reached peru

So I am in San Bartolo, Peru. Been on the move quite a bit already this year...today on the beach it occured to me that this year I've dipped in the Pacific, Southern, and Indian Oceans..feeling pretty blessed for all the sunrises, sunsets, waves, and vibes from all over the world. Last Tuesday I had an unreal show in Whistler with Mat The Alien. It was exactly what I needed...a big show, with a variety of artists and fun crowd.Then on Friday I took off for Toronto and then Lima...and the show in Whistler sort of felt years away. Maybe because no one knows me here. To perform for a new crowd..where I can't speak English and where they all like house music was quite the challenge.

Let me backtrack a bit. My friend Crystal Fresh from Winnipeg and I have been planning this tour since last summer. We emailed each other a lot while being in the middle of our own tours to make it all happen. Reached Lima at 12:30am on Saturday and was brought to Punta Negra. We had a flat there which was where the Space after party was to take place. Space Vinyl Fantasy was the event we got booked for. It turned out to be quite the party. About 1000 people came out for it throughout the night. The other headliners were Simon Wish & Maurizio Ruggiero who are both from Italy based in Miami. Giordano R was on the bill too and he is Peru's #4 DJ. We played really late or I mean early...5-7:30AM...seriously. The crowds here seem to only really like house music. In the wee hours after playing pretty conservatively...Crystal broke out into dubstep & drum n bass...and I did the same in my beatbox segments. That was probably my favourite part of the whole event. We killed it...All the staff were enjoying it too.

We didn't end up making the after party cause we had to sleep. We went back to the flat in Punta Negra and mostly everyone was gone. The water wasn't running anymore, and there were flies everywhere. The flies find anything like sugar, spilled food/ drinks, or sleeping humans...haha! It was like they went from 10 to 200 in this house. It was pretty hard to sleep in there. Anyway, the flat was literally in the desert. I felt like I was in a country western movie. As we walked for food, I couldn't help but feel like I was in a movie..like someone was gonna come rob the corner store, or someone's car was gonna break down. You can see mountains on one side..and the water on the other. We actually got lost after eating cause all the isolated buildings and houses started to look the same after awhile. There are stray dogs everywhere barking into the wind. The sound echoes and bounces off the old brick houses. It's funny because I could hear music everywhere...people's radios bouncing around. People actually communicate with short wave radio on their cell phones (cause it's cheaper than a phone plan)...so you can feel sound traveling in the air waves. When I was walking, I was hearing salsa music, merengue music, even some reggaeton...every now and then a song would play that I would recognize..like Amazing by Aerosmith, Smooth Operator by Sade, or Scar Tissue by the Peppers. Today we were in a tuk tuk...the driver had big custom installed speakers in the back (which looks pretty funny when you see how small the vehicle is) and he was playing Ironic by Alanis out loud. Wow.

So far it's been an interesting few days in Peru. There are 100 different kinds of potatoes...so I've incorporated one kind or another in almost every meal. By the way, vegetarians don't exist here...so I get weird looks when trying to modify a food order. Good thing Crystal speaks Spanish. There are no seats or lids on the toilets...at all. That doesn't seem to make sense. They may as well have squatters since at least you could crouch when performing number two. With these toilets you have to stand around the bowl...very challenging. You pretty much have to take
your pants off or it becomes a messy affair. Plus you can't throw any toilet paper in the toilet either (cause they clog easily) so the bathroom is all around a whole
experience. Oh and one more thing, the hostels don't have doors for the bathroom...so no privacy when doin that infamous number two acrobatic crouch.
Other observations...Coke is big here. I don't mean the pop (although I had my first Inka Cola which was sweet). The coke is apparently really potent so everyone suffers from major paranoia and anxiety attacks from doing too much of it. It's really cheap and everyone is animated...all the time. I have met a lot of people who haven't slept in 2 or 3 days.

This must sound like a crazy adventure so far..I guess it has been pretty crazy.
I haven't actually done much in Lima yet...but we're doin some gigs there right away. Then we're headin to Panama. Today on the San Bartolo beach the restaurant above us was playing Bob Marley....and I had a big smile on my face when Satisfy My Soul came on. It was one of those moments where I couldn't complain about a damn thing. I'm thrilled to say that in the last 3 years I've been lucky to perform in 15 countries and 5 continents:-)

Sending out good vibes...

With love.


good days

Today was a great day. Got a lot of things done...visited with friends in person and over the phone. Beatboxed for awhile...sang new songs that I've written...and thought about the future. I feel loved, excited, and focused on all the goals I've given myself.



i be

i be
running through my own relay
i'm on pace with me
face to face i'd like to relate
with other people's situations
but that leads to complications
when i need mental preservation
no time for comparisons
if i compare a sin
it's with one of my own
a pair of them
son of the clone
giving birth to myself again
both feet down and i left the ten
fingers up
they linger tough
to simmer the atmosphere
so i won't shiver and have the fear
of the picture of black in here
it's winter but the map is clear
i'm a giver in this planet here's
another piece of my soul
a lover to seize the control
tackling each demon
one by one
backing in
to my own freedom
yes here i come
seeking the moment
meeting what was broken
inside and outside
future and the past
we win by each shout and cry
pull a u-turn if we can't pass
the present hassle-free
more lessons, must i tackle me?
yes indeed to move forward
thinking to write more words
and more words
to get closer and closer
maintain composure
as i plot the next scene
the boy caught in the dream
lost it for a second
but i thought to redeem
it for protection
fought through in betweens
to find my vision
and purpose here
as i listen
and write verses near
the place that is home
a maze always unknown
i be the everything i need
today i planted my own seed.


steps for the march

Wow. In the middle of a million things right now as I prepare for the upcoming tour. Long live to-do lists! So yeah the Olympics ended on a high note..and then some. I can't think of a better way to have it all end...Sidney Crosby scored in overtime...Canada beat USA...we broke the record for gold medals...and we were the host city/ nation. Props to Crosby for winning the Stanley Cup and Olympic gold in one year. That's large. Here's what Robson St looked like after he scored:

Here's what Granville St looked like at night:

We had a lot of fun...and work was crazy. My mission was to get back from Aus/ SEAsia, then work, then get ready to leave again. I'll be posting more news on the South/ Central America tour right away. I've been having a lot of flashbacks from my trip already and missing it. The Dandenongs, Great Ocean Road, Perth, the Indian Ocean, Sunshine Coast, Newtown in Sydney, the coffee and my pals in Melbourne, the lovely peeps in Auckland, my homies in Bangkok, Manila, and KL...nonetheless I know the next chapter of this year and my life is about to open. I can't wait!!! Ready to welcome it with open arms. Hope you are all feeling loved and giving it as well. As cheesy as this sounds, I feel uber proud to be Canadian right now...and I adore the city of Vancouver.

Leaving you with a clip of the performance I did with Neelamjit Dhillon at the Olympics. It was tabla meets beatbox...enjoy: