into the new

It's raining hard in Sydney. The weather in Australia has been pretty sporadic lately. Leaving in a few hours for Peats Ridge Festival in Glenworth Valley.

Got back to Sydney from an amazing week in Auckland, NZ on Dec 18. I did a brief set at the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi that Friday alongside a sweet band called Basslines! Then I was off to Byron Bay to do a show with Oka. I met the Oka cats in Peterborough, Ontario last June...and then ended up rockin with them at the Alt Hotel in Brossard, Quebec last August. We kept in touch over the last year and a half...hung out at Astral Harvest in September, then at Sub Sonic earlier this month. So yeah we keep meeting in different places! They invited me to their hood and it was a really unique show. Spinna Bill, a Japanese reggae star from Tokyo, was the opening act. We jammed out on one of his tunes. Really cool sound for sure. I got to jam with Oka on a couple of their tunes too. The show was a mix of tonnes of hippies and Japanese fans of Spinna Bill. It was a full and hot room in Coorabell Hall. The venue looked like a big yellow house in the middle of nowhere in the "shire" (just outside of Byron and Mullum). Oka really brings it...and they have so many fans out here. I've seen them smash it everytime..and the folk get down to their high energy flows.

After the show...headed to the Sunshine Coast. So, a little background info...on Perigian Beach, there's been a free outdoor event called PERIGIAN ORIGINALS for 10 years. It featured musicians from the coast and families who came out to support every other week. Turns out the council was wanting to shut it down due to a few reasons such as people parking their cars everywhere, and drinking in public. The people in the area were scheduled to have a peaceful rally on Dec 20 to try to save the event. So about 2000 people showed up amongst a group of musicians. The vibe turned out to be like that of an outdoor music festival...with tonnes of people dancing. It was so refreshing seeing little children having a good time...I would say half the crowd were kids! Oka was to throw down at the peak of this event. I joined them for their first tune. It was definitely one of the coolest collaborations I've been a part of!

Spent a week on the coast..catching sunrises at Pt Arkwright, Pt Perry and Coolum Beach. It was stellar feeling like I had a whole beach to myself. Christmas this year was rung in with me joggin for about 2km on Coolum while the sun came up. It was chill...and great to connect with Oka. Those guys are gonna go far:-) I'm so stoked for them! I'll be jumpin on a tune with them on the Lyrebird Stage at Peats Ridge on Dec 31. Before that I'll be doin sets with Foreigndub on the Dub Shack Stage on Dec 30.

I went for breakfast yesterday and read a long article in an Aussie newspaper on what happened in the last decade. They referred to 2000-2009 as "the noughties," not sure if that's what were calling it. They focused on a lot of the rough times like 9/11, natural disasters, economy crisis, and the negatives of social networking. It is hard to ever forget when our lives face tragedy or challenging circumstances. I am thankful to be here and have this opportunity to make music. So I'm not gonna write about all the things I remember from the last 10 years...I might be a planner, and spend time organizing my tours and the rest of my life...nonetheless, I'm living life day by day...and step by step. It doesn't mean I'm ignoring all the issues that need to be addressed....just not gonna write about it here. Watching those sunrises on the coast reminded me that every day is a chance to live life to the fullest. Growing up in Canada has given me more means to reach for my dreams and goals. Sending love to the family and friends of Adnan Pervez, Yogi Persaud, Joe Bird, Jeremy Kilt, and Rob Proulx...live in peace brothers.

January 1, 2010 might be a new day, year, or decade...but right now for me...this is a new minute, moment or idea.


shout out from auckland

Shamik Shout Out From Auckland, NZ from Shamik on Vimeo.

The last few days have been sweet. Checked out K Road, Ponsonby Street, Queen Street...and had a really good time on Waiheke Island with an old mate of mine from Canada who now lives here! Did some shopping and had one of the best veggie burgers ever at Burger Fuel! Got in the studio last night with Kolab & Mikey Rockwell...worked on some acappella hotness....if you only knew. These boys were singin and rappin til the wee hours:-)

Doin another show tonight with Kolab at Malt Bar. Then back to Sydney tomorrow to throw down at Beach Road Hotel on Bondi Beach. Saturday I'm off to Byron Bay to rock with Oka at Coorabell Hall. Second week in a row with back to back to back shows...all good though! This is what I live for!

Peace out...or as they say here--->CHUR!


auckland buzzin

WOW! I probably had the most jam-packed 27th birthday ever. Had a gig alongside Foreigndub at Loft (UTS Campus) in Sydney on Friday Dec 11. It turned out to be a great turnout. The bar has a cool patio so everyone was having a good time. Hopps of Foreigndub orchestrated a "happy bday" singalong at midnight which was sweet. Good times. Everyone played great music including the guest DJ's Monkfly and Ability...Foreigndub rocked as always too!! Anyway, I had to be at the airport by 5am-ish so I knew I would probably have to stay up. Hung out with friends and listened to good music after the show...then made my way back to the spot to pack. Of course I was on my way to the airport and realized that I forgot something...my passport! Classic. Good thing I hadn't found a cab yet, so I had to run back.

Got to Sydney airport and boarded my flight...the Air NZ lady said I was 12 minutes away from missing the cut-off. Phew! Air NZ is a great airline by the way. 3 hours later...after a lil snooze and good tunes...and I was officially in Auckland! Dreams really do come true cause Japan, Australia, and New Zealand were always on my list of places I wanted to go...and there I was in NZ after an amazing year (where I hit Japan, and Aus earlier in 09!) and a lot of hard work. Scott, my host scooped me up from the airport. I was to do a show at Rakinos with Kolab...I met them all at their jam space and was really diggin their tunes. They're like a NZ version of The Pharcyde...hip hop with funk and jazz! Most importantly, they're all down-to-earth positive cats! There were massive posters for the Dec 12 gig all over the city. I ate lunch at Rakinos..which was a nice venue. It was a restaurant, bar, venue all in one...with a good sized dance floor. Had a one hour power nap and actually forgot it was my birthday until I woke up and checked my email. Thanks to my peeps who remembered:-)

Rolled back to the venue..and the room filled up early which was great after a few gigs where people showed up late. The venue had a lil balcony which got so crammed! Dylan C played a PHAT party rockin set!! I was thoroughly impressed! My set went sooooooooooooooooo well...the crowd was so lovely and welcoming. They cheered so loud when I said it was my first day in NZ! After my set, so many people said "Welcome to auckland" and thanked me for my set. Of course I included a Fat Freddy's Drop cover in there...it was only fitting! Kolab threw down for an hour and had the whole crowd grooving the whole time!! I saw a lot of people singin all the lyrics...Kolab clearly has a good fan base in Auckland. It was a successful show!

My other show in Sydney on Thursday Dec 10 was amazing too...Pitch Black, Spikey Tee, International Observer, Sweet Az, and Tapes combined for a stellar night of dub music of all kinds. I kept my set pretty dubwise...and the sound system at Civic was really good! It was surreal being sandwiched in a line-up of so many great artists. Went to Muriwai Beach today...and soaked in more sunshine. It's crazy how there's a lack of ozone here..so you can tan and burn pretty easily. Sun screen application is a necessity for sure.

This island is magical...I wish I had more time here, but I know it will still be a great week. So yeah my birthday was spent doing 2 shows in 2 countries...not too shabby!!!! I can't believe I've been lucky enough to perform in 10 countries this year! THANK YOU WORLD! Feelin so blessed right now! This is probably the most exclamation points I've used in a post...can you tell I'm happy?!!!

Big love to the Kolab crew and to Foreigndub...y'all gettin me out to the Southern hemisphere has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to YOU for reading and supporting. Spreadin the vibes from Auckland city to you.

Thinking of my friends who passed. 1 yr since Yogi...9 yrs since Adnan....remembering and lookin for you in the stars...SHINE ON...with you we shine together.


crazy 48

Greetings from Sydney. It's almost 1 pm and 31 degrees...sweating like mad right now.

I had an amazing couple days. Saw Tiki Taane at The Forum on Friday. That venue was amazing with pumping sound. Optimus Gryme was the opening DJ who played killer dubstep with the New Zealand flavour on it. Tiki came out and rocked live dubstep right off the bat. His band featured members of Shapeshifter including P.Diggs! They rocked it out! The show went through a diversity of genres including rock, hip hop, and acoustic sounds. I had a really good time...and it was a stellar show!!!

On Saturday I made my way to Barrington Tops for Sub Sonic Festival with the Foreigndub crew. They are my hosts in Sydney...really good cats. It was about a 4 hour drive (plus the traffic leaving Sydney) to get there. We reached at about 5:45pm and my first set was scheduled for 6:30pm. I was originally supposed to perform after Salmonella Dub, but the times all got switched at the last minute. The band before me was Tijuana Cartel. It was a rough day for them and the sound guys, because it had rained the night before. Somehow all the rain water from the top of the stage fell on the entire console by accident during the band's set. So most of the sound was shot except for front of house...nutty situation. So they ended their set early and most of the crowd left to go to the water, get food, or go back to camp. I think there was like 50 people around when I went on. The sound cut in and out, my loop pedal was feeding back...it was one of the harder sets I've had to do. I realized that it was no one's fault...but it was still pretty rough. At one point my pedal recorded the feedback which turned out to sound like a rad sample. That was cool:-)

Anyway, the few people who caught my set gave me a lot of love! I ran into Ganga Giri who was actually on after me. We jammed out at Komasket in Vernon in 2008. So of course we jammed one once all the sound got fixed. Then I ran into MC Mana of Salmonella Dub, and we got to talking. His crew was also scheduled to do a DJ set..and he decided to give that up so that Tijuana Cartel and I could go back on to the big crowd. We all had dinner...and Mana had a lot of positive things to say. It was really motivating to hear about all the projects he has been a part of. He's worked with Rhombus, Fat Freddy's Drop, Salmonella Dub...and loads of other artists. He also teaches music to young kids in New Zealand to keep them off the streets. Yeah, he was all around a great individual. We discussed what would we do for our set, cause collaboration was the plan. So K-Oscillate went on and rocked it, Salmonella Dub destroyed...and then Mana called me up. We threw down for 15 minutes of heavy heavy hitting acappella music!!!! There was something in the air at Barrington Tops...and much magic was created that night. Tijuana Cartel came back on..and members of Ganga Giri's band as well...we had some truly moving jams. Yeah the jams moved US on stage and the crowd!!! I actually got off stage and screamed out loud out of joy afterwards.

I can't believe how happy I am after my first gig out here. My trip already feels worthwhile...Gonna head to the beach now. Got a busy week coming up. Talk to you soon.

Dec 10 in Sydney, AUS

Dec 11 in Sydney, AUS

Dec 12 in Auckland, NZ


yvr to syd

Sittin here in the Vancouver airport. It's been quite a ride in 2009. Thrown down in 9 countries this year! Summer was really good...and this autumn was a time for reflection. It took a lot of work and faith to put together this upcoming tour. When I was in New York, it was a week of full inspiration. Everything from the culture, the air, my friends, and the amazing video shoot I was a part of....left me wanting me to push myself even harder. I feel like I'm growing more these days...especially mentally. So much to learn...so many ideas in my head...it's not just music, it's everything that makes me tick. I'm about to go on a 17 hour flight. There once was a time where I'd be dreading this. However I'm actually looking forward to it. I'll be chillin, writing, and listening to my discman (yeah that's right my discman) awaiting my second trip to Aus in 6 months. It was winter there in June..so I'm excited to get off the plane and embrace the Southern hemisphere's summer.

Be well.