keys & machines

Yes! My brother's new album "Keys & Machines" is coming out real soon. Here's a teaser for you:

IN/OUT (teaser) from Vivek Shraya on Vimeo.

Stoked for the new album!


COLLISION music video

Hey everyone...the video for COLLISION is finally finished. After being turned down for a government grant...we decided to do the video on our own (funny how it always works out that way). Did 2 days of filming in LA with Broken Border Studios. The song was produced by J.Soul in Toronto. Enjoy...


off to shambhala

Playin at Shambhala Music Festival for the 4th straight year. Headin out to Salmo tmrw morning...been really excited for this weekend for awhile. Here are my set times:

Friday- Rock Pit Stage- 2:30-4:00AM, w/ Degree
Saturday- Village Stage- 6:00-6:15PM, Hip Hop Showcase w/ Emotionz
Sunday- Fractal Forest- 7:00-7:05PM, w/ Stickypod Connection
Sunday- Village Stage- 12:30-12:40AM, Between Benga & Bassnectar


head in asia's cloud...

so i came back to canada just over a month ago. my brain is recovering from touring in 7 countries and still trying to process it...i can't stop thinking about all the adventurous/ hectic/ overwhelming/ inspiring times spent in asia and then in australia. performed in bangkok, koh tao, kuala lumpur, melaka, penang, ho chi minh, manila, guangzhou, xiamen, kunming, zhengzhou, beijing, osaka, kanazawa, sydney and melbourne.

didn't have much time to adjust to being back...and have done 3 festivals so far. what's next? shambhala...the music will do the talking all weekend. i'm sure i'll find a way to release in my sets and look forward to getting down to good tunes.

feels like i had 2 summers this year which is throwing me off. mentally preparing for autumn. climbing steadily and sending well wishes to everyone in internet land. thanks for your support.

--the sun knows not our names/ but it sheds light for our game--