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back in melbourne. bangkok was good. manila was stellar. asia is always calling and i am always sad to leave. so much to do when i get home...there will always be a lot to do...so i will one by one. hooray for goal setting. so what's in store? going on tour in central / south america in late march. maybe the full length album will come out in the summer. performing at live city yaletown for some olympic festivities run by south asian arts. yeah the olympics and the hype will probably be pretty interesting in vancouver. to be honest the last paragraph i just typed is not really processing right now. i'm content with this moment...feeling run down..but remembering to breathe. been writing lately. wrote a few new songs. singing a lot more too...it was pretty liberating to scream at the sun and ocean for several days in australia. whenever i return from a crazy tour, people ask me if it was a success. these days i'm feeling the success just from putting myself out there. i thought at this point i'd be able to give back to the world somehow. maybe i don't have the means or money to do that just yet. you can bet that i'll keep spreading the word that dreaming big is a good thing. so if that rubs off on a few people...then i'll be happy. this is what living life feels like to me. been in 4 countries in the last week and all the flying might have put in me in a different dimension. nonetheless my thoughts running wild somehow keep me going.

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aus to s.e.asia

Hey everyone. Greetings from Kuala Lumpur. It's hot, humid...but with a nice breeze. It's my 4th year in a row here! I am pleased to say that I am finally on faster internet:-)

Last I left off, it was the end of December.

I rolled to Peats Ridge Festival with Foreigndub and a whole crew of Sydney peeps. The fest was in Glenworth Valley, an hour and half outside of Sydney. It had rained pretty hard all day on Dec 28. We were planning to get there a day early to set up our camp...and get a sweet spot. Shane Kellahan, a sik sitar player from the crew was on a mission to build the best camp. Trust me it was a successful mission. The setting was either muddy or dusty depending on the rain and sun...so the weather was sporadic. Checked out lots of cool music like The Bird, Gambeta, Lamb, Jeff Martin from Tea Party, Tijuana Cartel, Zennith, Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro...and actually spent a lot of time at our camp too.

The Dub Shack Stage was the most pumpin side stage due to Hijack's massive sound system. It was run by Sub Continental on Dec 29...Sofie Loizou and 3rdEye both played killer sets. Props to them. Checked out my boy Monkfly and then Spoonbill on the Phoenix stage. They smashed it too! Day 1 was my day to get in the zone for multiple sets on day 2.

Shane K and I kicked off the day with a sitar vs beatbox jam:

Then we were joined by Jani from the band Basslines:

Later on, I performed with Sweet Az Soundsystem which was a lot of fun:

Stay tuned for the track we recorded together in Sydney! So every now and then a performer is blessed with a big time slot and a crowd who is itchin to party. That was my evening slot...I'm finally almost done editing all the footage from it..but you can bet it was one of the biggest sets I've had in awhile. The crowd was mad! I can't believe how loud it was in there...how many people were outside and around the shack...and how dusty it was. Foreigndub absolutely crushed it..and they played all vinyl!!! I think my teeth were brown from how much I was smiling in the dust. Big love Foreigndub and everyone who rocked out with us!!

I met Semper Fi that night and we rolled to Gosford for lunch..just to get out for the afternoon. I would say my NYE highlight was Sarah Blasko..she deserves all of her success. The festival turned into a masquerade ball and about 3/4 of the 10 000 people had on extensive costumes. It was a mix of goth, fairy tale, and raver outfits..but still cool...this all unfolded during Sarah's set..so it made for a memorable time. She's kinda like Australia's Feist. The Void crew ran a brilliant night in the shack. Mark Pritchard played a lot of dope classics...almost like the soundtrack of the past decade. Big ups to him and Harmonic 313...matter of fact...much respect to all the sweet music comin out of Sydney! Hope to rock with y'all again! I got to link with Oka again to throw down with them on the Lyrebird Stage. Best way to ring in 2010 if you ask me! The crowd was so amazing!! Dear Oka...oh how I love thee:-) Respect everytime. Man all these tales are blurred with joy..I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out.

Had a chill new years day in Sydney then flew to Melbourne. My friends from Canada live there..and we embarked on a road trip that covered the Dandenong Mountains, Great Ocean Road and tonnes of lovely sites along the way..especially The Twelve Apostles.

We went to Apollo Bay, Triplet Falls and visited my dear pal in Ocean Grove. It was a pretty surreal adventure...and the stars looked so stellar at night..like I was surrounded by a black canvas and someone painted white marks everywhere right in front of me...Australia truly fascinates me with how many natural wonders are all over the place...the drive along the Southern Coast was lovely...the Southern Ocean was pretty cold but sweet! I opened for The Nextmen in Melbourne on Jan 8..the show was presented by The Operatives who had me out in June as well. Nextmen were joined by MC Wrec..and they had some large mash-ups! My fav was prob the acappella of Roxanne by the Police over the beat Jahova by Rusko. What a sik show!

After the show I flew to Perth in Western Aus...got picked up by the Southbound Festival to drive out to Busselton...3 hours from Perth. Shared the ride with Cameras, a cool rock band from Sydney. They're gonna blow up! Watch out for them! Really funny and cool cats too. Southbound was insane. It was all over the press....20 000 people...Moby and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were the big headliners. I linked with Missile for our set on Saturday night. We met in Sydney at our show at Loft in June. Threw down with her and MC Amani on the Coconut Club Stage the next day too. Watched Amanda Blank's set...she had high energy for sure. Same with Major Lazer...they pretty much stole the show! The stages were called This Stage, That Stage and The Other Stage which made things funny and confusing at times. Saw The Editors too...really cool stuff. I missed a lot of music like Lyrics Born, Xavier Rudd, and more cause of conflicting sets with other acts:-( The resort I stayed at was deluxe 20+ acres with tennis courts....and really crazy possoms. I had possoms on my roof which kinda sounded scary at times..like animals playing football on the roof all night! Southbound went by way too fast.

Went to Perth for a couple days. Visited Scarborough & Cottlesloe Beach. Swam in the Indian Ocean..watched sunsets on the horizon. That was a trip after watching sunrises on the horizon 2 weeks prior on the sunshine coast in Eastern Aus. The ocean was warm...I felt inspired...and it was a nice way to chill out. Thanks to Missile for hosting me in Perth! Did a lot of flying and reached Malaysia last Friday. Did back to back shows at Cloth & Clef and Maison...then performed with Vandal at the VIMA awards. Vandal has gotten me out here so many times now..I feel blessed. The scene / vibe/ culture/ lifestyle here is so different now..always growing. KL has some really good beatboxers now too..got to perform with them on Sunday!! I feel like I'm obsessed with KL...maybe cause I'm curious about what it will become...and if I'll ever really be a part of it. I have friends here, but sometimes don't agree with how things are out here. Maybe that's part of what draws me here. Went to a movie yesterday in the Central Market..and then walked around the area after 11pm..Chinatown was sleeping and it was actually very peaceful.

Wow I feel like I'm rambling. Should really go sleep now. Bangkok in a few hours. Peace.


on the other west coast

Greetings from Perth.

I'll write more about what I've been up to once I reach Southeast Asia. After 11 shows, and 5 weeks in AUS/ NZ...I took it easy for the last few days. I do have a lot to share so stay tuned. Off to Kuala Lumpur.

I watched the sunset while swimming in the Indian Ocean. Excuse me while I sound inspired. Through all the ups and downs, the sun rising and setting reminds me to stay positive. It's very comforting staring down the sun as it sets..and waiting for it to rise knowing it will be there. Thank you world!