new forms vid

Yes. My homie Mykro got video footage of my set at New Forms Festival last month in Vancouver. The show was unreal with N-Type, Eskmo, Kush Arora, Calamalka, and Dolladub...with Krista Lomax on visuals. It was a gorgeous space at the BCIT Centre for Digital Arts & Media at Great Northern Way Campus. Much respect to New Forms Festival for getting me on board. Check the video:


this weekend

Big weekend ahead. Goin back to Calgary for the first time since I did the Alberta Music Sessions in March. Performing at BIG FUNKIN BASS alongside Freq Nasty, Teebee, Freeza Chin, Supreme Hustle, Fat Pat & Puppetmaster. That's lookin to be a massive one!

Here's an interview with Freq Nasty:

The next day I'm off to Victoria for Earthdance. I'll be doing two sets...one in the afternoon at Beacon Hill Park at 3pm, and the second at Sunset Room at night. This year's theme is "Honouring the Children." I'm really looking forward to the weekend.


New Forms Festival 2009

Yes Vancouver...performing alongside N-Type, Eskmo, Kush Arora, Calamalka & Dolladub at New Forms Festival 2009. The show will also feature VJ Krista Lomax and will be held at the Great Canadian Way Campus (BCIT Centre for Digital Arts & Media). Should be big!