TEDx clips

WOW. TEDx Vancouver was unreal. A multimedia event of expressing and consuming powerful ideas...I will be posting more soon. There were 9 speakers, and 2 musical guests...

This is the video of my set..used the live looping at the end:

Here's a clip of my jam with Cris Derksen. We rocked together with Tanya Tagaq last summer at 3 festivals, so it was only fitting that we jam one out. This clip is how the event ended at Electronic Arts. Enjoy...

Cris Derksen & Shamik Live @ TEDx Vancouver from Shamik on Vimeo.


countin down to it all

Hey..lots goin on for sure. My brother, Vivek Shraya, is coming out west to do a few shows promoting his new "Keys & Machines" album.

If you're in Van on Thursday....come out to the Railway Club to check him out. I'm really stoked on his new album and very proud of him!! Here's a clip of him and Meg Toohey who produced the K & M record:

Six Questions About Keys & Machines from Vivek Shraya on Vimeo.


BUMP (teaser) from Vivek Shraya on Vimeo.

Had a good visit with one of my best friends last week too...and it's amazing how we consistently light fires in each other in our brief but moving encounters. Also...I attended super awesome shows last week. Little Dragon was sweet. Check my last blog entry about that. Also saw Matthew Good at the Vancouver Centre for Performing Arts which was a stellar venue.

I've been listening to Matthew Good since high school..and his music has gotten me through some rough times. The Beautiful Midnight album was in my stereo for countless listens.

Underdogs, The Audio of Being, Avalanche...those are probably 4 albums (including BM) that I will always treasure. It's been nice to see the growth of his music and change in his sound. I think the first time I saw him was in Red Deer, AB right after the limited edition of Loser Anthems came out. His performance of Suburbia melted me...and a powerful performance of Born To Kill. Wow I was hooked. I remember walking around Knotwood in Edmonton in the wee hours with my discman listening to his tunes over and over again. I also remember when I met a girl, (who is now another close friend) and we got to talking about Matt Good..turned out at the time She's Got a New Disguise from the Last of the Ghetto Astronauts album was both of our favourite songs! We actually went to the Red Deer show together.

Matthew Good's last few albums, White Light Rock & Roll Review and Hospital Music definitely show a change in his life..along with his new album, Vancouver. You could feel the aching in his voice at the show, and at some points even every small breath. He poured his heart out. It really felt good to think that his music has been with me for almost 10 years. Thanks Matt Good for putting on another solid show!! I think that was my sixth time seeing him. For anyone new to his music...check this video:

The Aus/ NZ tour is getting dialed in more and more every day...almost 2 weeks til I head down under...more details really soon. What I can tell you for now is that I'll be performing at Sub Sonic, Peats Ridge, and Southbound...3 festivals in Aus. I have more club shows too...but I'll post them all right before I leave. Take care everyone.


little dragon. big presence.

Saw LITTLE DRAGON today. They were solid. All around tight band with some major high energy. I heard of them when I was in Vietnam this year...and I was given the 16-Bit remix of LD's "Twice."

They were dialed into all kinds of moving vibes that warmed the room and made everyone dance. Amazing vocals by Yukimi ...and I've never seen anyone kill it with the tambourine as hard as she did. She made the crowd rock out cause she was too. The band, Erik (drums), Fredrik (bass), and Hakan (keys) all showcased their skills uniquely and had all kinds of sweet gear. I wish I had a better view of what they were working with, but the Media Club was packed and I was up against the wall. Excellent intensity from Little Dragon...check em out:




Feeling a lack of communication with people these days. If I call one of my friends, they don't answer their phone. Then I leave a msg...then I get a text back shortly after...or an email a few days later. What's goin on? Is there something wrong with actual contact? Are we not supposed to use our phones/ voices anymore? It's getting more and more out of control. I spent this whole year in so many places with many 24 hour moments and connections...where conversation and interactions were important in me learning about the cities i was visiting, the people i was with, and myself. Here I am not even able to get responses from my friends. Social networking has become a popularity contest, and I guess I'm guilty too...cause every network is another way for me to promote myself. I write this...you comment...you "like it" ....or you tell your friend about it. So maybe I'm not supposed to worry about it, and just keep doing my thing. Technology and the ways of the online world will continue to grow with or without me. Kids are gonna make fun of each other on facebook if they know how to use a computer. When I was in school, kids made fun of me to my face or behind my back...what's worse? A crime could be commited on my block and I bet a video would go up on youtube before someone would try to help out the situation. Man I'm far from perfect...just observing how messed up things are. I miss that real feeling...liking a girl and not having her want to see my profile and know everything about me on day 1...or her having access to what is pretty much an online portfolio of me. I miss getting a friend's phone number and talking to them on the phone..you know..calling them...checking in...making plans. Instead of getting a text asking me how something went. Does this mean we are living in the generation where laziness is encouraged? I'm online to work on my bookings, stay caught up on music related business, and keep in touch with my friends. Is everyone still being creative? I hope so. Sometimes all of this makes me want to stay in and never leave my house. I'm probably gonna read this tomorrow and feel like a hypocrite cause this blog is a networking tool, I have a twitter widget on the left side, and because the idea of promoting myself is to have people pay attention. So I take that all into consideration as I potentially contradict myself...and answer back with:

I wish I lived in the generation where no one knew what I looked like...and people heard my song..and wanted to buy my record. I wish I could take a girl out for dinner and not have her text me when I say goodbye to tell me she had fun, cause I was gonna call her in a bit to do just that and maybe invite her out again. I wish I'd hear about more kids playing outside or drawing doodles in their notebooks or writing rhymes for fun....instead of seeing kids wearing designer clothes and make-up at 10 years old. I know I'm usually on a more positive tip...but it's 6AM and I'm fighting insomnia as per usual with some frustrations.

Yeah convenience is good, but so are the connections...so I look forward to sharing more moments with my loved ones, and future friends. In the mean time, I'll be hiding out...attempting to write songs, preparing for another tour, listening to music, catching up on life, and dreaming of more ways to be productive. Time feels like it's flying by.

Still goin for it.


all aboard the inspiration train

So I would like to kick this post off with new clips.

1) Had an amazing gig in Edmonton on Diwali alongside Delhi 2 Dublin, Kush Arora, MC Zulu, Degree & Oh Snap, and Techno Hippy Crew. It was floor shaking, world infused vibes...quite the memorable event. Everyone there would agree that it was a huge show!!! Kytami of D2D and I had a fun violin vs beatbox jam session. Peep:

2) Next up is the interview I did with Vancouver's Bollywood Radio Station, RJ 1200. The interview was with Raakhi Sinha (my new friend!) who runs South Asian Arts. We had a lot of fun and she learnt the basics of beatboxing:


3) Also did an interview for BCIT Magazine's Amelia John. She filmed a portion of my set at Vancouver Celebrates Diwali..and the clip will be aired on Shaw TV:

I watched THIS IS IT this week...the movie about Michael Jackson's tour that was halted by his tragic death. The movie showed him putting together all the pieces of the tour. Some of the footage of him singing and interacting with his crew left me feeling really inspired. I don't wanna mention specific details in case you haven't seen it yet. Let's just say I was amazed at how loving he was while being a perfectionist...and how good he sounded at 50. Go see it.

Last week I saw U2 for the third time, and the first time since 2001. The show was monumental in lighting a fire in me. There I was watching arguably the biggest band in the world and the band who I've been obsessed with since 9th grade...It's crazy cause I spent the 90's getting caught up on all their old material and adoring their newer albums too. I almost forgot that they've put out 3 solid albums this decade! The show was filled with great songs from No Line on the Horizon, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, and All That You Can't Leave Behind. The crowd roared as U2 went through their newer hits like Elevation, Get on Your Boots, Vertigo, and Beautiful Day.

I was actually by myself cause tix sold out really fast... and I ended up getting mine on StubHub way after all my friends got their tix. Bill Gates was in the crowd and Bono sang happy birthday on Mr. Gates' special day. There were a few surprises like a medley of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For into a cover of Stand By Me. Bono's vocals were bang on...he threw in a cover of Amazing Grace which went into Where the Streets Have No Name. I was stoked to hear Unforgettable Fire! I would say my highlights were MLK, Until the End of the World...and they even did Ultraviolet!! Here are some pics:

The immense UFO stage was literally out of this world...

Bono asked the crowd to put up their cell phones to turn the place into the milky way...

Have I mentioned the show was stellar. As cheesy as this sounds, it made me feel like I could achieve anything..after seeing them still in their prime rockin out! All the people who have critized U2 or who say "I don't like their new stuff" should hopefully see the fact that they still own it! Yeah it was a good week. Just finished the 12 day wild rose cleanse so I was at home with my lovely roomie Crystal Precious cooking good food and catching up on life. It was probably the most time I've spent at home in the last 2 years! I've been enjoying the new pad, and getting lots of work done. The tour down under is in less than a month, and I'm getting really excited! Enough exclamations points?!! I think I will end at that...wanting to share all the big news with the upcoming tour, but will wait til everything's locked. Stay tuned, stay up, stay cool...by up I mean on top of your game haha or in my case awake cause there aren't enough hours in the day. Peace.