. This is going on my upcoming album. Enjoy! POW!


inspiration injection

Hey. So it's June! Yes! Feelin pretty good after seeing Massive Attack on Saturday and then Temper Trap a few hours ago. Wow...so sweet to catch amazing live music. Massive Attack played at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park...it rained for the whole show. At first it felt cold and wet outside, but the rain actually contributed to how amazing it was. Martina Topley-Bird (known for her work with Tricky and also on the new Heliogland album) was the opening act and she came out during Massive Attack's set. The big special guest was Horace Andy who has been on all 5 of their albums! He killed it! Seeing 'Angel' performed live was something else for sure! Here's a clip of them doing it live in Sydney in March so you get an idea...

It was a dream come true to see these trip hop greats...saw Portishead in 08 at Coachella too!! I was surrounded by good music, good vibes, good people, and a combination of magic, haunting, and eerie tunes...plus we danced too!

Then tonight I saw the Aussie band, Temper Trap! I didn't get to see them in Aus so it worked out great that they came through Vancouver. It was a fantastic show...those guys deserve it all. Dougy's voice is phenomenal. They ended with a bang with this tune:

Saw The XX, Little Dragon, and now Temper Trap all for their first Vancouver dates ever...It's been a wonderful to find inspirations from all this live music...gettin lots of ideas for the summer shows. Let me tell you, I have a lot of moments where I don't know why or how I do this music thing. My fellow artists keep me in check and we trade stories all the time as we embark on our journeys. Writing the second album has been a challenge, working with people on different schedules or different parts of the world is tricky, and pretty much dedicating every second to this artform (plus the day job) is hectic. Straight up...no fine print...I'm doin it all for the love! I know it sounds like I'm complaining..but this hustle is the life I choose to live to get my ideas out...and this lifestyle is always gonna be busy to get what I want and do what I want. If anyone is feeling down and out...and you're reading this...I hope you can dig deep and hang in there. Days go by, seasons change, ideas grow...but you can't rush progress so life flows as it flows. I hope it flows the way you want it to eventually. So how's it flowing for me? Well after 3 years of touring hard and (with many blessings) globe-trotting with my voice I took April/ May to step out of the picture and make necessary changes. I hear rhythms and melodies in the air, and feed off the energy of my peers. Paying attention to the little things always lights the fire somehow...whether in a subtle way or an obvious one...at the end of the day I just want to make music. It's as simple as that. Yeah I've gone on for awhile on this entry...that raw feeling of yearning to share my sound will keep me going. Thank you world.

Leavin you with the song in my head...