Wild Things

Wow. So comin off the high of a super inspiring Wednesday. Saw U2 at BC Place here in Van...and it was a masterpiece of a show. I'm gonna post pics and a more detailed description of the show later this weekend. Still tryin to put it into words and remember what these lucky eyes and ears saw and heard :-)

After that I went to see RSD aka Rob Smith of Smith & Mighty at The Lotus. He played some of the deepest dub tunes I have heard in awhile. I have been a fan since owning copies of "Life Is...," "Bass Is Maternal," and "DJ Kicks." His track selection was unreal, he was a wicked DJ!!

Playin at WILD THINGS just outside of Squamish, BC tomorrow night! It's been put on by the girls who threw Bass Coast Project in July. Hope to see my West Coast peeps out in style. Wait til you see my costume...


U2 tonight

Tonight will be my third time seeing U2..who are arguably the biggest band in the world. I can't wait. If you follow my FB fan page, I've been posting a video every day for the last week or so. I'm re-posting them here for your viewing pleasure. Some of them are the live versions cause Universal disables embedding.

U2 has been the soundtrack for my life... past, present, and future...


another late night

Listening to The XX at the moment...

It's been a crazy month. Just did back to back shows. Performed with Delhi 2 Dublin, Kush Arora, MC Zulu, Degree, and the Oh Snap/ Iron Lion crew in Edmonton on Saturday. The show was bonkers. I've played a bunch of shows at the Starlite Room...but this one was one of the finest!! The best Diwali I've ever had!!! Crowd was large in every respect! Vancouver Celebrates Diwali Festival was well attended and full of good vibes too....

My week in New York City was absolutely amazing. The recording sessions with Sub Swara were a lot of fun. I look forward to hearing how their second album turns out. Had two shows...one with Fort Knox Five in Brooklyn...and another at the legendary Konkrete Jungle which was held at The Pyramid in Manhattan.

All in all, my highlight was the video shoot for Kellylee Evans' song "Lost." Everyone really came together...dancers, back-up singers, horn section, guitar players...plus the amazing crew!! I can't even describe how unique this experience was. The concept was a "take away" style video where we do it in a full take... My beatboxing was the foundation because everyone followed the beat to unleash their art. A lot of us had never met until the day of the shoot. The idea of the video was born after Kellylee and I performed her song together at the 2009 Vancouver Island Music Festival in Courtenay. So yeah..I'm stoked that we made it to NYC and got it done.

What else did I do out there? Had authentic Sri Lankan cuisine at Sigiri in the East Village. Also had a sweet pan Asian veggie meal at Wild Ginger in Chinatown...ate a bunch of pizza. I got taken to a haunted house in Staten Island...actually got the full island experience :-) I visited the Highline, ate in Chinatown, visited a bunch of friends, and walked the Brooklyn Bridge.

You can really feel the magic and history everywhere you go. It was hard to leave, and hard to return to Van. To have such a productive week in the big apple...it was like pretending I could live there. Alas it's really expensive to live there, so it would be really difficult to survive the endless hustle. Nonetheless it was truly a memorable experience. This life lately seems to be dented by chance moments with new and familiar people, and the hope that I can achieve anything. It's 5AM now...and it was 5AM when I left the house for NYC. I left my roomie a note which is now on our fridge...

"....My best friend who passed nine years ago triggered some memories via his father who was in Van today. He messaged me about meeting for coffee. So we met for the first time in 9 years! Crazy and very bittersweet. I left the encounter feeling happy though. Man...so much reflecting goin on in this flowing brain of mine. At this point I don't think I can slow down. So I'm goin for it...ALL OF IT!"

Sometimes I feel like I'm running out of time...and other times I feel like my life is just getting started. Here I am walking in the direction of my dreams...

Leavin with some NYC shots.


happy diwali

Hey. Happy Diwali! I'm very impressed with Obama's Diwali shout out which he gave on Thursday. Check that out here:

Playin in Edmonton tonight alongside Delhi 2 Dublin, Kush Arora & MC Zulu. This will be a global infused night of wonderful music covering a tonne of genres.

Hustlin back on Sunday to perform at Vancouver Celebrates Diwali for a second straight year. This will take place at the Roundhouse Community Centre and my set is at 5:45.

Love and light to you all.


back in brooklyn

Had a crazy day dealing with United Airlines. I'm over it now but it was a brutal experience. They made me check my carry-on when all the overhead compartments were full. Why? Cause I was in the last row of the plane and we had to board the plane row by row. The crew were all super rude and the passengers were lookin at me like I was holding up the flight. Always some kind of ordeal on United. Then my bag missed the connecting flight from Chicago to NYC. Landed at 5:55pm, got my bag back at 8pm...and finally reached Brooklyn. Feels good to be back. Last time I was here I saw the Chemical Brothers...and then Juakali took me a sik dub party featuring Ticklah. The commute on the M60 and the No 4 was actually pretty entertaining. A sweet old lady kept me company on the bus. Then these two step-dancing buskers got on the subway train and performed while throwin out witty dialogue. Like "you all look like you just got fired!" Or "we used to be in Boyz 2 Men, but they kicked us out." It was rather amusing. It's gonna be a good week filled with a couple shows, recording sessions, and a music video shoot...somewhere in there I will be a tourist too:-)