five ring circus

Alright so I guess it's time catch up on a couple things. First off...here's a clip of Ajay Kapur & I at the Olympic festivities from last week.

We did a sitar / beatbox routine for a great crowd at LiveCity Yaletown. We were actually the first act to perform on the large stage at David Lam Park. South Asian Arts put on the rest of the entertainment for the next hour...it was called the Bollywood Olympics. Later on, there were performances by Default, Califone, and Wilco.

The Olympics have been pretty effin crazy. Working at the restaurant downtown has been quite the experience for the last couple weeks. We have really tolerated all kinds of behavior from all kinds of people on Robson St. I can't wait for it to be over...although it looks like it will be a busy weekend. This Saturday I'm throwin down again at LiveCity Yaletown but this time with multi- instrumentalist Neel Dhillon...and South Asian Arts will be doin their thang too:-) We are sharing the stage with Matt Mays, Chic Gamine & Blue Rodeo...should be sweet az.

In other news...been emailing back in forth with Crystal Fresh regarding our upcoming tour. Looks like the flooding has been pretty bad in Peru and Argentina...so we might do a bit less in South America..and our shows in Central America might get pushed up. Gonna leave some of it with the stars on this one...so we'll see how it goes. I have 3 weeks to get ready, even though it feels like I just got back. Oh wait..I did just get back! Busy busy! So many things on the go right now. Busy is good! Hope you're all keeping the pedal down. Take care.


jam sesh in manila

Yeah here's a 30 min jam I did with my homie Red-I in Manila last month. Enjoy...

live dubstep & beat box by redisound

uber busy

Hey..haven't posted in awhile cause I've been working during the Olympics in Vancouver. It has been insane. Performed at the festivities in LiveCity Yaletown last Saturday with Ajay Kapur...a sweet sitar player from LA band Karmetik.

I can't fully put into words how busy downtown Vancouver is. Here goes...

Picture this:

Tonnes of people in Canada gear, the bright blue Olympic jackets, multiple signs on how to get to McDonald's, sculptures and art on the street, tourists with no sense of direction, a tonne of national pride, protesters breaking windows, people doing zip lines above Robson street, free shows with every Canadian band in Yaletown every day, packed skytrains/ buses, and cheering/ partying at all times of day.

Working every day to prepare for my upcoming tour in South/ Central America with Crystal Fresh (dope DJ from Winnipeg). Haven't really had any time to do anything...but keeping in mind that this is all in the name of music.

More deets on the latest manifestations real soon. The five ring circus continues.


Aus clips

Yeah here's a clip from the Save The Perigian Originals Rally where I performed with Oka. 2000+ people joined us on Perigian Beach for a very magical afternoon...

Here are 3 clips from my set at the 2009 Peats Ridge Festival in Glenworth Valley in December:

It was a crazy night in the Dub Shack! Thanks to Foreigndub for getting me out there! Respect everytime!!


TEDx Vancouver

Clips from TEDx Vancouver on Nov 21, 2009 have been posted on the TEDxTalks Youtube Channel! Check them out:

My solo set-

Jam w/ Cris Derksen-



Yes y'all...writing to you from my place in Vancouver...I'm actually at home right now! Just woke up from a much needed afternoon nap after flying home from Australia. So tomorrow I'm going to Portland to do some filming with Kevin Carroll for "The Katalyst - Confections for the Curious Soul" online video show. Kevin and I met at TEDx Vancouver in November right before I left for the tour.

Check out his speech from TEDx:

His website

Over the last month via emails and overseas phone conversations, we have been trading ideas for tomorrow's session! I'm very excited to be a part of this project. Stay tuned!